Seniors Enjoy Edgartown on the Vineyard


Edgartown is said to be the most elegant town on Martha’s Vineyard. The population runs just over 4,000. Edgartown was the home of most of the 19th century wealthy whaling captains and senior visitors can still see  the stately, white clapboard Federal-style mansions these whaling captains lived in.

To get out to Edgartown requires a ferry. Passenger ferries leave from four mainland Massachusetts ports Woods Hole, Falmouth, Hyannis and New Bedford. Martha’s Vineyard lies just seven miles off the coast of Massachusetts.

Though occupation of the island dates back to 2270 B.C., its modern history begins in 1602, with explorer Bartholomew Gosnold who named it for the wild grapes he found there and, as the story goes, for one of his daughters.


I’ll just bet that you can still find wild grapes out there if you go looking for them. A short trip up the coast to Oak Bluffs and senior visitors will find the Flying Horses Landmark Carousel that is still in operation. The Carousel is the nation’s oldest platform carousel (1876) and has been designated by the U.S. Department of the Interior as a national landmark.

I don’t know about you, but this senior really enjoys tours as a means to get acquainted with a town or area quickly. The Edgartown Tour Company offers daily activities for you to explore the town as well as the entire island.

Senior Foodies Like The Food Scene

edgartown-harbor-edgartown Edgartown , steeped in seaside charm, is only 2 hours from Boston and it boasts an enviable small town food scene. Highly recommended is Alchemy, said to be one of the best restaurants in the area along with Chesca’s, Détente, and L’Etoile. I liked those French names….

Be sure to check out South Beach State Park and the Vincent House Museum. Then visit the The Corinthian Yacht Club that was founded on July 7, 1885, to promote sailing of small boats. At scenic Edgartown harbor, you can catch a ferry over to Chappaquiddick, a beautiful nearby island separated from the Vineyard by a thin stretch of water.

Edgartown was Martha’s Vineyard’s first colonial settlement and it has been the county seat since 1642. A museum-piece community, this seaport village is well preserved from the early 19th century. This is just one great town to spend an afternoon shopping, dining, walking and people, seabirds and sailing yacht watching.

Seniors, when you travel to Martha’s Vineyard, check out Edgartown. The memories will remain with you for a long long time. jeb

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