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Seniors Get Their Feet Wet In Peggy’s Cove


Peggy’s Cove is a small rural community that senior travelers find  is famous for the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. Peggy’s Cove is 43 kilometers (26 miles) southwest of Downtown Halifax and comprises one of the numerous small fishing communities located around the perimeter of the Chebucto Peninsula.

The community is named after the cove of the same name, a name also shared with Peggy’s Point, immediately to the east of the cove. The village marks the eastern point of the St. Margaret’s Bay.

Peggy’s Cove is famed for its picturesque and typically East-Coast profile, with houses perched along a narrow inlet and on wave-washed boulders facing the Atlantic.”

Seniors Enjoy Fishing Village

Peggy's_Cove_Ropes,_Nova_Scotia,_Canada Although this unique environment has been designated a preservation area, it is still an active fishing community. Nova Scotia is home to over 160 historic lighthouses, but no beacon is as photographed as the one in the vibrant fishing village of Peggy’s Cove.

The first recorded name of the cove was Eastern Point Harbour or Peggs Harbour in 1766. The village is likely named after Saint Margaret’s Bay, Peggy being the nickname for Margaret, which Samuel de Champlain named after his mother Marguerite.

There has been much folklore created to explain that name. One story suggests the village may have been named after the wife of an early settler. The popular legend claims that the name came from the sole survivor of a shipwreck at Halibut Rock near the cove.


From its inception, the community’s economy revolved around fishing. However, tourism began to overtake fishing in economic importance following the Second World War. Today, Peggy’s Cove is a major tourist attraction, although its inhabitants still fish for lobster, and the community maintains a rustic undeveloped appearance.

Seniors Go For The Fresh Seafood

The regional municipality and the provincial government have strict land-use regulations in the vicinity of Peggy’s Cove, with most property development being prohibited. Similarly there are restrictions on who can live in the community to prevent inflation of property values for year-round residents.


The restaurants and cafes in the area offer senior visitors the freshest Nova Scotia seafood. Lobster is a specialty, but don’t miss a feed of mussels or a meal featuring the wonderful fresh St Margaret’s Bay haddock.

Scenic beauty abounds in all directions and salt air fills your lungs . Senior travelers can enjoy the great outdoors, history, shopping or simply “taking time to smell the roses” along the Nova Scotia coast. A warm maritime welcome and down home hospitality await your visit. Seniors, enjoy Peggy’s Cove. -jeb

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Seniors Anchor Into DeSoto

800px-De_Soto,TX_sign_IMG_4906 This senior was recently reading about an outstanding basketball prospect who hails from DeSoto, Texas a suburb of Dallas with a population of around 50,000. Being a former basketball coach myself, I just had to find out more about this town that produced an athlete who excels.

The area was first settled in 1847, making it one of the oldest communities in North Texas. A post office was established in 1881, and the settlement was named DeSoto in honor of Thomas Hernando DeSoto Stewart, a doctor dedicated to the community.

He must have had a lot of influence on the town. In 2006, DeSoto was granted the honor of being named an “All American City”.

Seniors Impressed with The Manderley


The DeSoto city logo, adopted on August 26, 1976, is a large “D”, with the head of an eagle in the middle. It is the school district’s mascot as well as featured prominently on the city flag, water towers, and municipal government documents.

Read the specs on DeSoto and learn about the people, the economy,  and businesses. Seniors will discover an affluent african american community in Desoto. Now let’s take a look at the brand new event center in Desoto called The Manderley . In one word…awesome! I’d want to take in a performance or two there.


TripAdvisor wants senior visitors to know about Texas Helicopter Experience. Have you ever taken a helicopter ride?

The local Chamber of Commerce would like you to stop by.  “Live, work and play in DeSoto,” they note… “a progressive community with a small-town feeling, rich in diversity and the cultural arts. Located in the ‘Best Southwest’ – the southwest corner of Dallas County.”

Senior Hikers Find Great Trail

I’d want to take in the Windmill Nature Preserve with 75 acres of land, set aside by the City of DeSoto and Dallas County as a nature preserve. Nestled in woods, it provides shade in the summer and a great hiking trail with gentle slopes and a few steep hills.


The hiking trail in the Preserve was named the Best Urban Hiking Trail by the Dallas Observer a few years back. The five-mile loop trail also provides for mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Hike along its foot trails, viewing the well-preserved flowers and fauna of the region, and soon you’re lost in another world.

DeSoto offers fine housing, friendly neighborhoods, a great school system, updated parks, restaurants and shopping.” Seniors, set your GPS for DeSoto and anchor in for some great Texas chow in a great community. -jeb


Seniors Visit Historic Nara, Japan


Senior travelers, one of the top tourist attractions in Japan is Nara , in south-central Honshu with a population of 360,000. Do you have your coffee? Let’s go to Japan.

The city has significant temples and artwork dating to the 8th century, when it was Japan’s capital. A huge bronze Buddha is displayed in a large wooden hall in Tōdai-ji temple, located in Nara Park, which is designated one of the “Places of Scenic Beauty” by the Japanese Government.


With its cantilevered buildings, manicured lawns and deer strolling the grounds, it is said that Todai-ji Temple is  one of Japan’s must-see attractions. On the Park’s east side is the Shinto shrine Kasuga Taisha, which dates to 768 A.D. with more than 3,000 lanterns.

Seniors Love Cheery Blossom Time

Nara, once known as Heijo , was the first permanent capital of Japan, established in 710 and as such, home to the Japanese Imperial Family. The capital was moved to Nagaoka in 784 when the government was threatened by powerful Buddhist monasteries.


Seniors visitors can enjoy Yoshinoyama, known as the best cherry blossom viewing in Japan. Nara Park includes several sites that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Listing of “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.  Nara Park contains over 1,200 wild sika deer which were considered sacred, but today are considered a National Treasure.

With Eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, Nara is second only to Kyoto as a repository of Japan’s cultural legacy. The centerpiece is the Daibutsu, The Great Buddha, a giant statue 15 m/50 feet high, which is housed in the Great Buddha hall, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world.


Seniors Visit Oldest Existing Buddhist Temple

Nara is also compact: it’s quite possible to pack the highlights into one full enjoyable day. Horyu-ji Temple, which is said to have been built in the early 7th century, is known as the oldest existing Buddhist temple in Japan. The temple boasts of the world’s oldest wooden architecture, and there are many paintings and sculptures in its possession. The temple is inscribed as a World Cultural Heritage Site.


“Old Japan” is still easy to spot, from Great Buddha Hall to traditional ryokans and the serene Isuien Garden. Senior travelers enjoy taking walking tours of Nara, particularly in the historic Naramachi merchant area.

I learned that Nara is recognized as the birthplace of Japanese civilization. In retrospect, I regret that our group of 200 US educators did not put Nara on our agenda for a visit.

Seniors, visit with your travel agent about a visit to Nara. You will not be disappointed. That’s after you visit Tokyo of course. One simply can not go to Japan without a visit to the capital. We want to thank for photos. -jeb


Seniors Discover Vietnam

images We have friends who visited Vietnam and loved every moment. Senior friends, get your coffee and  please join me today… we’ll also take a look at Vietnam. There are many tours available for tourists, so check out a few.

Today Vietnam is in “full bloom” and abundant with awesome scenery in every portion of the county.  The population runs close to 90 million inhabitants. Many visitors say that Vietnam is a “Sensory Overload” and a country abounding in “Timeless Charm.”


This southeast Asian country on the South China Sea is known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Hanoi, the capital, pays homage to the nation’s iconic Communist-era leader, Ho Chi Minh, with a huge marble mausoleum.

Seniors Awed With Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) has French colonial landmarks, plus Vietnamese War history museums and the Củ Chi tunnels, used by Viet Cong soldiers. The local currency is the Vietnamese dong: 1.00 USD = 22,452.50 VND.


Hanoi is a must and the Old Quarter is a major attraction. For those who visit Hanoi with a genuine desire to have a grasp of the city’s culture or a curiosity to travel back in time, Ha Noi Old Quarter is a must-go place.

As the oldest continuously developed area of Vietnam, Hanoi’s Old Quarter has a history that spans 2,000 years and represents the eternal soul of the city with what are called the 36 Streets.

For senior gourmands, LonelyPlanet notes that the Thais may grumble, but in Southeast Asia nothing really comes close: Vietnamese food is that good.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Incredibly subtle in its flavors and outstanding in its diversity, Vietnamese cooking is a fascinating draw for travelers – myriad street food tours and cooking schools are testament to this. Senior visitors find that the Vietnamese cuisine is a culinary superpower.

Vietnam: A Veritable Phoenix Arisen From the Ashes

I enjoyed reading what Rough Guides had to say about Vietnam: “Few countries have changed so much over such a short time as Vietnam. Less than forty years since the savagery and slaughter of the American War, this resilient nation is buoyant with hope.


It is a country on the move: access is now easier than ever, roads are being upgraded, hotels are springing up and Vietnam’s raucous entrepreneurial spirit is once again alive and well, as the old-style Communist system gives way to a socialist market economy.

As the number of tourists visiting the country soars, their talk is not of bomb craters and army ordnance but of shimmering paddy fields and sugar-white beaches, full-tilt cities and venerable pagodas; VIetnam is a veritable phoenix arisen from the ashes.” Well said Rough Guides.


Seniors, I suggest a visit with your travel agent and plan to visit a country that is attracting millions of visitors from all around the world.  -jeb

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Senior Single Men Seek Travel Tours


USA Today recently wrote that Seniors who love to travel have many options for exploring the world, even by themselves. Several companies offer trips geared toward senior single travelers.


Special features like a slower pace, tours that aren’t too physically taxing, and social gatherings like nightly dinners and dances with other tourists near the same age make the tour attractive to senior single men.

From Mediterranean cruises to escorted treks through South America, travel opportunities for single seniors cover a broad range.

Senior single men, Vacations To Go offers a cruise for singles. Each year, they  select several itineraries in different regions of the world, on various cruise ships, and negotiate an extremely low rate for single customers.


Trained hosts from their headquarters organize get-togethers, cocktail parties, dinner seating and more, allowing individuals or friends to travel as part of a large and fun-loving group of singles.

Senior Single Men Enjoy Road Scholar

Road Scholar is a premier program with many solo travelers. I have had the pleasure of serving as a Tour Group Leader with this organization and they are first class. They are trusted and well known for offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for couples and solo participants alike. The atmosphere you’ll find is of learning in the company of a small group of individual friends, rather than traveling with a collection of couples.

land-ho-2-1 If you are single and over 50, traveling by yourself may seem daunting. If Cancun was the go-to destination when you were 20, it may not be your scene anymore.

At Stitch , they have scoured the globe for the 5 best travel destinations for singles over 50 that will give you the best opportunity to enjoy your travel.

Tips For Senior Solo Travel

Allianz features 11 Secrets for Successful Senior Singles Trave l. Looking for a travel companion who shares your love of river cruising, fine wine and Paris flea markets? Look in the mirror. Traveling solo might seem daunting, but it’s easier — and more rewarding — than you think. These 11 tips for senior singles travel can help you create the perfect solo vacation.


About Travel has an article called Tours and Cruises for Single Seniors . They list several companies and organizations that provide single seniors tour information. This is one of the best sites I have found that addresses the topic and provides so much help. So “O Solo Mio” and get going.

Lastly, Fodor’s has a link on Single Senior Citizen Travel with comments made by single folks who experienced solo travel. This blog is simply a step in helping you to make some choices on your own.

Talk with your travel agent who is experienced in travel for those who prefer to travel alone, but not be alone on the trip. Enjoy making your plans, and better yet, enjoy your solo adventure wherever you choose to go. -jeb


Senior Women Enjoy Travel Options


We are often asked about programs that feature senior women who can travel with other senior women. Yes there are programs all over the world that cater to solo female travelers. Sorry men, this one is just for the women.

There is often comfort afforded to women who prefer to travel with other women and usually it is of the same age range.  Today we highlight programs that focus on travel for women as the French say “d’un certain age.” That is a nice way of saying “older.”

Journey Woman notes that if you’re an older adventuress, this is an absolutely wonderful time in your life to be traveling. In most cultures, age brings respect. Children will gravitate to you.


Local women will be protective, you’ll suffer less from pesky unsolicited male advances, and your travel budget absolutely expands with all the lovely discounts your age group is offered. The possibilities are endless. Take advantage, ladies. You’ve earned the right.

Senior Women Travel Solo Together

Women Traveling Together was started in 1997 by a 40-year old business woman who desperately wanted to do some vacation traveling, but didn’t want to go alone or travel as a single on a couple’s tour.  Unable to find a ready-made solution that met her needs, Debra Asberry spent seven months interviewing women in order to design a travel company that catered to the needs of women traveling solo.


Women Traveling Together (WTT) has a large and loyal repeat client base that has grown year after year since 1997, making it possible to offer more than 60 trips a year.   “80% of WTT travelers come solo. We really should have named the company “Women Traveling Solo Together” because that’s in a nutshell what we’re all about. Select your tour and be assured that fellow WTT travelers are as interested in and excited about the destination as you are.”

Senior Women’s Travel Days Not Over

Two senior women traveling together in a convertible car

Why travel alone when you can connect with like-minded women on a trip led by knowledgeable, local guides? At Rio Grande Travel , senior women can find thoughtful and well-planned vacation packages. Women can choose pre-planned trips alone, a travel group for senior women or perhaps embark on a journey with a bunch of friends!

A while back we featured a travel blog for Senior Women . Please check out the programs on that site and learn about the various opportunities that are available.


Senior Women’s Travel focuses on trips for 50+ women with a passion for travel. “It was founded on the premise that your travel days are not over .

Senior women — widowed, divorced, or with a mate who no longer wants to travel — should still be able to travel with zest, comfortably and safely. No-hassle travel, everything is done for you. No single supplements, exciting destinations, culture, good food, and interesting companions.”

So take you pick ladies and enjoy the trip. -jeb


Seniors Explore The World

continents_map This senior was curious to find out the largest cities in the world by population and the largest countries by surface area. Get your coffee and let me show you what I discovered. I figured that China was the largest both by population and surface area. I was wrong, very wrong. What do you think the two or three top would be? I’ve been to three of the largest five cities.

Tokyo is far above New York Metro with 33,200,000. I remember trying to take a photo of Tokyo and found that it is impossible. NYC came in second with 17,800,000 and Seoul, Korea missed NYC by only 100,000 and Mexico City by 300,000. You can look these up yourself and many are surprising, at least it was to me. Bombay (Mumbai), Calcutta (Kolkata), Delhi and Chennai are huge in India.

largest cities

Now let’s consider the largest countries by total population. China, right. And who follows by only 100 million? Yes, India. But did you know that the USA ranks third just ahead of Indonesia and Brazil.

Seniors Explore The World Some More

So, how are you doing? Now let’s explore the largest in size by area. Any ideas? China? They came in #4 behind Russia, Canada and the USA. Any idea of #5 or #6? Try Brazil and then Australia. They have a lot of land and like Russia, Canada and China, lots of the area is unused and desolate. Not so with the USA.


Russia encompasses 17,075,200 sq. km. Seniors, do you know how much a kilometer is? Well, it is 0.621371 miles and 1 mile equals 1.60934 kilometers. Voila, there you have it, that really helps a lot, doesn’t it? Canada has about half as much land as Russia with 9,994,670 sq. km. I always wonder who is able to figure out those stats right down to the last kilometer . Just 9.7% of the land of Canada is privately held and of course Russi has Siberia.

Seniors Explore The World Even More

Well, perhaps you are totally bored with all those figures by now. I will depart today’s blog with one last piece of information for those seniors among you who are still reading this article. Curious what the largest bodies of water in the world are?


As you may already know, the Earth is often referred to as the “blue planet.” This particular nickname was given due to the immense volume of water covering the surface of our planet; more specifically, 70% of the Earth is covered by water, making up  326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons. Now who did that calculation?

The Pacific Ocean is not only the largest body of water, but it is also the oldest. I’ll let you go figure that one out… I had no idea.  See you back at tomorrow. Ciao. Au revoir. Auf  Weidershehen. Arrivederci. Aloha. Adiós. Sayonara. Shalom. Totsiens. Vale and Zàijiàn. -jeb


Seniors Visit Macau

macau_position I just learned that Macau was selected as one of the top 25 places in the world to visit in 2016. Seniors, get your coffee and let’s go there for a closer look to see why. Macau is a small peninsula in mainland China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong.

A Portuguese overseas territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. Its giant casinos and extravagant malls have earned it the nickname, the “Las Vegas of Asia”.

One of its more striking landmarks is the 338m-high Macau Tower, with sweeping city views. The history of Macau (The City of Dreams) is traced back to the Qin dynasty (221–206 BCE).

Seniors Visit One Of The World’s Richest Cities

Macau, also spelled Macao , is a special administrative region on the southern coast of the People’s Republic of China. Macau is one of the world’s richest cities, and it became the world’s largest gambling center in 2006. Its economy is heavily dependent on gambling and tourism, as well as manufacturing. This Travel Guide on Macau can put senior travelers in touch with major attractions and things to see and do.


Lonely Planet notes that the city lies 65km to the west of Hong Kong, has 566,000 inhabitants and is a city of duality. Its fortresses, churches and the culinary traditions of its former Portuguese colonial masters speak to a uniquely Mediterranean style on the China coast.

These are intermixed with the customs, alleys, temples and shrines of its Chinese heritage. On the other hand, Macau is the ‘Vegas of the East’, the only place in China where gambling is legal.


Seniors Enjoy Colonial History Of Macau

Wikitravel kicks in with their take on Macau and wants you to know that Macau was one of the earliest European colonies in Asia and the last to be relinquished (1999), giving it a more visible colonial history than Hong Kong.

Walking through the old city, senior visitors could be convinced they were in Europe – if the streets were devoid of people and signs in Chinese, that is. The Portuguese and Macanese populations continue to maintain a presence but, as expected, most of the population is native Chinese.


Besides the city itself, Macau includes the islands of Taipa and Coloane, which are connected to Macau by bridges and to each other by a causeway, now built up into the Cotai Strip.

TripAdvisor has over 200 suggestions for senior visitors to consider in Macau, starting with the Casino at Venetian Macao. The Historic Center of Macau is where I would want to start my visit.

Unique Macau will put you in touch with videos that can serve as itinerary guides prior to a visit. Enjoy your stay. -jeb


Seniors Seek Adventure On The Red Island

277a Years back this senior had a friend whose father was a missionary in Madagascar, a Magical Country . She learned the dominant local language and that always impressed me being a language teacher myself.  She also learned French, the “official language”. There are several native tongues amongst the almost 23 million inhabitants on the island. Seniors, get your coffee and enjoy Madagascar with me today.

Madagascar is located some 250 miles (400 km) off the southeast coast of Africa. Madagascar’s population is primarily related not to African peoples but rather to those of Indonesia, more than 3,000 miles to the east.


The Malagasy peoples, moreover, do not consider themselves to be Africans, but, because of the continuing bond with France that resulted from former colonial rule, the island developed political, economic, and cultural links with the French-speaking countries of western Africa. The local currency is called ariary ( 3186.75  to a dollar). Have fun with that one.

Madagascar is home to thousands of animal species – like lemurs – found nowhere else , plus rain-forests, beaches and reefs. Near the busy capital, Antananarivo, is Ambohimanga, a hillside complex of royal palaces and burial grounds, as well as the “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a dirt road lined by awesome massive centuries-old trees.

Seniors Fascinated By Uniqueness Of The Island


The island is a land like no other in that there are so many species that are only indigenous to the island. This island, roughly the size of Texas or France, is home to more than 250,000 species of which 70% are found nowhere else on the globe.

Madagascar’s long isolation from the neighboring continents has resulted in this unique mix of plants and animals. This has led some ecologists to refer to Madagascar as the “eighth continent” . Of the 10,000 plants native to Madagascar, 90% are found nowhere else in the world. Madagascar’s varied fauna and flora are endangered by human activity, as a third of its native vegetation has disappeared since the 1970s.

Lonely Planet notes: lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, desert, trekking and diving…Madagascar is a dream destination for outdoor lovers. The remarkable fauna and flora is matched by epic landscapes of an incredible diversity : you can go from rainforest to desert in just 300km.


Seniors Enjoy Kaleidoscope Of Nature And Culture

Few places on Earth offer such an intense kaleidoscope of nature. There are sandstone canyons, limestone karsts, mountains, fertile hills cascading with terraced rice paddies, forests of every kind – rain, dry, spiny – and a laterite-rich soil that gave the country its nickname of ‘Red Island’.

Wikipedia notes that the first people arrived in Madagascar between 350 BC and 550 AD from Borneo on outrigger canoes. These Austronesian first settlers were joined around 1000 AD by Bantu migrants crossing the Mozambique Channel.


Other groups such as Arabs, Indians, and Chinese continued to settle on Madagascar over time, each one making lasting contributions to Malagasy cultural life. The Malagasy way of thinking includes a mixture of cultures, as well as their appearance and fashion style.

This island is on my personal “travel bucket list,” and I hope that you put it on yours as well. Who knows, maybe you will run into me there too. Enjoy your visit. - jeb


Christmas Island Is Real For Seniors

53d9d1786dec627b149d7c3d_4-christmas-island Senor travelers, Christmas Island might sound like a made-up name, but it’s actually a far-away island northwest of Australia that is famed for an incredible annual red crab migration.

Named in 1643 for the day of its discovery, Christmas Island was annexed and settlement was begun by the UK in 1888 followed by phosphate mining that began in the 1890s. The UK transferred sovereignty to Australia in 1958. Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and let’s head off for Christmas Island.

Almost two-thirds of the island has been declared a national park and it’s full of natural attractions. The Island is located about 1,600 miles north of Perth, Australia and 300 miles south of Java, Indonesia. 5902980-3x2-940x627

Seniors Fall In Love With This Jewel

Christmas Island is called a Natural Wonder and is known as a “Jewel in the Indian Ocean.” Senior tourists enjoy watching the annual parade of millions of the brightest red critters on earth as they swarm the beaches to mate and spawn.

The crabs  seem to be everywhere. The migration usually occurs at the beginning of the wet season, in November, December, depending on the whims of nature. It is estimated that 40 – 50 million of these bright red land crabs live in their preferred shady sites all over the island. Crabs aside, there is a plethora of things to see and do on the island.


Seniors, if you made a list of exotic islands that you wanted to visit, Christmas Island would probably be near the bottom of your list. That is if you’d even heard of it to put it on your list in the first place.

Christmas Island? It sounds made up—like the kind of magical land dreamed into existence just to host a Disney park. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, Christmas Island is real and 63 percent of the Island is a national park which makes for great for hiking.

Seniors Find Beautiful Coral and Abundant Marine Life


Senior visitors enjoy snorkeling or diving in the Christmas Island Marine Park, which boasts unspoiled coral and abundant marine wildlife.

Phosphate mining was the the reason for the first settlement in the 19th century and remains a major contributor to the local economy. Scenery abounds in all directions of Christmas Island and it is a haven for a relaxing get-away for folks of all ages.

Me, I’d want to tour the island on a rental scooter, said to be the best and most cost efficient way to get around the island. The Christmas Island Tourist Association provides information for senior visitors looking for restaurants and attractions. The Visitor Information Centre features a video viewing room where you can enjoy watching some of the many fascinating documentaries produced about Christmas Island.

So visit with your travel agent and make plans for an adventure to an Awesome Island that will leave you with many pleasant memories. -jeb

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