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Seniors Drop By Westport


Westport, a town in Bristol County, Massachusetts, was so named because it was the westernmost port in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Senior travelers learn that it was first settled in 1670 as part of the town of Dartmouth by members of the Sisson family but became independent in 1787. Westport’s  population is close to 16,000.

Westport is on the western port of what is known as Buzzards Bay. The town suffered damages during King Philip’s War. Like many areas in the region, Westport was affected by invading Wampanoag Indians during King Philip’s War. The British named the harbor “The Devil’s Pocket Hole” as they were unable to navigate the entrance in the War of 1812.


Facebook can help senior visitors find their way around and suggests places to stay, to eat, a museum to visit or an attractive park in which to take a stroll.

Seniors Drive 52 Miles South Of Boston

Westport is located 52 miles South of Boston. For you gourmet folks, Westport has four 5-star restaurants and a 4-star Village Pizza.

Horseneck Beach and Westport River, are both popular destinations for recreation. Senior birders, Barrier beach is spread over 600 acres and is ideal for long walks as well as bird watching.


In the distance, the Elizabeth Islands are visible from the beach. TripAdvisor has over a dozen sites you will not want to overlook, starting with the Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery. Close behind they mention Buzzards Bay Brewing.

The Westport Historical Society excels in engaging the public in the exploration of the town’s rich history and culture.

Seniors Enjoy Historic Farm


Senior visitors do not want to miss Westport Town Farm. This 40-acre open space preserve and historic farm complex includes hiking trails, working farmland, salt marsh frontage, an antique farmhouse, dairy barn, corn crib, and stone walls dating back to Colonial times. History personified.

Seniors, set your GPS for Westport and enjoy the amenities the city offers. Check out VRBO. Their vacation rentals are available all year long. Your stay in Westport will prove to be a memorable one . -jeb


Seniors Travel Afar To Port Hedland, Australia

unknown How did I come up with this one? I saw an awesome lightning photo just off of Port was fantastic. So, today seniors travel to the Outback in Australia.

Port Hedland is the second largest town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with an estimated urban population of 15,100. It is also the site of the highest tonnage port in Australia.


Port Hedland, is known by the indigenous Kariyarra and Nyamal people as Marapikurrinya, which means “place of good water”, as told by a Nyamal language speaker.

Port Hedland is the gateway to the Pilbara. To the east senior travelers can explore the wild, rugged beauty of Karijini National Park, with its spectacular natural gorges, waterfalls and pools, perfect for hiking and walking. The main industries are iron ore processing and export, salt production, and livestock production.

Seniors Visit A Large, Working Harbor


Port Hedland was established in 1896 in Kariyarra country on the Pilbara coast about 1,110 miles from Perth. Today there are two main centers: business Port Hedland, located on the coast, and residential South Hedland, 8 miles inland.

Port Hedland is one of the world’s largest and busiest working harbors, filled with grand, austere ships that transport hundreds of millions of tons of cargo each year to distant places.

In Port Hedland, anyone coming to the center of town has a ringside seat for some of the greatest industrial drama in the Pilbara, a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of Western Australia. It is known for its Aboriginal peoples, its ancient landscapes, the Red earth and its vast mineral deposits.

Seniors, Meet Red Dog


Red earth …now view Red Dog , a 2011 film about a dog who took it upon himself to travel all over the Outback. It is based on the incredible, legendary, true story of a red dog who united a disparate local community while roaming the Australian Outback in search of his long lost master. At the 2011 Inside Film Awards, Red Dog was nominated in nine categories and won seven, including best feature film.

Port Hedland has a natural deep anchorage harbor which, as well as being the main fuel and container receiving point for the region, was seen as perfect for shipment of the iron ore being mined in the ranges located inland from the town.

Other major resource activities supported by the town include the offshore natural gas fields, salt, manganese, and livestock. Grazing of cattle and sheep was formerly a major revenue earner for the region but this has slowly declined.

TripAdvisor has been to Port Hedland and suggests that seniors visit Pretty Pool. Senior travelers are invited to discover the rich cultural heritage of Port Hedland, incredible stories of the local Indigenous people and its economic significance as a powerhouse of the Australian economy.  -jeb


Senior Single Men Seek Travel Tours


USA Today recently wrote that Seniors who love to travel have many options for exploring the world, even by themselves. Several companies offer trips geared toward senior single travelers.


Special features like a slower pace, tours that aren’t too physically taxing, and social gatherings like nightly dinners and dances with other tourists near the same age make the tour attractive to senior single men.

From Mediterranean cruises to escorted treks through South America, travel opportunities for single seniors cover a broad range.

Senior single men, Vacations To Go offers a cruise for singles. Each year, they  select several itineraries in different regions of the world, on various cruise ships, and negotiate an extremely low rate for single customers.


Trained hosts from their headquarters organize get-togethers, cocktail parties, dinner seating and more, allowing individuals or friends to travel as part of a large and fun-loving group of singles.

Senior Single Men Enjoy Road Scholar

Road Scholar is a premier program with many solo travelers. I have had the pleasure of serving as a Tour Group Leader with this organization and they are first class. They are trusted and well known for offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for couples and solo participants alike. The atmosphere you’ll find is of learning in the company of a small group of individual friends, rather than traveling with a collection of couples.

land-ho-2-1 If you are single and over 50, traveling by yourself may seem daunting. If Cancun was the go-to destination when you were 20, it may not be your scene anymore.

At Stitch , they have scoured the globe for the 5 best travel destinations for singles over 50 that will give you the best opportunity to enjoy your travel.

Tips For Senior Solo Travel

Allianz features 11 Secrets for Successful Senior Singles Trave l. Looking for a travel companion who shares your love of river cruising, fine wine and Paris flea markets? Look in the mirror. Traveling solo might seem daunting, but it’s easier — and more rewarding — than you think. These 11 tips for senior singles travel can help you create the perfect solo vacation.


About Travel has an article called Tours and Cruises for Single Seniors . They list several companies and organizations that provide single seniors tour information. This is one of the best sites I have found that addresses the topic and provides so much help. So “O Solo Mio” and get going.

Lastly, Fodor’s has a link on Single Senior Citizen Travel with comments made by single folks who experienced solo travel. This blog is simply a step in helping you to make some choices on your own.

Talk with your travel agent who is experienced in travel for those who prefer to travel alone, but not be alone on the trip. Enjoy making your plans, and better yet, enjoy your solo adventure wherever you choose to go. -jeb


Senior Women Enjoy Travel Options


We are often asked about programs that feature senior women who can travel with other senior women. Yes there are programs all over the world that cater to solo female travelers. Sorry men, this one is just for the women.

There is often comfort afforded to women who prefer to travel with other women and usually it is of the same age range.  Today we highlight programs that focus on travel for women as the French say “d’un certain age.” That is a nice way of saying “older.”

Journey Woman notes that if you’re an older adventuress, this is an absolutely wonderful time in your life to be traveling. In most cultures, age brings respect. Children will gravitate to you.


Local women will be protective, you’ll suffer less from pesky unsolicited male advances, and your travel budget absolutely expands with all the lovely discounts your age group is offered. The possibilities are endless. Take advantage, ladies. You’ve earned the right.

Senior Women Travel Solo Together

Women Traveling Together was started in 1997 by a 40-year old business woman who desperately wanted to do some vacation traveling, but didn’t want to go alone or travel as a single on a couple’s tour.  Unable to find a ready-made solution that met her needs, Debra Asberry spent seven months interviewing women in order to design a travel company that catered to the needs of women traveling solo.


Women Traveling Together (WTT) has a large and loyal repeat client base that has grown year after year since 1997, making it possible to offer more than 60 trips a year.   “80% of WTT travelers come solo. We really should have named the company “Women Traveling Solo Together” because that’s in a nutshell what we’re all about. Select your tour and be assured that fellow WTT travelers are as interested in and excited about the destination as you are.”

Senior Women’s Travel Days Not Over

Two senior women traveling together in a convertible car

Why travel alone when you can connect with like-minded women on a trip led by knowledgeable, local guides? At Rio Grande Travel , senior women can find thoughtful and well-planned vacation packages. Women can choose pre-planned trips alone, a travel group for senior women or perhaps embark on a journey with a bunch of friends!

A while back we featured a travel blog for Senior Women . Please check out the programs on that site and learn about the various opportunities that are available.


Senior Women’s Travel focuses on trips for 50+ women with a passion for travel. “It was founded on the premise that your travel days are not over .

Senior women — widowed, divorced, or with a mate who no longer wants to travel — should still be able to travel with zest, comfortably and safely. No-hassle travel, everything is done for you. No single supplements, exciting destinations, culture, good food, and interesting companions.”

So take you pick ladies and enjoy the trip. -jeb


Seniors Explore The World

continents_map This senior was curious to find out the largest cities in the world by population and the largest countries by surface area. Get your coffee and let me show you what I discovered. I figured that China was the largest both by population and surface area. I was wrong, very wrong. What do you think the two or three top would be? I’ve been to three of the largest five cities.

Tokyo is far above New York Metro with 33,200,000. I remember trying to take a photo of Tokyo and found that it is impossible. NYC came in second with 17,800,000 and Seoul, Korea missed NYC by only 100,000 and Mexico City by 300,000. You can look these up yourself and many are surprising, at least it was to me. Bombay (Mumbai), Calcutta (Kolkata), Delhi and Chennai are huge in India.

largest cities

Now let’s consider the largest countries by total population. China, right. And who follows by only 100 million? Yes, India. But did you know that the USA ranks third just ahead of Indonesia and Brazil.

Seniors Explore The World Some More

So, how are you doing? Now let’s explore the largest in size by area. Any ideas? China? They came in #4 behind Russia, Canada and the USA. Any idea of #5 or #6? Try Brazil and then Australia. They have a lot of land and like Russia, Canada and China, lots of the area is unused and desolate. Not so with the USA.


Russia encompasses 17,075,200 sq. km. Seniors, do you know how much a kilometer is? Well, it is 0.621371 miles and 1 mile equals 1.60934 kilometers. Voila, there you have it, that really helps a lot, doesn’t it? Canada has about half as much land as Russia with 9,994,670 sq. km. I always wonder who is able to figure out those stats right down to the last kilometer . Just 9.7% of the land of Canada is privately held and of course Russi has Siberia.

Seniors Explore The World Even More

Well, perhaps you are totally bored with all those figures by now. I will depart today’s blog with one last piece of information for those seniors among you who are still reading this article. Curious what the largest bodies of water in the world are?


As you may already know, the Earth is often referred to as the “blue planet.” This particular nickname was given due to the immense volume of water covering the surface of our planet; more specifically, 70% of the Earth is covered by water, making up  326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons. Now who did that calculation?

The Pacific Ocean is not only the largest body of water, but it is also the oldest. I’ll let you go figure that one out… I had no idea.  See you back at tomorrow. Ciao. Au revoir. Auf  Weidershehen. Arrivederci. Aloha. Adiós. Sayonara. Shalom. Totsiens. Vale and Zàijiàn. -jeb


Seniors Get Wet in Daintree Rainforest


Senior travelers, did you know that there was a rainforest in Australia? Yes, Cape Tribulation is home to the oldest surviving rainforest in the world , the 135 million year old Daintree Rainforest in Tropical North Queensland.

It’s a place where the most ancient of wonders meet as the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef merge together. You can link the two by foot along the choice of rainforest walks or if you’re after some adventure try jungle surfing or sea kayaking.


Senior visitors will find Daintree is straight north of Cairns on the east coast of Australia where along the coastline north of the Daintree River, a tropical rainforest grows right down to the edge of the sea.

Seniors Discover Animals Found No Where Else

The Daintree Rainforest is home to a wide range of animals, and like Madagascar, some not found anywhere else on the planet. Mossman Gorge in the Daintree National Park, features fresh mountain water cascading over round granite boulders.

Senior botanists can study unique flora and fauna including the Boyd’s Forest Dragon. A short stroll along walking tracks and swinging cable bridges brings you to panoramic views over the Gorge. It’s neat that one can visit two World Heritage Sites in just one day that includes the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns-Hotel-Apartments (13)

Stroll along pristine Thornton’s Beach away from the crowds. The Daintree is home to diverse wildlife species including the Cassowary, Kingfishers, Sunbirds, the Ulysses butterfly and Australia’s largest reptile, the Saltwater Crocodile.

Cape Tribulation is where the rainforest meets the reef. Stroll along the Kulki Boardwalk and enjoy the views over magical beaches. There are tours that travel north along the Bloomfield Track to Stingray Bay and Cowie Beach with their unique mangrove systems and tidal pools. Most of the surrounding areas are national parks that feature an array of unique and native plant and wildlife.

Daintree Discovery Center Welcomes Senior Visitors


Bloomfield Falls is another special place, with indigenous rock art is present near the falls. Easily accessible by short walking tracks, and guides can explain how the local people lived in this area. Check out the tours that leave regularly from Port Douglas, traveling to the Daintree National Park, Cape Tribulation and the Bloomfield Track.

Cape Tribulation was named by legendary explorer Captain Cook when the Endeavour struck a reef to the north of the area. The Cape features some truly stunning scenery with long stretches of pristine beaches set against the picturesque backdrop of Thornton Peak and Mount Sorrow.

The Daintree Rainforest contains 30% of frog, marsupial and reptile species in Australia . The Daintree Discovery Center celebrated its 21st birthday in June 2010 with the arrival of its 1 millionth visitor . So you see, it is not to be missed. An easy drive from Cairns or Port Douglas, visitors will find the Rainforest exhilarating and memorable. It’s going on my travel bucket list. jeb


Seniors Head South to Te Wai Pounamu


To where? Te Wai Pounamou. The South Island or Te Wai Pounamu is the larger of the two major islands of New Zealand, the other being the more populous North Island. South Island is known by the Maoris as Te Wai Pounamu or Water of Greenstone .

Been to New Zealand yet, seniors? It is a hot spot for tourists today. When I quizzed my travel agent, who has traveled the world, on where she would choose to live – her response was New Zealand.


I know from my research that there are more sheep on that island than people. I was so envious when a couple from our hometown in Iowa spent a full month in New Zealand just soaking up the culture and magnificent scenery . It’s on this senior’s bucket list. Perhaps it is on yours as well.

Seniors Find Sheep, Fiords, Glaciers and Amazing Landscapes

The island has with everything from snow to sheep, mountains to rugged coastlines. Venture to the South Island and senior visitors will be met with lofty mountains, fiords and glaciers – the landscapes are famous the world over. ‘Lord of the Rings’ rings a bell with me… much of the movie was filmed on location in the mountains of South Island. Several other classic movies have been filmed there as well.


Travel & Leisure notes that “a drive on New Zealand’s South Island, with its Lord of the Rings landscapes, superb local wines, and glass-and-timber lodges, is like a visit to another, more perfect world.” The South Island has truly diverse and magnificent landscapes and the perfect place for an epic road trip.

Seniors Discover Adventure Capital of the World

National Geographic calls South Island Adventure County . They further note that seventy percent of New Zealanders, aka Kiwis, live on the more urban North Island, but South Island is full of more places to explore. Renting a camper van and driving around is an authentic way to experience the Island and its awesome scenery. Fiordland National Park with its rock walls towering 4,000 feet (1,220 meters) in the air, is a well known ‘must see’.


November is the ideal time for a springtime tour of the South Island’s secluded fjords, wild seascapes, and remote luxury lodges. You will want to begin in Queenstown, New Zealand’s premier year-round alpine resort, a little like Aspen. Queenstown is known as the Adventure Capital of the World for offering a plethora of adrenaline-fueled activities.

Enveloped by breathtaking mountains and based near the dramatic shores of Lake Wakatipu, senior visitors find that Queenstown is the most appealing city in all of New Zealand. South Island has it all…native forests and abundant birdlife, primeval rock formations and quaint, small towns just waiting for you to discover. jeb


Seniors Go “Down Under” to Visit Brisbane


Brisbane is the capital and most populous city (1 million +) in the Australian state of Queensland, and the third most populous city in Australia. The popular phrase used to describe Queensland is … “Beautiful one day, perfect the next!” Sounds very inviting to me.

Brisbane is the largest of Australia’s six capital cities by geographic area and the third largest in the world, occupying some 1,140 km². A river curving and curling its way around the landscape makes Brisbane one of the most unique capital cities in Australia.

Brisbane came into being long before the state of Queensland was established, when intrepid Surveyor General John Oxley named the river he discovered after the Governor of New South Wales – Thomas Brisbane – in 1823. Today,  Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing capital cities in Australia in terms of population and employment.

Senior Visitors Find a City Open, Green and Clean


As a city, Brisbane is a vast open undulating green expanse and it is truly something to marvel at. Brisbane is known for its 1,700 parks.

Brisbane is also famed for providing free facilities, such as clean and well maintained BBQ’s, picnic facilities complete with tables and seating, all having ample shelter from the warm sun as well as carefully maintained public facilities.

Visitors in this city tend to make the same statement, “ Brisbane is so clean and everything is free ”. Senior visitors discover Brisbane from the inside out and explore the vibrant urban villages across the city. Each suburb is a hub of activity with its own distinct vibe, unique personality and seemingly endless offering of things to see and do.

Shoppers…enjoy The City : From Queensland’s largest selection of fashion and award-winning food and drink, to an extensive free entertainment program. There are over 1000 stores to choose from, including the state’s largest collection of flagship stores and unique boutiques, making The City Queensland’s premier shopping destination.

And A City Filled With Energy


City Botanic Gardens, the city’s oldest park, was originally planted by convicts in 1825 with food crops in order to feed the prison colony. These gardens include ancient trees, rainforest glades and exotic species.

The City Centre Heritage Trail takes you on a journey through a range of sites and events that have shaped Brisbane’s history. Roma Street Parkland, an oasis in the heart of Brisbane, is a perfect place to go exploring with its spectacular subtropical plant displays, sweeping vistas and unique artwork, and it’s only a short walk from Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall.

In Brisbane seniors will discover a city filled with energy, you’ll also find it’s filled with endless things to do… pack a hat and plenty of sunscreen. With 12 months of sunshine-filled days and clear blue skies, Brisbane has a climate that sets the scene for year-round activities. Even in the midst of a Brisbane winter senior visitors can play in the parks and dine outdoors. What a setting huh? jeb


Seniors Visit Canberra

Image 9

Some of us seniors thought that either Sydney or Melbourne was the capital city of Australia. Well… It’s Canberra . With a population of 380,000+, it is Australia’s largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall.

Canberra is located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory, 170 miles southwest of Sydney. Folks who call Canberra home are known as a “Canberran”. As the Australian capital, it is home to embassies and the Australian Federal Parliament.

Seniors Visit Planned City

The site of Canberra, midway between Melbourne and Sydney, was selected for the location of the nation’s capital in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities. It is unusual among Australian cities, being an entirely planned city similar to the American Federal District of Columbia.

Image 3

All the areas of natural vegetation in town have earned Canberra the title “ bush capital ” and for those of us who love open green spaces, that’s almost perfect. The surrounding bushland, as it is called, and the original bushland from which Canberra was built is a mixture of eucalyptus savanna, open grassland, scrub land, swamp, and dry eucalyptus forests.

Senior travelers will discover that Canberra lies on a plain at the foot of 6,200-foot spurs of the Australian Alps, enjoying warm summers, cool winters and receiving considerably less rainfall than the surrounding highlands.

Historically, a small squatters’ settlement of stockmen, called Canberry or Canbury (a derivation of an Aboriginal term, “meeting place”), was made there as early as 1824. By 1836 the name had evolved to Canberra.

Image 10

European exploration and settlement started in the Canberra area as early as the 1820s. Lonely Planet notes that the city was designed by visionary American architect Walter Burley Griffin.

Floriade is Australia’s biggest celebration of spring and full of flowers. This iconic Canberra event, which is now in its 26th year, runs for 30 days over the months of September and October.

Seniors Experience Australian Culture and History

A lake was formed in the center of the city and it is named after the designer of the city. Highlights include the National Museum of Australia, Parliament House, Ainslie, National Gallery and Australian War Memorial.

Image 2

Canberra is a great place to visit with excellent golf courses for senior golfers and nearby towns like Goulburn, are full of early history. The surrounding regions are mostly fertile grazing land growing some of the quality wool, beef and lamb that Australia is famous for.

Discover for yourself that Canberra is not just a beautifully designed city, but where senior visitors will experience Australian identity , culture, history, indigenous heritage, politics, art, sport, flora and fauna. It is said that Canberra is one of the most underrated places to visit in all of Australia.

The city has a lively nightlife due to the many young people who call it home. There are more cafes and restaurants per person than anywhere in Australia. Senior travelers, take in Canberra for yourself. jeb

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Seniors Love Rail Travel on The Ghan

I wrote a while back on the famed Blue Train in South Africa.  My recent Travel Magazine has an article entitled “A Window Seat to the World” on rail journeys of a lifetime. If senior citizens have not yet traveled by train, you are in for a real treat. I’ve been on the French TGV several times and in Japan whizzed by terrain on the Shinkansen known as the “Bullet Train.”  I wrote a blog on the Trans Canadian Railway as well. The Ghan is one of those famous rail journeys that seniors will find thrilling.

The Ghan. It’s an odd name for a train but in Australian history it is a living legend, for it is the ultimate journey through the heart of the continent. A hundred and fifty years ago, the first camels were imported along with their handlers from Afghanistan and, in true Australian style, they soon shortened their name to ‘Ghan’. The Ghan train derives its name from these early pioneers and its emblem of an Afghan on a camel is in recognition of their efforts in opening up the harsh interior to the rest of Australia .

The Ghan Has a History

Their website is loaded with information of every nature that will help you make plans to enjoy a ride on that train. They call it “The Great Southern Rail: Time to Explore. So seniors, immerse yourself in the timelessness of rail travel and be inspired by the diversity and beauty of the landscape unfolding beyond the window. Enjoy first class dining, new friends and Explore and Discover Stops in Alice Springs and Katherine.

The Ghan is not just an Australian icon, but the journey of a lifetime. I’ve always said the same thing about the journey from Moscow across China on the Trans-Siberian Rail Road. It’s one of those adventures on my “bucket list”.  The Trans Mongolian is also called “The Vodka Train.”  But back to the Ghan.

Australian rail passes are the key to exploring this diverse country, from Sydney, to the Outback, to the Great Barrier Reef and everywhere in between. Try to get a seat in the Outback Explorer Lounge or if you would like, a private carriage.

A Suggested Route for Senior Travelers

Australia’s red center is one of the most spectacular wildernesses in the world, and the Ghan is unquestionably the most comfortable way to see it. The train runs through the heart of the country: 2,979km (1,861 miles) between the south coast at Adelaide and the north coast at Darwin, taking two nights and three days and senior travelers will pass by Alice Springs. Go to TripAdvisor on the Ghan and read the blogs. I’ll depart today with a few “tips” to make that journey a great one. Enjoy. jeb

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