Seniors Walk The Streets Of Streetsboro

imagesStreetsboro is among the 50 safest cities in Ohio. Senior visitors like to hear that. Founded by Titus Street from Connecticut, Street purchased the land in 1798 from what is called the Connecticut Western Reserve.

Long before settlers moved into the Connecticut Western Reserve, Seneca Indians traversed the area now called Streetsboro. They used Old Portage Trail, which crosses the southwest corner of the city, to go from Lake Erie to the Ohio River basin.

 There is something seniors can see and do all year long in Streetsboro. With over 60 attractions nearby, you can enjoy strolling at the Woodside Lake Park or plan a day trip to the Frame Bog – J. Arthur Herrick Nature Preserve.

 Seniors Meet At DayBreak Farm


TripAdvisor wants first-timers to know about Boulder Creek Golf Club, Zip City, Daybreak Lavender Farm and the 140 acre Herrick Fen Nature Preserve. I’d be most interested in the Lavender Farm on Frost Road.

At DayBreak Farm, the owners  follow the Native American 7th generation philosophy…Farming and gardening so that in seven generations the land will be better than it is today. That means using only ecologically responsible, organic and sustainable agricultural principles and products. And how about that smell of lavender essential oil, my favorite.


Herrick Fen provides habitat for over two dozen state-listed species. Senior visitors will discover unique geologic, hydrologic, biologic and physical features that resulted from the retreat of glaciers during the last ice age, some 12,000-14,000 years ago.

Seniors Appreciate Streetsboro’s Location

If you are looking for one of the best places to go on vacation, then Streetsboro  in northeast Ohio is a good choice. It is in close proximity to historical sites and museums, and one of the top most visited National Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  And Streetsboro is located in the heart of it all.

Flea Markets are always fun, and Streetsboro Flea market is no exception, a 50,000 square foot indoor flea market. A plethora of hidden treasures may be found in the aisles of antiques, furniture, collectibles, tools, parts and a wide variety of other goods.

Streetsboro offers restaurants that can tantalize and delight and opportunities for golfers and fishermen. Seniors, plan to enjoy the many amenities that Streetsboro has to offer. -jeb

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Seniors Hone In On Burke

fall-burkeBurke is a town in Vermont with a population of around 1,800. Senior visitors will find that the town contains the villages of East Burke, West Burke and Burke Hollow.

The Town of Burke was chartered in 1782; the first settlers arrived in 1792. The town was organized in 1796 in the home of Lemuel Walter who cleared land and built a cabin on land that was later Darling’s Mountain View Farm.


The first surveyors divided the town into lots of approximately 160 acres. Burke is surrounded by other Northeast Kingdom towns and villages, both large and small. Burke was named after Sir Edmund Burke, a member of the British Parliament who tried to promote conciliation of the American colonies and avert a war for independence.

The proprietors of the Northeast Vermont grant took his name for their yet unsettled town of Burke. Sir Edmond Burke had so well expressed their hopes for freedom and independence. Deeds today still refer to the original proprietors, who were given the land as payment for their efforts in the Revolutionary War.

Seniors Find Hiking And Biking Trails



The Chamber of Commerce invites seniors to enjoy Burke Mountain Ski Area on Burke Mountain. A volunteer group maintains the mountain biking trails. Portions of these trails are open to cross-country skiers in the winter.

East Burke is home to the Kingdom Trails trail system. Mountain bikers frequent the trails in the summer and autumn, during which there are hundreds of riders at any given time riding the local trails. Burke Mountain is the Gateway To The Adventure in the Northeast.


 TripAdvisor suggests that senior visitors not miss Lake Willoughby and the Kingdom Trails. This 110 mile single track mountain bike trail in East Burke,  is open all year long. You can enjoy riding your bike in the Vermont snow with the locals. Downhill mountain biking is fun summer activity, so toss your bike in the trunk and join in with the locals.

 Seniors Like Vermont In Autumn


The Burke Farmer’s Market draws in not only the locals but visitors as well. Here one can stock up on locally grown fruits and vegetables, baked goods, farm raised meats and poultry, specialty foods, maple syrup and hand-made goods from local artists and craftspeople.

Note the Maple Syrup. I’d want to stock up on that Vermont specialty myself. Visit Burke in Autumn for the Annual Fall Foliage Festival – always the last Saturday in September.

 Seniors, head on up to Vermont and take in Burke, Burke Hollow and East Burke.  There is something fun going on in Burke all year long.  -jeb


Seniors Stop In Carmel

city_of_carmelCarmel Indianais one of the fastest-growing communities in the country. This once sleepy suburban community is no longer sleepy, but has been transformed over the past 20 years by ambitious redevelopment projects. Senior travelers will find the vibrant city of Carmel 14 miles north of Indianapolis. 

Originally called Bethlehem, Carmel, was laid out and platted in 1837. The original settlers were predominantly Quakers. Today, the plot first established in Bethlehem, located at the intersection of Rangeline Road and Main Street, is marked by a massive clock tower, donated by the local Rotary Club.

carmel_indiana_2A US post office was established as Carmel in 1846. Today Carmel overflows with an active downtown, colorful streets and homes in all directions.

 Seniors Enjoy The Bike And Tree City

Carmel’s Arts and Design District and City Center in Old Town Carmel is flanked by Carmel High School on the east and the Monon Greenway on the west. The District includes the award winning Carmel Clay Public Library, the Hamilton County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and Welcome Center.

Senior visitors will enjoy art galleries, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, the lifelike sculptures by John Seward Johnson II, “The Norman Rockwell of American Sculpture”, which ornament the streets of the District.


Carmel is “Poised for the Future” and senior visitors are invited to bring along a bike as Carmel is a bicycle friendly city.  The community is also renown as a “Tree City.”

Seniors Find Another Rails-to-Trails

There are museums to visit, parks to enjoy and a water park to check out.  The Carmel Monon Center, the water park is outfitted with a mega-fitness center and is a popular hotspot in the city.

The Monon Trail is a well used bicycle trail that is a part of the Rails-to-Trails movement. The Trail, known as the Monon Greenway in Carmel, is located entirely within Indiana. The Monon Railroad was a popular railroad line connecting the cities of Chicago and Indianapolis, with stops at major settlements along its route.


Oenophiles can check out the Peace Water Winery. Senior visitors will find their Tasting Room in the Carmel Arts and Design District where they are invited to sample a variety of  Indiana wines.

TripAdvisor suggests a visit to Coxhall Gardens featuring a playground, biking trails, outdoor music pavilion, a 125 acre fishing lake and twin 90-feet bell towers. Seniors, plan a stop in Carmel when you are in the Indianapolis area…-jeb

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Seniors Spend Quality Time In Santa Ynez Valley

atmiddleSeniors will find The Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, California, between the Santa Ynez Mountains to the south and the San Rafael Mountains to the north. The Santa Ynez River flows through the valley.

“The picturesque Santa Ynez Valley encompasses six communities clustered closely together like wine grapes. From the charming, tiny gem of rural Ballard, the bustling gateway city of Buellton, the vintage western town of Los Alamos, the arts-influenced wine-infused town of Los Olivos and the turn-of-the-20th-century township of Santa Ynez, to the northern European atmosphere of the city of Solvang founded by Danish-Americans in 1911, it’s relaxing and refreshing to meander and experience each village. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley was once home to the famed singer.”


Seniors Enjoy Wine, Apples And Beer

Santa Ynez Valley lies two hours up the coast from Los Angeles. Wine tours and tastings are popular and senior oenophiles will do well to spend time sampling in the Valley. The wine industry is a major part of the Santa Ynez Valley’s economy, with over 70 wineries and tasting rooms.

Besides grapes, the valley also has numerous apple farms, many of them with roadside apple stands or “pick your own” programs. And lets do some sampling of craft beer in the Valley.


The Old Mission Santa Ines is loaded with history and scenery. Santa Ynez Valley is driven by agriculture, particularly viticulture, the equine industry, and tourism. For you equestrian folks, you will find a variety of horse stable tours in the Valley.

Seniors Enjoy The Beauty Of The Valley

Color and scenery abound around each corner in the Valley that sprawls over 300,000 acres,  featuring both large estate vineyards and small boutique wineries.


Reminds me of years back when I was a Tour Group Leader for Elderhostel. We would spend two weeks at time on a program called Food and Wine of France. Tough job that somebody had to do and I enjoyed it a dozen times.

I always thought that I did not care much for champagne. I changed my mind after spending two weeks in Alsace-Lorraine sampling champagne every day. The distinct flavor and all those bubbles kinda grows on a person, as do the wines of Santa Ynez Valley where senior visitors learn first hand about about the Stem, Lip, Bowl and Foot.

The various villages in the area celebrate festivals and special events. Seniors, plan some time for the Santa Ynez Valley and enjoy all the activities and scenery this  great valley has to offer you. -jeb

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Seniors Stop By Deer Park

up-u7nqe6852h7rlt9c Senior travelers will find Deer Park within the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area, in southeast Texas, 14 miles E of Houston. Its population just under 30,000 and is known as  “The Birthplace of Texas.”

It is near the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, where, on April 21, 1836, Texas won its independence from Mexico. The initial surrender treaty, after the battle, was signed in Dr. George Moffitt Patrick’s cabin.

The original cabin was located on Buffalo Bayou where Rohm and Haas now has a chemical plant in Deer Park. A replica of Dr. Patrick’s cabin is in front of the Theatre/Courts Building on Center Street.

 Seniors Enjoy City Founded By A Yankee


Deer Park was founded in 1892 by Simeon Henry West, an Illinois Yankee. The city was named Deer Park because of the abundance of deer in the region. The Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railway built a station in this city in 1894.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including their high schools. Deer Park High School with its 3,917 students is the 13th largest in the state of Texas.

Seniors, when you are in the Houston area, plan a visit to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site. Patrick’s Cabin, another favorite site, is a replica of the cabin where the peace treaty between U.S and Mexico was signed after the Battle of San Jacinto.

The city provides easy access to the San Jacinto Monument and Museum and the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. The Moody Gardens and SchIitterbahn Waterparks are both worth a visit.  The local Chamber of Commerce is a highly active resource for the locals as well as senior visitors. Special events are taking place all year long thanks to the Chamber.

 Seniors Enjoy Parks


The city is home to 19 beautiful parks, so pack a picnic basket and take your pick. The various community spaces include everything from small playgrounds to a large green area. The largest area, Dow Park, is a 40 acre space featuring sports facilities, a community pool, and a pavilion with seating areas.

For fitness enthusiasts, a gym and a mile long jogging trail are available on site, and senior horticulture lovers would enjoy the Dow Park Rose Garden. Enjoy theatre? The “Art Park Players Home” is a Dinner Theatre offering a wide variety of entertaining shows now in their 39th season.

 Seniors, set your GPS for Deer Park and stop by for a visit.  You will enjoy Deer Park. -jeb

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Seniors Explore Newport

maxresdefault-1Newport was incorporated in 1882 and has been the county seat of Lincoln County since 1952 when voters approved a measure to remove the center of government from nearby Toledo to Newport. Newport is home to approximately 10,000 permanent residents and numerous weekenders, including senior visitors.

The city has been a playground for visitors since the late 1800’s. Nestled between the Coast Mountains, Pacific Ocean and Yaquina Bay, the natural beauty of the area draws senior travelers. Newport is a city of constant activity and major tourist draw and boasts the title of Dungeness Crab Capitol of the World.


Historically, the Bayfront was Newport’s economic backbone, housing a port for the commercial fishing and wood products industries. Today, the Bayfront is still home to one of Oregon’s largest commercial fishing fleets.

The Bayfront is a working waterfront on which senior visitors can enjoy shops, art galleries, chowder houses, restaurants, fish processing plants and family attractions in turn-of-the-century storefronts from a bygone era.

 Seniors Whale Watch And Charter Fish


Toss in the golf clubs as there are five courses in the area and whale watching and charter fishing are both highly popular in Newport.

Newport is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium with many fascinating  exhibits including the “Passages of the Deep,” a 1.32 million gallon exhibit featuring 3 realistic ocean habitats connected by a 200-foot long underwater tunnel.

Newport features 2 lighthouses: Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and Yaquina Head Light. Yaquina Head is the site of Oregon’s tallest and second oldest active lighthouse. The 93-foot-tall structure was completed in 1872.

maxresdefaultThere is a five-mile stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach for senior visitors to enjoy. Nye Beach and Agate Beach are two of the popular stopping points along the Oregon coast. Keep an eye out for gray whales just off the shoreline.

Seniors Like Historical Bayfront and Nye Beach

PlanetWare’s site adds information on some of the major attractions with photos and what not to miss in Newport. The local Chamber of Commerce wants senior visitors to know that Newport has something for everyone…scenic excursions, aquariums, historical museums and lighthouse tours are just the beginning.

newportorAdditional highlights and attractions in and around Newport, Oregon include several state parks, historic sites and museums. TripAdvisor offers the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and the Hatfield Marine Science Center.  I’d want to be sure and take in the Oregon Coast Aquarium ranked among the Top 10 aquariums in the country.

Newport’s beginnings shaped two distinct areas of town: the Historical Bayfront and Nye Beach. During the early 1900s, Nye Beach was the number one visitor attraction on the coast. Hot sea baths, taffy stores and agate shops entertained visitors from the Willamette Valley.

Nye Beach remains a  popular haven for the arts, with the Newport Performing Arts and Visual Arts Center amidst unique galleries, book stores, eateries, shopping and lodging. Enjoy all that Newport has to offer. -jeb

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Jim and Jeannine Becker



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Seniors Visit Oldest Town On Cape Cod


Sandwich, a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts with a population of 21,000, just happens to be the oldest town on Cape Cod and one of the most picturesque towns that senior visitors will see on the Cape.  

The Town Hall is located right next to the Dexter Grist Mill, in the historic district of town. Sandwich is part of the Barnstable – Yarmouth metro area and is located 50 miles southeast of Boston. So when you are visiting one of America’s most historic cities, swing on down to Sandwich. Many of Sandwich’s prominent families have Quaker ties.


Sandwich was settled by the pilgrims in 1634. They arrived in this area with 10 people and founded a settlement with the mission of worshipping freely and producing cotton.

The name was based on a seaport in Kent, England named Sandwich. Though the town initially depended upon agriculture and fishing, at present it is recognized as a tourist spot.

 Seniors Enjoy Old Charm Of Sandwich

The charm of yesteryear has not left this historic village. Its town center boasts beautiful old residences, some of which have been converted to inns, B&Bs, shops and fine restaurants.

1024px-boardwalk_at_sandwich_maThe many historic homes in Sandwich include the Benjamin Nye Homestead on Old County Road, formerly known as the original “Old King’s Highway”, and the Benjamin Holway House built in 1789.

TripAdvisor suggests that seniors not miss the Heritage Museums and Gardens and the Sandwich Boardwalk, sometimes called the “Plank Walk”, one of the world’s top ten boardwalks according to National Geographic Magazine.

If you happen to collect glassware, the Sandwich Glass Museum may fill your interests. Glassmaking was started in Sandwich by Deming Jarves in 1825 and today, glassblowers still create magnificent works in studios along Route 6A.

 Seniors Find Walking Paths And Awesome Gardens


Seniors will find picturesque scenes all over town. Google these major sites of interest: The Wing Fort House, Thornton Burgess Museum, Hoxie House and the Dexter Grist Mill. In recognition of the 375th birthday of The Town Of Sandwich, the church in the center of town was turned into the canvas for a spectacular animation called Paintscrapping.

Hit the beach on Town Neck, Sandy Neck or Wakeby Pond. Bring along your best hiking boots or bike. The Briar Patch at Green Briar Nature Center features walking paths and awesome gardens.

Shawme-Crowell State Forest offers camping and great hiking. The Cape Cod Canal Bike Path is a stretch designated for biking, walking, jogging and rollerblading.

I love the Town Motto: Post tot Naufracia Portus (Latin for “after so many shipwrecks, a haven”). Sandwich is indeed a haven for senior tourists like yourself, so plan to spend some quality time enjoying this charming Cape Cod town. -jeb


Seniors Discover Monrovia


Monrovia is located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, California with a population of around 36,000. Senior visitors enjoy Monrovia’s Old Town, the heart of the community.

Revitalized from the once dilapidated state it found itself in the 1970s, today it has become a regional attraction and local necessity for those who live, work and play in Monrovia.


Seniors, if you time your visit, every Friday night,  from March to Christmas, thousands of residents and visitors alike mingle at the largest street fair of its kind in California, with craft and food booths, kiddie rides, a farmer’s market, live music and more.

 Seniors Find A Beautiful, Historic City

In Monrovia senior visitors will experience all the warmth of Southern California and the advantages of a gorgeous natural environment, a city that is beautiful, historic, cultural, economically diverse and inviting.


Located 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Monrovia is only 8 miles east of Pasadena. Monrovia has an ethnically diverse population and its residents gain easy access to the Southern California Freeway system.

The East Huntington Drive technology corridor is one of Monrovia’s prominent high-tech, bio-tech and nanotech research and development centers. Sun Microsystems, Xerox Special Information Systems, Genzyme, Silverlake Research, ITT Deep Space Division, Aeronvironment and Dynametric are a few of the prominent companies located in Monrovia.

 Seniors Enjoy Scenic San Gabriel Mountains

As is much of California, Monrovia is loaded with history. The Shoshonean Indians were the first inhabitants. In 1769 Don Gaspar Portola and his party were the first Europeans to arrive and Juan Crespi, a Franciscan Father,  accompanied the expedition.


The region was filled with orange groves but over time became a residential community. The arrival of the Santa Fe and the Southern Pacific railroad significantly increased the population and Monrovia was officially founded in 1887.

Monrovia’s Canyon Park includes a nature center and scenic hiking trails and is a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts. This video, Driving Around  Monrovia, provides a nice overview of this exciting city. Monrovia lies in an awesome setting.

The well known Santa Anita Race Track, Disneyland and Irwindale Speedway are nearby. The Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Garden Arboretum Trail located in nearby Arcadia is a great place to visit for nature enthusiasts.


The scenic San Gabriel Mountains offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Cal Tech, Mt. Sierra College and the Claremont Colleges are nearby, providing educational opportunities for local students.

In 2008 Monrovia was a finalist for “Most Business Friendly City.”  Seniors, set your GPS for the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains and enjoy Monrovia. -jeb


Seniors Discover “The Good Life City”


 Albany, “The Good Life City”, seniors learn, is located in southwest Georgia, the heart of Plantation Trace, the southern portion of Georgia’s Southern Rivers Region.

Scenic Albany lies along the shores of the Flint River and is loaded with  Pecan groves, farms and aromatic pine trees. Major employers are the health care industry, education and the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

The city is the commercial center for the southwest portion of Georgia. The well known entertainer Ray Charles was born in Albany. The city has long been known as “The World’s Greatest Paper Shell Pecan Center.”


 Seniors Find A City Of Historic Significance

American settlement began with Nelson Tift, from Groton, Connecticut, who named his new town Albany after the capital of New York; both were located at the navigable heads of rivers.

Alexander Shotwell laid out the town in 1836. Cotton production was thriving and the town became a primary transportation center. Steamboats moved the cotton to other regions. Later, it became a prominent railroad station.

If you are interested in history, there are a large number of Registered Historic Places in Albany: the Albany Municipal Auditorium, Carnegie Library of Albany, Rosenberg Brother’s Department Store, John A. Davis House, Albany Railroad Depot Historic District and the Old St. Teresa’s Catholic Church.


The city supports a significant museum, the Albany Museum of Art, which features one of the largest collections of African art in the Southeast.

 Seniors Enjoy Hub Of Southwest Georgia

Lake Chehaw provides senior visitors an opportunity for fishing and boating. The Parks at Chehaw form a large recreational center which includes a wild animal park, a huge play area, a biking area and a variety of ecosystems. Senior Golfers can enjoy numerous golf courses in Albany.


The Albany James H. Gray Civic Center hosts basketball games, ice shows, rodeos, wrestling and other events. Albany State University and Darton College add to the educational scene in Albany. The local Chamber notes that Albany is the hub of Southwest Georgia for shopping, cultural activities, education as well as the primary trade center for the region.


Explore Facebook’s view on this exciting city with suggestions for dining, shopping, landmarks, parks and nightlife.  Albany has more than two dozen hotels, a variety of fine dining establishments to tempt your palate. Senior visitors can enjoy fine southern cooking in a mild year-round climate.

It is an affordable home base for day trips to regional attractions, such as the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains or Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta. Seniors, set your sights and GPS on Albany and enjoy the wide choice of amenities the city has to offer. -jeb

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