Seniors Stop By Checotah

map_of_checotah_okChecotah, a city in McIntosh County, Oklahoma, was named for Samuel Checote, the first chief of the Creek Nation elected after the Civil War. The population runs right at 3,500. Today, senior visitors will find in Checotah numerous antique malls, a Civil War battle site and a Downtown Historic District that is one of only 15 National Register Historic Districts in Oklahoma.

Early boosters called Checotah, “The Gem of the Prairie.” The Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad (also known as the MKT or Katy) established a railhead on the old Texas Road in 1872 that would become the site of present day Checotah. Although it was named Checote Switch for Samuel Checote, a later mapmaker spelled the name as Checotah. The town was chartered by the Creek Nation in 1893.

My beautiful picture

One of the most significant battles in this area was the battle of “Honey Springs” or “Elk Creek” which occurred on July 17, 1863. The battle site is located approximately four and one half miles northeast of Checotah. The fight was between forces of the Confederates and Federals. Factions of the Creek tribe fought with each respective army. Following the Civil War, re-establishment of tribal boundaries greatly reduced the Creek Nation land area.

 Seniors Witness Steerwrestling Event

Checotah claims to be the steer wrestling capital of the world and if seniors should happen to visit Checotah in May, you will have a memorable  experience witnessing the Duvall Jackpot Steerwrestling. This senior has never seen such an event.


The local Chamber of Commerce notes that… “Aside from being famous as the world’s capital for steer wrestling, there is more to know and to discover about our progressive town…” In June Old Settler’s Day is a popular, fun time and in September, the Dusk ’Til Dawn Blues Festival brings in folks from all around the state. Such events take place all year long.

TripAdvisor wants senior travelers to know about Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site. The Engagement at Honey Springs (called The Affair at Elk Creek by the Confederates) was the largest of more than 107 documented hostile encounters in the Indian Territory.

Eufaula Is Proud Of Carrie Underwood


Eufaula Lake, the largest-capacity lake in the state of Oklahoma is nearby. Lake Eufaula State Park,  is a 2,853-acre Oklahoma state park located in McIntosh County, 14 miles southwest of Checotah. The park was formerly known as Fountainhead State Park.

The town is also known  for Carrie Underwood of American Idol fame. Do you know of her? The city is very proud of her and her accomplishments. Perhaps seniors will remember that Checotah was put on the map in April of 2016 when a major tornado ripped through the town, destroying much personal property.

So set your GPS for Checotah Oklahoma and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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Seniors Are Welcome In Elyria

images Senior travelers learn that Elyria, Ohio’s Community of Opportunity, is a township and county seat of Lorain County, Ohio located at the forks of the Black River in north central Ohio. The population runs right at 55,000.

This area was occupied for thousands of years by varying cultures of indigenous peoples. It began to be settled by European Americans after the American Revolutionary War, when demand for land drove settlers west along the Great Lakes from New York and New England.

Elyria was founded along the Black River in 1817 by Herman Ely, who built a log house, dam, gristmill and sawmill on the site and Elyria is named for its founder.

Senior Travelers Find Scenic Views


Bring along some extra memory chips for your camera and shoot a few scenic views of East Falls on the Black River in Cascade Park. Elyria High School is also a great photo shoot. Its structure is unique among such schools all over the country. For me it was hard to believe that it is actually a school.

In the 1990s, Elyria experienced a minor revival with construction of some new roads and housing. It serves as a residential, suburban “bedroom community” for Cleveland, located to the east, where new businesses and industries are developing with an increase in new jobs. Elyria is home to Lorain County Community College.

Elyria has a large number of parks and four recreational centers that are named after their location on the map – North, East, South, and West. They each include one or more baseball fields and at least two tennis courts. There are two main parks, Cascade and Elywood, which are connected by a drive-on ford in the center. Ever passed through one of those?


Seniors Enjoy Unusual Park

Cascade Park is the largest and most popular park in Elyria. The Park is situated in a scenic ravine with a large playground and a large hill used for seating at the 4th of July fireworks show. This ravine was carved by the same glaciers that created the Great Lakes.It is a popular spot for sledding during winter months.

TripAdvisor suggests a visit to Black River Reservations and Rowland Nature Preserve. I find it neat that the Black River runs through town. Elyria is home to the headquarters of Invacare, Ridgid Tool, Elyria Manufacturing Company, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, and Diamond Products. A large number of residents commute 23 miles southwest to Cleveland to work.


Seniors can enjoy Elyria’s attractions which include The Apple Festival, Stocker Humanities & Fine Arts Center, Elyria Civil War Monument, Jamie’s Flea Market, and Stocker Center Art Gallery.

The Hickories features exhibits on the history of Lorain County, The Train Depot, Town Hall and what is known as Stone Tower. Seniors, set your GPS for Elyria and enjoy the many amenities the city offers. -jeb

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Seniors Head For Moon

moon-township-sign Well, not really, but close…it’s called Moon Township and in the state of Pennsylvania. It lies along the Ohio River in Allegheny County with a population that runs right at 25,000.  Senior travelers will find Moon, as many call it, 12 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Moon Township’s Mooncrest Neighborhood was developed in 1943 as a housing development for workers who contributed to war production efforts during World War II.


Wonder, like me, about the name Moon? Well, it is said that the origin of its name is unknown, however, historians suggest it was derived from a crescent-shaped bend in the river. Local lore tells of a waning crescent moon that descended to plow furrows in farmer’s fields with its sharp cusp, but killed many excited witnesses who cursed and praised the moon’s early morning activities. So take your pick.

As a significant example of war production housing and residential planning design, Moon Township declared the Mooncrest Neighborhood a local Historic District in 2005. I probably picked up Moon Township reading that in 2007 it was given several honors as one of the country’s best places to live.

Seniors Find Another ‘Best’ Community


Business Week ranked Moon one of five best affordable suburbs in the North East. Moon also was included in the 2007 “Best Places To Raise Your Family” published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. Moon was nominated as a runner up in the list of top Pittsburgh suburbs to raise a family in 2013.

Moon Township has evolved significantly since its beginnings as a farm-based community. This oldest township in Allegheny County, founded in 1788, had a total area of 143 square miles. Some reports indicate that it would take one man on horseback two days to travel from one end of the community to the other.


Moon Park is the township’s largest community park and the local favourite. A favorite dining spot in Moon is Hyeholde Restaurant, a castle-like eatery that evokes thoughts of a fairy tale. Materials like stone, slate and stained glass as well as a large collection of antiques adorn the interior. In winter, senior visitors can claim the inglenook next to a roaring fire or a balcony seat overlooking the soaring Great Hall. I would want to have at least one evening dinner with my wife in this place.

 Seniors Enjoy Active Community

Robert Morris University is located in Moon Township. The Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce is headquartered on Beaver Grade Road in Moon Township. Established in 1904, the Airport Area Chamber of Commerce provides services to more than 1,000 businesses in 31 communities surrounding the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Senior travelers, when you are in the Pittsburg area, check into Moon. This active community is awaiting your arrival. -jeb

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For seniors, it’s “Hub City”, Hagerstown

UnknownHagerstown, seat of Washington County, is by many definitions the largest city in a region known as Western Maryland. The population runs right at 41,000. Today, in keeping with its rich history, senior travelers will find the “Hub City” at the crossroads of two major interstates I-70 and I-81. It serves as gateway to the Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. area as well as the “hub” of government, commerce and recreation for the tri-state area.

Hagerstown was founded in 1762 by Jonathan Hager, a gunsmith, fur trader, farmer and politician. After settling he quickly increased his wealth and expanded his land holdings, acquiring over 10,000 acres which he used to layout plans for the town. It was originally named Elizabethtowne, in honor of his wife, but was later changed to Hagerstown in his own honor.


Hagerstown was situated at the crossroads of the “Warrior Trading Path,” the Eastern Native American North/South Trading Route, which is modern day Route 11 and the First National Road, now Route 40. The town grew quickly and was a prized location for transportation of all kinds from covered wagon to nearby river navigation.

Seniors Relax in Most Beautiful City Park


Ask locals if necessary, seniors, but search out the Burnside’s Bridge, a site of heavy combat in the Battle of Antietam, which occurred south of Hagerstown. Hagerstown has been a major crossroads for railroads and for highway traffic for over two hundred years.

One of the best kept secrets of this city is its city park where seniors will find the Hager House, the original home of Jonathan Hager, the founder of the city, the Mansion House Arts Center, a huge lake and fountain, and, for the railroad lovers, a railroad museum. 

The Hagerstown City Park has been rated by many as the Most Beautiful City Park In America. Stop at the park and judge for yourself. Pack a picnic for an even better experience.


Good ‘ol TripAdvisor has lined up 30 things to do in Hagerstown starting with Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

Seniors In The Middle Of Rich History

Washington County is known for its rich history. Located in the crossroads of the Civil War, it is home to South Mountain State Battlefield, Antietam National Battlefield, and the July 1863 Battle of Hagerstown. Washington County also has a rich cultural scene.

The Hagerstown’s Arts & Entertainment District is home to the Maryland Theatre which offers year-round performances and events, including Maryland Symphony Orchestra concerts.


Hagerstown is also home to the Western Maryland Blues Fest. The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, located in scenic City Park, boasts an outstanding permanent collection with an active schedule of exhibitions, concerts, lectures, films, and special events for all ages.

Senior visitors can enjoy a big city type of nightlife. So plan to check out Hagerstown when you are in western Maryland. You will enjoy the visit.  -jeb

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Seniors Depart For Northern Ireland


Belfast from Irish: Béal Feirste, (meaning “mouth of the sandbanks”) is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, the second-largest city on the island of Ireland after Dublin. Senior travelers find it situated around the River Lagan, which runs through the city. Get your coffee my friends and let’s visit Belfast this morning.

The site of Belfast has been occupied since the Bronze Age. The Giant’s Ring, a 5,000-year-old henge, is located near the city, and the remains of Iron Age hill forts can still be seen in the surrounding hills.


During its early history, Belfast was a center of the Irish linen, tobacco processing, rope-making and shipbuilding industries. In the early 20th century, Harland and Wolff, which built the RMS Titanic, was the biggest and most productive shipyard in the world.

Belfast played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, and was a global industrial center until the latter half of the 20th century. Belfast was granted city status in 1888.

Industrialization and the inward migration it brought made Belfast the biggest city in Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Belfast remains a center for industry, as well as the arts, higher education, business, and law, and is the economic engine of Northern Ireland.


Seniors Visit Titanic Exhibition

Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital, has a population that runs right at 290,000. It is a port city known in part for its political murals, documenting the ‘Troubles’ of the 20th century.

In the city’s renovated dockyards, the Titanic Quarter includes the Titanic Belfast Museum, an aluminum-clad edifice reminiscent of a ship’s hull, shipbuilder Harland and Wolff’s drawing offices and the Titanic slipways, which now host open-air concerts.


Senior visitors will find the world’s largest Titanic exhibition, the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland and one of the top attractions in all of Ireland. Housed in an iconic, six-floor building, Titanic Belfast is located in the heart of Belfast.

After that visit, I’d head off to Northern Ireland’s treasure house of the past, the Ulster Folk Museum. Take this video visit with my travel hero Rick Steves as we visit Belfast and the Best of Northern Ireland.

 Seniors Find Easy City to Visit


They say that it’s never been easier to tour the city, thanks to a number of bus, taxi, boat and pedestrian options. Don’t miss the Belfast Cathedral, and make sure to experience some of the award-winning restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries and theaters.

TripAdvisor offers over 200 things for senior travelers to do. They feature Crumlin Road Gaol, a former prison situated on the Crumlin Road in north Belfast. It is the only Victorian era prison remaining in Northern Ireland.

Senior travelers can fully enjoy the plethora of amenities and historic sites this exciting city has to offer visitors. -jeb


Senior Stop In Lake Zurich

Lake_Zurich_SignSenior travelers find the village of Lake Zurich in Lake County, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago. The population runs right at 20,000. The village is named after Lake Zurich which is completely located inside the village.

In 2006, Lake Zurich was named by Frommer’s as one of the top hundred “Best Places to Raise Your Family” and by U.S. News as one of the “Top Twenty-five Affordable Places to Live in the Country”. In 2013, Lake Zurich achieved national recognition when Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity name-dropped the village as her character’s hometown.

The area of Lake Zurich was first settled by European descendants in the 1830s. Two early pioneers were George Ela, after whom the Ela township is named, and Seth Paine, who established a number of commercial ventures in the town. New England farmers moved to the area in the 1830s and 1840s, and German immigrants began to move to the area from the middle of the century.


The lake now known as Lake Zurich was named Cedar Lake in the 19th century. The village of Lake Zurich was incorporated on September 29, 1896. By the way, I discovered another Lake Zürich in Switzerland, extending southeast of the city of Zürich. We’ll stick with this one today.

Seniors And Grandkids Find A TreeHouse


TripAdvisor suggest that you be sure to take in several things to see and do in and around Lake Zurich  starting off with the Copper Fiddle Distillery.

Seniors, bring along the grandkids and enjoy the TreeHouse, a 7,700-square-foot facility offers a multi-level climbing structure with swinging bridges, enclosed slides, padded mats and ramps, swings, and a soft basketball court. Kids will love this.

The TreeHouse provides grandpa and grandma a place to relax with constant eyeshot of the climbing structure, and gives kids a place to exercise their bodies and minds. The TreeHouse is pioneering a new concept called “unplugged” indoor play for children.

Seniors And Grandkids Land at Six Flags


Lake Zurich offers numerous local parks and playgrounds such as Buffalo Creek Park, Paulus Park, Breezewald Park, Betty Park, Oak Ridge Marsh Nature Park, Heatherleigh Park, Kuechmann Park, and Old Mill Grove Park. So do some local shopping and have a picnic in one of Lake Zurich’s beautiful parks.

Two higher educational institutions close to Lake Zurich include William Rainey Harper College and College of Lake County. Nearby attractions include Fort Hill Heritage Museum, Lake County Discovery Museum, Racing Rapids Water Park, Santa’s Village – Illinois, Six Flags Great America, and Moraine Hills State Park.

Seniors, set your GPS for Lake Zurich and spend some quality time in a setting where hospitality is as legendary as the Lake landscape. -jeb


Seniors Stop In Schererville

schererville_in Schererville is a town in St. John Township, Lake County, Indiana and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. The population runs right at 30,000.  The town was named one of the “100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.” by Money Magazine in 2007. Senior visitors will find Schereville 7 miles southeast of Hammond, Indiana and 28 miles south of Chicago.

Long before Indiana became a state, long before the founding of Schererville, people called the settlement the “Crossroads.” Several Indian trails intersected that later became routes for the wagons of settlers traveling west.

One of these early settlers was Nicholas Scherer, who came to the U.S. from Germany in 1846. He arrived in this area in 1866 and established Schererville.

The town abounds in interesting history. The “crossroads” of Schererville lie at the junction of U.S. Routes 30 and 41. U.S. 30, the old Lincoln Highway, where it runs through the center of the old business district is now Joliet Street. This land located at the southern tip of Lake Michigan goes back to the earliest recorded history of the area.

Aerial photo of Schererville, Indiana

At least five Indian tribes, including Pottawatomie and Fox Indians, had their trails in the area. In 1816, Indiana became an official State of the Union, and in 1832, much of the northwestern part of the state was purchased from the Indians.

Seniors Enjoy Schererville’s Celebrations

The “Old Sauk Trail” criss-crossed the area and was known by the early pioneers as the “Main Road.” St. John Township, then known as “Prairie West”, was “matted with thick, green spongy grass, and almost surrounded by boggy marshes, where the fallen rotted trees and matted leaves had dammed the swamps into bodies of water resembling lakes.

The Schererville Parks and Recreation Department maintains 23 parks spread over 130 acres. The Corn Roast at Reder Park is always a fun time and brings in folks from the entire area.


The various parks have a number of facilities including sports courts and fields, playgrounds, paved trails and picnic shelters. Senior visitors enjoy some of the seasonal celebrations in the area: the Celebrate Schererville Festival, Country A-Fair and Movies in the Park. 

Seniors Discover Escape Room


TripAdvisor suggests that seniors not miss the Escape Room NWI on Cedar Parkway. Escape room games are among the fastest growing new entertainment concepts in the world.

They are exciting real world adventure games in which people find themselves in a room surrounded with clues. Sometimes the clues are hidden and sometimes they are in plain view. Sound like fun! Give it shot.

Nearby attractions include Illiana Racetrack, Eldredge Park, Scherwood Golf Club Golf Lake, Briar Ridge Country Club and The Crossroads Shopping Center. Seniors plan to stop by Schererville when you are in the Chicago area. -jeb

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Seniors Stop In Mexico

Sign2Moments after being so overcome with emotion that he kept his head buried in his hands, Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue was called on to speak Sunday night on national television. Somehow, he had the presence of mind to give two shoutouts to his hometown, Mexico, Missouri. Senior travelers will find Mexico about 28 miles from Columbia and is 94 miles northwest of St. Louis. So this time we head for Historic Mexico for a visit to Coach Lue’s hometown.

Mexico was laid out as “New Mexico” in 1836 and was a major stop for settlers heading to the Republic of Texas. The first settlers found a wooden sign along the trail. It pointed southwest, and on it had been painted “Mexico.” To avoid unnecessary labor, the sign was left in place. “It was easier to call their town ‘Mexico’ than to take down the old sign,” thus the present name of the city.


Mexico, Missouri’s population is around 12,000. A claim to fame here is that Mexico hosts the annual Miss Missouri Pageant and the winner goes on to represent the state of Missouri in the Miss America pageant.

Seniors Find Museums, Parks and Lakes

Senior visitors can enjoy the American Saddlebred Horse Museum, Graham Cave State Park, Graceland Museum, Mark Twain  Home and Museum and Deutscheim State Historic Site. The city has several quality parks for you and for your grandkids.


And lakes…including Blackmore Lake, Lakeview Park Lake, Burlington Lake, and Teal Lake. I discovered that Missouri Military Academy is located in Mexico. A  former colleague of mine at the University where I taught was an instructor at MMA.  Small world.


The annual Soybean Festival held in August is a fun time. I would not want to miss Graceland Museum located in the 11-acre Robert S. Green Park. Graceland Museum, listed on the National Registry of Historical Places, was built in 1857 by John P. Clark.

This stately antebellum mansion was host to Colonel Ulysses S. Grant during the early years of the Civil War. Today nine of Graceland’s rooms house displays that allow senior visitors to experience the Victorian elegance of the past as well as the rich history of the country.

Seniors Visit Saddlebred Horse Museum


For those of you interested in horses, don’t miss the Saddlebred Museum.  Mexico was once noted as the ‘Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World”. The American Saddlebred Horse Museum was established in 1970 to complement Graceland. It is the oldest Saddlebred Horse Museum in the nation.

Featured in the museum are Tom Bass, a famous black horseman, George Ford Morris, Art Simmons, a local trainer, and Callaway Hills stallion, Will Shriver. The invincible Saddlebred Horse, Rex McDonald, is buried on the grounds.

Seniors, saddle up the sedan and set your GPS for Mexico, Missouri and enjoy all the amenities that the city has to offer. -jeb

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Seniors Check Out Historic Cortez

bbI read recently that a 96 year old Navajo woman was awarded her lifelong wish by an organization called Wish of a Lifetime. It was simply to visit some beloved sheep in Colorado. She grew up with sheep… it was her life. Seniors, let’s follow her to Cortez and enjoy Colorado with her. We won’t visit any sheep, however we will discover Cortez.


Cortez Colorado, the county seat of Montezuma County, Colorado, has a population of just under 9,000. Back in 1886, the town was built to provide housing for the men working on the tunnels and irrigation ditches required to divert water out of the Dolores River and into Montezuma Valley. The town was named for Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

Today it is a popular stop for senior tourists, because of its surrounding attractions: Mesa Verde National Park, Monument Valley, and the famed Four Corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. A visit to these locations will leave you steeped in the history of the Ancestral Puebloan people, from the places they lived to the tools they used in everyday life.


Seniors Find The Trail Of The Ancients

Ancestral Puebloans lived in the Mesa Verde area for more than eight centuries. Mesa Verde Park is most famous for its cliff dwellings, but many of the surface sites also tell the story of the people who inhabited this area for centuries.

I’d want to check out the prehistoric sites in the Cortez area listed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties. They include parks or centers, like the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Hovenweep National Monument, and Mesa Verde National Park. The Archaeological Center preserves the history of ancestral Pueblo Indians, as well as the Anasazi who lived there 700 years ago.

bywaysoverview_topoftherockiesCortez is famed for historic trails or byways such as the Old Spanish National Historic Trail, the San Juan Skyway National Scenic Byway and what is known as the Trail of the Ancients.  The Crossroads Culture Walk in downtown Cortez guides you through the history of the town with buildings dating from the 1890s to the 1930s.

And for you oenophiles, a short drive south of Cortez is McElmo Canyon, the location for the growing micro-industry of viticulture. Enjoy wine sipping from one of the local vintners.

Seniors Visit Canyons of the Ancients National Monument


TripAdvisor suggests that seniors visit the Cortez Cultural Center, located in a beautiful historic building with an unusual painted pressed-metal facade. Don’t miss the Hovenweep National Monument and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

The Canyons is a rugged and breathtaking landscape containing the highest known density of archaeological sites in the United States covering over 175,000 acres. More than 6,000 ancient sites including cliff dwellings, kivas, and rock art have been identified.

Seniors, now you know that Cortez is scenic, loaded with ancient monuments and provides excellent local food and quality wine. It will be an enjoyable visit! -jeb


Seniors Take In Boone

boone-water-towerToday we take in a city in Jim’s home state of Iowa. Senior travelers will find Boone 13 miles west of Ames. There are 12,000+ residents in the city. Boone is the  seat of Boone County which was founded in 1846.

The county was named in the honor of Captain Nathan Boone, a veteran of the War of 1812, a delegate to the Missouri constitutional convention in 1820, and a captain in the 1st United States Regiment of Dragoons. Lady Mamie Doud Eisenhower, the wife of President Dwight Eisenhower, was born in Boone.

Pufferbilly Days

The city is home to the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad, which was started in 1893 and contributed to the growth of the city. Coal mining played an important part in the early history of the Boone area.

Coal in Iowa? Yes, at one time lots of it. In 1849, local blacksmiths were already mining coal from the banks of Honey Creek, south of what became Boone.

 Seniors Invited to Pufferbilly Days

Boone was platted as a town in 1865 by John Insley Blair. It was incorporated the following year, when the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company railroad station was built there. Originally named “Montana”, it was renamed Boone in 1871.


Events are ongoing all year and one that senior visitors might enjoy is Pufferbilly Days. This annual event celebrates Boone’s railroad heritage, is held the week after Labor Day and is one of Iowa’s top five community festivals.

Boone has several museums well worth the visit: Boone County Historical Center, the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad & Museum and another railroad museum, the James H. Andrew.

The Mamie Eisenhower Birthplace Museum is popular, the Brunnier Art Museum has an ensemble of the decorative arts and the Octagon Center for the Arts all await your visit.

The Big Creek State Park and the Ledges State Park offer facilities for camping, fishing, canoeing and swimming. In this video senior visitors will discover Trains, Trails and Treasures.


Seniors Take A Train Ride

TripAdvisor has paid a visit to Boone and suggests a ride on the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad that takes seniors back in time over High Bridge. Seven Oaks Recreation is a family-owned, year-round outdoor recreation center offering skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, canoeing, kayaking, river tubing, paintball, mountain biking and tent camping.

photo1jpgThen there is Boone Valley Brewing Co. that started with a simple wish to try brewing beer. Toss in your clubs and play a round or two at Honey Creek Golf Club, an 18 hole championship golf course nestled in the beautiful trees, rolling hills, and scenery of the Ledges State Park.

I’d wander over to nearby Madrid and visit the The Iowa Arboretum, located on 415 acres in Boone County’s Des Moines River Valley. Hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and flowering plants are showcased in a tranquil setting and woodland and prairie trails provide wonderful outdoor walking opportunities.

Enjoy Boone folks!  -jeb

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