Seniors Like Greenough

montana-ranch-homeSeems like this Travel Editor just can’t get enough of Montana. Located about 30 minutes east of Missoula is Greenough.  Seniors head back to Montana to a wide-spread ranching community located in the beautiful, lush Blackfoot Valley.

Greenough is home to various attractions and activities, including floating or fishing the Blackfoot River, exploring Garnet Ghost Town and visiting the area’s luxury resort, with each offering their own type of distinct Western Montana experience.


Senior visitors can be introduced to a  “glamping experience”.  Glamping or “glamorous camping” pairs destinations with the intimacy of camping and the world of luxury travel. Glamping is quickly becoming the ultimate travel experience and is at its peak at the Resort at Paws Up  which is set deep in this scenic Montana wonderland.

Seniors Meet The Kingfishers

Greenough was named in honor of T.L. Greenough and his wife, Tennessee, and preserved, for 100 years, as a place where kingfishers scout for trout from atop creekside picnic tables and toddlers get their first taste of wilderness in thickets of willow and reed grass.


Over 37 acres on either side of Rattlesnake Creek, nature has its way, flooding the cottonwood bottomland (and sometimes Monroe Street), harboring the occasional off-course bear (or two or three), offering respite from the workaday world within a few blocks of that world.

Seniors Visit Wolf Keep Wildlife Sanctuary

A major attraction to senior visitors is the Wolf Keep Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wolf Keep, dedicated to the preservation and study of the wolf, is located right off of mile marker 11 on Highway 200, sixteen miles from Missoula. The Sanctuary is a nonprofit facility located near the famous Blackfoot River (of ‘A River Runs Through It’ fame).


Beginning in 1996 with Carl Bock’s purchase of twelve wooded acres, it has evolved into a scenic and secure home for a pack of gray and arctic wolves. The enclosures cover ten acres. The main enclosure where the pack spends most of their time is a large, forested six-acre hillside. Ever see a pack of wolves up close? You will here.

For campers, Greenough Lake Campground is within walking distance of its namesake, and is located just off the scenic Beartooth Highway. The area is a popular location for fishing, hiking and scenic driving. Donated to the city by the Greenough family, this park, covering 42 acres, is located just up the Rattlesnake.

Seniors, bring along your fly-fishing rod and try your luck in Greenough Lake. It will prove to be lots of fun.  Enjoy your visit to Greenough. -jeb


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