Seniors,  Let’s Meet in Granada

I don’t often hear from anyone in Nicaragua however I just had an e-mail asking me to add their school website to my learn Spanish abroad website. The school is in Granada, so I wanted to check out that city for us senior travelers.  Granada, a city in western Nicaragua with an estimated population of 110,000, is Nicaragua’s fifth most populous city.

Granada is historically one of Nicaragua’s most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure. During the colonial period Granada became fabulously rich, its wealth built upon exploitation: sited only 20km from the Pacific, the city was a transit point for shipments of gold and other minerals mined throughout the Spanish empire.

 For Seniors Who Enjoy Colonial Architecture

The city of Granada is one of the most important and most visited destinations in Nicaragua. The colonial architecture of its old center, its many museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and its cosmopolitan ambiance make this city a destination itself.

Nicaragua sits between Honduras and Costa Rica in Central America and is generally considered to be the safest country. As in any city it’s always worth taking common sense precautions. Granada has long been a center of commerce, including timber, gold and silver. Granada’s economy continues to grow, becoming the national tourism hub.

Secluded from the modern world by the miles of wilderness characteristic of Nicaragua, Granada slumbered peacefully through the Sandinista civil war in a backdrop of rich agricultural land, dry forests, and tropical rain forests and volcanoes.

For Seniors Who Enjoy Lakes and Volcanos

Nicaragua is known as “Country of Lakes and Volcanos”. LAGO DE NICARAGUA, which at more than 3,000 square miles, is too large to see across, gives the city of Granada a uniquely seafront feel. Drawn by year-round warm weather, colonial-era architecture and the freshwater Lake Nicaragua, seniors travelers from around the world flock to Granada. Senior eco-tourists will love visiting the dormant Mombacho volcano, sailing on the lake and zip-lining through the trees.

Nicaragua is also called “The Earth of Volcanoes” and counts more than 63 active and inactive volcanoes, one of many reasons why this country is unique and perfect for nature and adventure-lovers. Granada is one of Central America’s undisputed gems: a charming colonial city brimming with culture and beautiful architecture and sitting pretty on the picturesque shores of Lake Nicaragua.

Granada, formerly the capital of  Nicaragua, is undoubtedly still the country’s tourism capital. Granada gets under your skin… a multicolored historic city that is large enough to ensure that senior visitors  won’t get bored but small enough that you can still get a good feel by walking around.

So now Granada is on my travel bucket list. jeb


  1. Susan Burke says:

    Greetings from Atlanta.
    I am a senior and enjoyed your article. However, I think you should have mentioned that depending on the month, the heat can be very hard on senior citizens. We just don’t acclimate as quickly as we used to. Air conditioning is not the norm in Granada. Some seniors need be mindful of the heat plus strange foods. It is a walking town, but for those who are sensitive to the heat, taxis are cheap and plentiful. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Susan

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