Seniors Can Enjoy The Hike

1851090_orig There are many possibilities for trekking tours in Greenland. The south of Greenland offers senior hikers a great variety in landscape from grasslands to glaciers, in the east the mountains are steeper and higher than other places on this great island, and the west is home to some of the world’s biggest glaciers and the unique Ilulissat ice fjord.

Greenland is a massive island and an autonomous Danish territory between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, with much of its land surface covered in ice. Most of its small population lives along the ice-free, fjord-lined coast, particularly in the southwest.


Its northerly position, largely above the Arctic Circle, offers natural phenomena such as summer’s midnight sun and winter’s northern lights. Greenland has the largest natural park in the world.

 Seniors Discover The Greenland Ice Sheet

There are hiking trails for the long distance trekker and the casual day-hiker. Follow low elevation routes for a few hours and take in the Arctic ambience, or extend the trip a bit and hike from inland out to the coastline.

Join Arctic Caving Adventure on a day trip to the ice cap. Eat lunch in a landscape of white snow and ice. Experience the ever-moving and rugged frontier of ice and the amazing blaze of color in the ice chasms.


Some destinations in the world are home to the most active volcano or the largest coral reef, but Greenland has something of a totally different nature as its claim to fame – the Greenland Ice Sheet.

This coast-to-coast ice cap has almost single-handedly formed the world’s perceptions of this large northern country, and for the many populations who have lived in Greenland throughout the millennia, it has all but defined the entire way of life.

Seniors Discover The Greenland Destination


Mining, fishing and hunting have comprised most of the large island’s small economy for centuries. This Arctic country might be huge, but a trip to western Greenland can take in a breathtaking range of sights, from Disko Bay’s iceberg studded waters to valleys so vast you’ll feel like the last hiker on Earth.

Senior travelers to Greenland can visit three isolated villages with colorful houses, friendly people and howling sled dogs and spend the nights in the middle of the settlements. 


 Magnificent adventures lie at senior visitors feet. The words magnificent, unrivaled and unspoiled are common because that’s the way it is. Great expanses, green oases, small flowers, ice, modest and challenging ascents. What more could you wish for?

Senior adventurers, pack those hiking boots, some warm duds and visit with your travel agent for a great hiking experience in Greenland. There are many tours.  Who knows, maybe I just might run into you there. It’s on my travel bucket list. -jeb

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