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A round-the-world ticket (also known as round-the-world fare or RTW ticket for short) is inviting seniors to fly around the world for a relatively low price.  An RTW is a special fare (or a series of point-to-point tickets) that allows you to fly to multiple cities and continents.

These tickets are sold through airline alliances and agencies that specialize in around-the-world travel, and they can help you save money and organize your itinerary. Read on for a run-down on where to buy tickets, how they work and the cost.

If you are interested, you will want to check out each one of these valuable  resources. Many times a Round the World ticket, especially in business and first class may cost less, than a round trip ticket to the more remote regions of the world.

Round-the-World fares are almost universally offered by airline alliances such as SkyTeam, Star Alliance and Oneworld.

Not Just For “The Other Folks” Anymore

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Round-the-world travel isn’t just for the young or independently wealthy. Students, senior citizens and even working folks with a few weeks of vacation time can take advantage of the convenient pricing and flexibility of round-the-world tickets.

You can travel around the world for nearly any length of time, from a few days to a few years. Your trip can involve a couple of brief stops or dozens of stopovers and side trips. Here’s a personal blog on the cost of a Trip Around the World and Airtreks assisted him with his ticket(s). Senior travelers can always learn from the experiences of others, especially on a “bucket list” trip like this one.


The Round the World fares start from $2264 to 85 destinations in 35 countries. A transatlantic crossing and a transpacific crossing must form part of a Round the World fare and can only occur once on the fare, with a side trip from Singapore to Asia permitted.

The Circle Pacific fares start from $1969 to 36 destinations in 13 countries. The Circle Pacific fare is a unique program permitting travel around the Pacific Rim in one general direction, usually flying a combination of two airlines for one all inclusive price. The fares are very similar to Round the World fares but travel is limited to destinations in the South Pacific and Asia although one pass does allow travel to limited destinations in South America.

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  1. Norma bailey says:

    I am looking to travel to places near America ending up in orlando where we will stay with
    Our daughter and grandchildren for 2 weeks and fly back to Bristol or London England.
    Any one feel they would like to do the same journey maybe we could arrange a party deal with an air line, making the price cheaper for flights. We would do well to make sure we have accommodation arranged before we start off. Including food as well.

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