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Seniors Find Flowers Galore in Borrego Springs

images “Super Bloom” draws crowds this time of year in California and no better place to see them than Borrego Springs. Many of this years blooms have been lying dormant for years, but today a spectacular display is in view for senior visitors to the area.

It is estimated that over 150,00 folks will travel to this little town that lies 85 miles northeast of San Diego to enjoy the wide array of beautiful flowers. The natural show at Anza-Borrego is expected to roll along through May, with different species blooming at different elevations and in different areas. Folks are making a “beeline” to  what The Washington Post calls “Flowergeddon.”


‘Super Bloom’ is what they call a mass amount of desert plants that come to life with blazing orange poppies in particular filling up memory chips in cameras. The wet winter is the principal reason for the display and it is said that this happens only once every ten years.

Seniors Awed By Thousands Of Acres Of Flowers

Much of what senior visitors will see takes place in Anza Borrego State Park that has 640,000 acres for you to take in. The name of Anza-Borrego State Park is derived from a combination of Juan Baptista de Anza and “borrego” which is Spanish for little lamb, in honor of the local herds of bighorn sheep.


While there are hundreds of species, you will note the spiny ocotillo cactus, my wife’s favorite, with flaming tall red blooms that the hummingbirds enjoy. The town is the only California town that is completely surrounded by a state park.

The locals in Borrego Springs call the visitors “flower peepers.” This Master Gardener would be one of the more enthusiastic “flower peepers” there. I had a garden back in Illinois the size of a football field and I grew many flowers.

Yellow, orange, purple and magenta blooms abound in every direction. Visitors come from as far away as China and Japan to enjoy the scenery, with the Bigelow Monkey flower an 8 inch favorite of Asian tourists.


 Seniors Find Town Surrounded By Beautiful State Park

In Borrego Springs the locals (population around 3,500) are completely surrounded by nature, set in the midst of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  Senior visitors can hike a desert canyon or just relax by the pool, play some golf or watch the roadrunners, and always amaze yourself with the dark night sky.

There is no hustle-bustle in Borrego Springs, a small town with a homey feel. This stop is a wonderful opportunity for seniors and others to enjoy Borrego Springs. A local landmark is the traffic roundabout between the airport and downtown, known as Christmas Circle.

Seniors, enjoy Borrego Springs and the beauty that surrounds it this time of year. -jeb

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