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Seniors Explore Tilton


Senior travelers will find Tilton located on the Winnipesaukee River in central New Hampshire with a population of around 4,000. It was settled in 1762 and became a town called Tilton in 1869.

The name “Tilton” was chosen at the suggestion of Charles E. Tilton, the fourth generation descended from the original settler. He made a considerable fortune in the 1849 California Gold Rush. He donated many statues to the town, including the Tilton Arch, and his estate is now part of the Tilton School , a private preparatory school..

He was the town’s wealthiest citizen and it was written that his “magnificent gifts to and the pride of his native village have done much to render this place one of the most beautiful and attractive in the country.”


Mr. Tilton asked that the name be given, not for himself, but for his ancestors and he erected the Arch as a tribute to the memory and appreciation of his ancestors. The arch is located on a hill rising 150 feet above the Winnipesaukee River where it commands a varied and extensive view. The Arch is 55 feet high by 40 feet wide.

Seniors Find Historic Places In Tilton


A beautifully carved marble figure of an Indian Princess, America stands tall on a brick pedestal in the middle of Main Street in front of Town Hall. For a small town, Tilton has its share of historical markers that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Senior visitors can enjoy The Charles E. Tilton Mansion, The House by the Side of the Road, Lochmere Archeological District, Tilton Downtown Historic District, and the Tilton Island Park Bridge.

Tilton, New Hampshire is loaded with scenery and history. I’d want to put Caboose Village on my bucket list.  There are a host of colorful caboose cars all lined up on a rail in their original colors.

Seniors Find Well Known Outlet Stores


The Tilton Island Park, in the Winnipesaukee River, at first a very small island, was enlarged with fill from the construction of the railroad and the rebuilding of a mill canal. It was used as a drying place for cloth, and as a vegetable garden before its purchase in 1865 by Charles E. Tilton.

He converted it into an attractive park. The original Victorian summerhouse and statuary that once graced the Island are gone, but a new gazebo was donated as part of the rehabilitation of the Island.


Tilton is well known as home to the Tanger Outlets, a Shopping-mall chain featuring a variety of brand-name & designer outlet stores. Senior shoppers can find The J Jill Distribution Center chain that features womenswear for stylish, casual clothing.

Just Maple carries all kinds of products made from maple tree sap like maple candy, maple syrup, maple cream, cotton candy, maple apple butter, maple nuts and kettle corn. Seniors, enjoy Tilton for yourself. -jeb

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Seniors Seek Out Truckee


I was reading an outdoor magazine that I subscribe to and noted that one of the bike riders was from Truckee, California. The name Truckee stayed with me or a day or two, so I just needed to check out the town. Senior travelers will find Trukee on I-80 and not all that far from the Nevada border and Reno. The population runs just over 16,000.

As you may know by now, Jim is fascinated with unusual names of towns, cities, boroughs, etc. all over the country. Truckee is one of those towns . The town’s original name was Coburn Station , commemorating a saloon keeper.

Truckee was later named after a Paiute Indian chief. His assumed Paiute name was Tru-ki-zo, and that is close enough. Tru-ki-zo helped guide thousands of emigrants in their westward journey through 40-mile desert.


Seniors Enjoy A Town With Historic Roots

The Truckee River flows through town from Lake Tahoe for approximately 100 miles northeast to the border of the arid Great Basin of Nevada and Utah and into Pyramid Lake. This water source formed a natural, seasonal route for Native Americans.

With a name like Truckee, there just has to be lots of history associated with the town. Truckee is a place rich in history with a quaint downtown that hosts charming shops and superb restaurants set in authentic historic buildings. Recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Truckee proudly retains its historic roots.


TripAdvisor notes that the Truckee-Lake Tahoe area along the California-Nevada border is one of the most breathtaking destinations you can visit for scenic mountain beauty, romantic getaways and outdoor excitement .

Senior Outdoor Fans, Take Note…

Donner Lake features a public beach and Donner Memorial State Park offers diverse outdoor fun with campsites, trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and rock climbing.


Travel just a mile north along the Little Truckee River and you’re at Boca Dam and Reservoir, featuring magnificent fishing with rainbow, brook, and brown trout plus Kokanee salmon. Seniors, bring along your best hiking boots, trail bike and fishing gear and enjoy Truckee at its best.

Truckee has often been recognized as the coldest spot in the nation, but not during the winter ski season as one might expect. These nippy temperatures are noteworthy because they occur from June through early October.

The Truckee-Donner Chamber of Commerce invites senior travelers to spend a few days just exploring the area. Seniors will love the beauty, the fresh mountain air and the friendly folks. -jeb


Historic Doylestown Attracts Senior Travelers


Doylestown, a borough and the county seat of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has a population of a little over 8,000. Senior travelers will find Doylestown 27 miles due north of Philadelphia and 80 miles southwest of New York City.

Many feel that the name “ Doylestown ” was derived from an innkeeper named William Doyle who kept a public house in 1745 known as “Doyle’s Tavern”. Today Doylestown is known as a place for “Preserving the Past and Embracing the Future.”

The Doyle family originally came from France and their name was D’ouilli , but moved to Ireland during the Inquisition. Around 1600 their name was changed to D’oyley and later to Doyle .


Dr. David Hanauer sends us on a photographic journey of Buck’s County and Doylestown. At the very bottom of this link is a short film from 1954 called “Our Home Town” and another focusing on the local Historical Society. I think that senior readers will find this link most interesting.

Seniors Hear of Famous Former Residents

Famous folks have called Doylestown home.  So it was for James Michener, Henry Chapman Mercer (an architect) and Oscar Hammerstein II. Pearl Buck, Margaret Mead and a rock star named Pink  called this borough home as well.


Doylestown was originally the territory of the Lenni Lenape tribe of the Delaware Indians. Doylestown and Bucks County today remain widely regarded as some of the most beautiful countryside in the country. It is classified as one of the best places in the nation to raise a family.

Senior visitors will discover great places to bike and hike, and some fine restaurants in a downtown area lively with attractive small shops. The borough hosts events all year long that bring in folks from all over the county.

Seniors Even Find a Castle


Fonthill, a concrete castle with over 40 rooms, was once the home of Henry Mercer (1856-1930). It is the #1 attraction in Doylestown. Mercer was an archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian and built Fonthill both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints.

Mercer Museum rates high as well. Mercer constructed the building to house his collection of nearly 30,000 pre-industrial revolution tools and artifacts. Mercer began construction of the Museum in 1913 with the help of eight day laborers and “Lucy” the horse. He completed construction in June of 1916.

Take in the “Art & Soul” of Bucks County, the James A. Michener Art Museum. It offers a fine collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings with special exhibitions and showcases several regional artists.


The Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle offer a wide array of programs, events, exhibits and tours. Senior genealogists, you can research your family history in their extensive Library operated by the Bucks County Historical Society.

I encourage you to put Doylestown in your itinerary when you are in eastern Pennsylvania. -jeb


Seniors Visit Historic Pottsville

images Pottsville, with a population of just over 14,000, lies along the west bank of the Schuylkill River, 97 miles northwest of Philadelphia and not too far west of Allentown, yesterday’s blog. Senior travelers will find Pottsville in the coal region of the state. History dating to the early 1700s abounds in and around Pottsville .

Pottsville’s anthracite coal history began in 1790 when a coal seam was discovered by a hunter named Necho Allen. Legend has it that Allen fell asleep at the base of the Broad Mountain and woke to the sight of a large fire; his campfire had ignited an outcropping of coal.

By 1795 an anthracite-fired iron furnace was established on the local river. In 1806 John Pott purchased the furnace and thus the name Pottsville.

Seniors Run Into Lavender, Breweries and Classic Cars


If you like highly scented flowers, cars from the early 50s, local beer and classic theater, Pottsville is for you . I would start off with a visit to Hope Hill Lavender Farm. I love lavender and the scent associated with those purple flowers.

At the Yuengling Brewery, America’s Oldest Brewery, senior visitors can enjoy a tour and a free sample at the end. Jerry’s Classic Cars and Collectible Museum is not your typical car museum. If you enjoy reliving the days of the past when cars were classically designed, Jerry’s Classic Cars & Collectibles museum can take you back in time and provide you with an unforgettable auto experience. Over 20,000 collectibles are housed in this old Studebaker dealership.


The Majestic Theater, one of two reverse-screen theaters remaining in the state of Pennsylvania, is the sole theater remaining in downtown Pottsville. Built in 1910, the Theater is an eclectic style, two-and-a-half story building with a Beaux Arts-classical façade.

Upstairs in Mud & Maker is a full-service ceramics studio where folks of all ages and abilities are able to learn hand-building, wheel-throwing, casting and more. And for your grandkids, TripBuzz found 68 things to do with kids in or near Pottsville.

Seniors Enjoy Elegant Old Home


The Frank D. Yuengling House, constructed in 1913, is a fine example of early, twentieth century Tudor-Jacobethan Revival architecture and well worth a visit. Originally it was the home of the Yuengling family, the owners of the local brewery.

The formal living room paneled in solid mahogany with ornate tapestry wall hangings epitomizes the elegance of the neo-Jacobethan architecture. I know that my wife and I would really enjoy that visit.

The Schuylkill County Historical Society in Pottsville has a priceless collection of historical materials. Pottsville hosts over 100,000 tourists annually visiting Yuengling Brewery, Martz Hall, Pottsville Cruise, Block of Art, Jerry’s Classic Cars and Collectibles, Sovereign Majestic Theater and the Schuylkill County Historical Society, the city’s principal tourist attractions.

Perhaps a stay at The Maid’s Quarters B&B and Tearoom or Partridge House B&B, two classy older homes turned Bed and Breakfast would interest you.  I know it would us.  - jeb


Seniors Follow Their Noses To Duxbury

Hansen_2009 photos 020_0

Why their noses? Well really their tastebuds. I came across an article in a Sunday paper on some of our nation’s finest ice cream shops. Duxbury has one called Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop. The locals say that…“It’s a big day when Farfar’s opens, and a sad day on the last day of summer, when they close.” With fame like that this senior just had to check out the rest of the town that is so loaded with early history.

Duxbury is a coastal town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. It is called a  suburb of Boston, located on the South Shore, approximately 35 miles south of the city.  The population runs just over 14,000. If you take Hwy 3 south of Boston on your way to the Cape, turn off onto 3A and it will take you to Duxbury on the coast .

The town is located on Duxbury Bay. Snug Harbor, also on Duxbury Bay, just north of Plymouth Bay, is one of the most attractive recreational boat basins on the Massachusetts coast. I discovered 30 tours and fishing excursions for senior visitors to consider that depart from Duxbury.


Senior Historians Stop In Duxbury

Duxbury was founded in 1637.  Do you remember the names John and Priscilla Alden? The Alden Family Sites is a National Historic Landmark in Duxbury.

The town was founded by migrants from the nearby town of Plymouth. Duxbury’s importance in Mayflower genealogy is irrefutable, and it is underscored by the simple fact that the town was named for Duxbury Hall, the seat of Miles Standish’s ancestral home in England.

The Bradford House and Nathaniel Winsor, Jr. House are also high on the list for senior visitors. Duxbury Beach is well known as one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in the state, so bring your swimsuits along and maybe a nice umbrella stand and blanket.


Myles Standish Monument State Reservation is a state park located on Captain’s Hill in Duxbury. The focus of the park is a 116-foot granite shaft topped by a 14-foot statue of Captain Myles Standish who was a military leader of Plymouth Colony. So how’s your history?  Remember him too?

Duxbury’s Big Three

The Big Three in Duxbury consist of the Alden House Museum built in 1653, Duxbury Beach Park, a six-mile long barrier beach, and King Caesar House that was built in 1808. It is a Federal-style home that belonged to Ezra Weston II, aka King Caesar, a powerful shipping magnate.


Duxbury is the 6th largest cranberry producer in the state. The county has 123 National Register of Historic Places and 5 National Historic Landmarks. I know that these historic places and landmarks are where my wife and I would begin our visit.

So stop by Duxbury and Plymouth County on your next visit to the east coast and Boston. Enjoy great seafood, clean Atlantic Ocean air and the hospitable population. Duxbury is just a fun place for a visit. jeb


Seniors Hone In On Florence

1Florence Florence, Arizona was highlighted in Sunset Magazine as one of the West’s Best Places to Live. Senior travelers will find that Florence , sixty-one miles southeast of Phoenix, remains an “Old West Town”, having preserved its past, with a “relaxed” way of life today.

Florence is  the county seat of Pinal County, Arizona and is one of the oldest towns in the county with a population of 26,500+.  My wife and I missed Florence when we visited the nearby Casa Grande several months ago.  But yesterday, we drove to Florence for lunch and a visit. Just to the north of the ruins, we also discovered another gem, a Greek Monastery…in the middle of the desert. Another blog:)

Seniors Enjoy Another Mainstreet City


Florence is an Arizona Mainstreet City. Walking through downtown Florence, with its sprawling historic district, is like strolling in an open-air museum. These seniors strolled the historic walk and enjoyed looking at all the buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The town boomed in the 1870s  with the discovery of  silver in the nearby Silver King Mine. Business prospered as the town became the commercial hub for area mines while ranching developed and farming continued.

In 1878, Florence, Arizona was known as “the garden city.” Located in the middle of the desert, its lush grass would spread outward from tall stands of cottonwood trees that lined the hard-packed streets. Farmers, ranchers and miners would join townspeople at the Pinal County Courthouse, the center of activity, to socialize and transact business.


The Crown Jewel of Florence is the Pinal County Courthouse, the second court house.  It dates to 1891 and today after a $6 million make-over, the two-story red brick structure looks nearly new.  The first picture, above, is the impressive courthouse.  The time on the clock is the same as it was in 1891:)

3 State Prisons And National Historic District

Three state prisons are located in Florence. The state’s first prison is thick with legend and history and today officials with the Arizona Department of Corrections celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the historic Pinal County building. Actually we were told there are 9 correctional facilities in Florence.

Senior citizens might wonder about safety with three prisons in town, but Florence was chosen as one of the safest cities to live in Arizona. Its historic downtown is designated a National Historic District. Florence’s Main Street Program is another way the city embraces its past while developing a vibrant economic future.

The Gila River Runs Through It


One of the major rivers of Arizona, the Gila, runs through historic Florence. There are plenty of things to see and do in Florence . The Pinal County Historical Museum highlights the history of Florence. A major draw to the community is the annual Country Thunder Music Festival that brings in folks from all over the southwest.

We enjoyed our drive to Florence, senior friend. We thoroughly enjoy historical destination and would call Florence one of those. jeb


Seniors Stop In Hingham


My wife and two daughters and this senior had the good fortune of spending a summer in Boston while I studied at Harvard. We lived in South Weymouth which is surrounded by several lovely communities like Weymouth, Cohasset, Nowell, North Sictuate, Hull and Quincy. Just to the north of our home was Hingham, a town in Greater Boston on the South Shore of Massachusetts in northern Plymouth County.

The population runs right at 25,000. Each of those communities is unique and filled with history. Each name has a historical significance and Hingham is no exception. Hingham’s roots go back to the earliest days of European settlement in the new world with the first Europeans who arrived in 1633 and called the area Bare Cove.

The first significant settlement was established in 1635 when the Rev. Peter Hobart arrived with his followers from Hingham, England. In that same year, they renamed the town, strangely enough…Hingham.

Seniors Enjoy Two ‘Oldest Buildings’


Hingham ‘s history is reflected in its immaculately kept antique houses. The Old Ordinary, a tavern used by 17th century travelers, now houses the Hingham Historical Society Museum. Another is Derby Academy, founded in 1784, the oldest co-educational school in the country.

Hingham’s first parish, Old Ship Church, built in 1681, is the oldest wooden structure in the country in continuous use as a place of worship. Hingham has created six historic districts which helps the town maintain its unique character.

Hingham is pleased with its location on the water , including 21 miles of shoreline and construction of a new harbor park that further expands the public use of Hingham Harbor.

Caution. Thickly Settled


I just have to share this story: my family and I came upon a sign in Sictuate that read: Caution. Thickly Settled .  I loved that sign. This Iowa native found it rather humorous. We also discovered that folks in the Boston area “talk differently” than we folks from the Midwest.

In a store in Weymouth my wife asked for a bag for our groceries. The clerk  corrected her and said, “You want a sack right?” We learned to love the Boston Accent. And they drive differently out there too!

Eleanor Roosevelt traveled down Main St. Hingham and described it as the most beautiful Main Street in America. Ancestors of 16th president, Abraham Lincoln were among the first to arrive in Massachusetts and his massive statue in downtown Hingham helps senior visitors remember that.

Major attractions in Hingham include World’s End (a wildlife area and nature preserve), Loring Hall Theater, Wompatuck State Park, Whitney and Thayer Woods, Weir River Farm, Old Ship Church and The Old Ordinary.

Senior travelers, when you travel through Massachusetts, stop in Hingham and enjoy the culture and history. jeb


Seniors Enjoy Small Town Fremont, NH

images Fremont, New Hampshire,  pop 4,000+, is a small town in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro area. Senior travelers will find Fremont at the Rockingham Recreation Trail and New Hampshire Route 107 crossing.

It’s history goes back a long ways to the 1720s. Fremont was originally part of Exeter, a city of 15,000 and became its own town in 1764 when Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth granted the town’s incorporation.

Initially incorporated as “Poplin”, after a small English mill town, the town petitioned the state to change its name to “Fremont” in 1854. The town was named in honor of the popular General John C. Fremont, renowned explorer, military man and the first republican candidate in the 1856 presidential election. Incidentally, for senior historians, Fremont lost to James Buchanan, and the first territorial governor of Arizona, 1878-1883.

The town is known for a giant barrel just outside Spaulding & Frost Cooperage, established in 1874. That business has the distinction of being one of the oldest barrel manufacturers in the country. Guess somebody has to make barrels, and it may as well be in Fremont, right?

Seniors, Do You Know The Shaggs?


The Fremont Historical Museum at 8 Beede Hill Road houses over 50 fascinating exhibits dating between 1734 and 2001 and is a mainstay for visiting senior tourists. The museum houses exhibits on the unique 1960′s all-girl band called “THE SHAGGS” – a nationally recognized “outsider music” group that received national attention during the late 1990′s.

The Town Hall dating back to 1911 is the only tin-sided Town Hall in New Hampshire and worth seeing. Ever seen a tin-sided building? There must be some darn good restaurants in town… when I did some research, up came several dishes that would make your mouth water, especially when it comes to some great pizza.

Seniors Find Quiet and Quaint


Fremont’s population of 4,000 lends to its New England charm and ambience.  The town acts as a bedroom community for several nearby towns and cities such as Exeter, Portsmouth and Manchester.

With only one main route running through Fremont (Route 107), the town sits far enough off the beaten path to be overlooked by those unfamiliar with the area, and that’s exactly how the residents of this tiny hamlet want it to stay: quiet.

The state of New Hampshire and Fremont have much to offer the outdoor senior enthusiast in the way of hunting, fishing, hiking and bicycling. The local abandoned railroad bed allows off-road vehicles and, in the winter months, snowmobiles access to an elaborate trail network that weaves through and around New Hampshire and even into some neighboring states.

So precisely where is Fremont? It is located 17 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, 10 miles from the New Hampshire- Massachusetts border, 24 miles from Concord, New Hampshire, and 16 miles from Manchester New Hampshire.  Enjoy your visit to this small laid-back New England town. jeb


Seniors Round Up In Round Rock


This senior loves that name: Round Rock, Texas . I have driven by the city several times on Interstate Hwy 35, a very busy corridor. Named after a large boulder in the middle of Brushy Creek, Round Rock is located 15 miles north of downtown Austin, the state capital.

And the name… the famed ROUND ROCK is where cattlemen would pass the word that this location was a good place to move your cattle across Brushy Creek. They say that there are cattle and horse prints marking the rock yet today.

One Of The Best, Seniors Discover

Money Magazine likes Round Rock and named it one of the top ten American best small cities. Round Rock is the one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and said to be one of the best-managed cities in Texas.

Despite being a growing city with major employers like Dell and Ikea, features like minor league baseball, seven golf courses, a 40,000 sq foot water park, an outlet mall, and historic growth of medical facilities, Round Rock retains a “small town” atmosphere.


A number of historic buildings form a kind of downtown square in Round Rock. Most have been given new life these days as restaurants, coffee shops, sports bar and retail stores. The city is a sports haven and home to the Houston Astros AA affiliate team, the Round Rock Express.

On Main Street, you’ll see a stately brick residence known as the Nelson-Crier House (1895-1900) in a beautiful setting, surrounded by mature trees and a white picket fence, where three generation of Nelsons lived.

Old Town Round Rock is an historic area dating to 1854, when the first settlers set up camp along the banks of Brushy Creek. The streets are lined with notable historic sites, including the Palm House and Old Broom Factory.

Historic Town: Gunfights, Bank And Train Robberies

It was also once the site of many a riotous gunfight, including the spectacular capture of the notorious outlaw train robber Sam Bass who was the perpetrator of the largest train robbery in U.S. history. He was ambushed by lawmen in 1878, as he tried to rob a local bank and he died two days later.


I learned that Round Rock and Williamson County have been the site of human habitation since at least 9,200 BC. Wow! One of the most important discoveries in recent times is that of the ancient skeletal remains dubbed “The Leanderthal Lady”.

Round Rock is perhaps best known as the international headquarters of Dell, a privately owned multinational computer technology firm. The Palm House Museum, the Williamson Museum, the Neill-Cochran House Museum, the Blanton Museum of Art and some great Texas local wineries are often on the itinerary of senior visitors from across the country.

Nearby Lake Travis provides a variety of opportunities for water sports, from sailboats and windsurfing regattas to competition ski boats, as well as cruisers and mansion-like houseboats. Enjoy your stay in Round Rock. jeb


Seniors Get The “Blues” in Clarksdale


Clarksdale, located in the Mississippi Delta region, is an agricultural center, and has been home to many blues musicians. The City of Clarksdale , is located at the intersection of Highways 61 and 49, “ the crossroads ”, and the surrounding Delta region is known as ” the land where the blues began ”.

With a population of approximately 20,000, Clarksdale is the Mississippi Delta’s second largest city and home to many of The Delta’s cultural and historical landmarks. Ever since the 1920′s Clarksdale has been known as the hub for blues culture. With it’s economy booming, audiences for entertainment were created, thus allowing the blues culture to flourish.


Seniors who enjoy blues music might first take in the Delta Blues Museum that recently unveiled its latest exhibit “In the Belly of the Blues”. The Museum is in the historic Clarksdale freight depot, built in 1918 for the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad.

The Rock & Blues Museum is packed full of music memorabilia from the 1920s through the 1970s. Senior visitors can follow the evolution of America’s music from blues, R&B, and rockabilly to rock ‘n roll and soul and see how it influenced people all over the world.

The Riverside Hotel is another “must see”, one of many historical blues sites in town. Clarksdale received a historic marker as a site on the Mississippi Blues Trail by the Mississippi Blues Commission in recognition of its importance in the development of the blues in Mississippi. Clarksdale is called “Ground Zero Music” and for good reason. Be sure to “fire up” the video on this site to get the full effect.


Seniors Explore The Mississippi Delta

Clarksdale and Coahoma County, are a colorful mix of Delta characters and fascinating places. Few places in America are as interesting as the Mississippi Delta.  Stretching 250 miles from Memphis in the north to Vicksburg in the south, and about 80 miles wide, the delta is a pancake flat alluvial plain bordered by the Mississippi River on the west and the Mississippi hill country on the east. The majority of its residents are African Americans.

When you are traveling through Mississippi, discover a hotel where blueswoman Bessie Smith died and John F. Kennedy, Jr. slept. Eat a tamale or dine at a restaurant co-owned and frequented by Morgan Freeman. Clarksdale is the crossroads of culture and quirkiness with a heavy dose of the blues.

Make plans to take in one of several annual festivals in Clarksdale: the Juke Joint Festival in April, the Delta Jubilee in June, the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival in August and the Tennessee Williams Festival in September-October. jeb

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