Seniors Seek Stress-Free Travel Destinations

Seniors travelers often search for vacation sites that will be stress-free and those that are aimed at senior interests. Well, I found good information that seems to fit into that category, so read on.

Today, seniors and baby boomers are more health conscious and active than ever before. As result, traveling is often a goal for many 55+ year olds who have the time and the financial resources at their disposal. However, as people get older, the risks involved in traveling increase. The most prominent is health as well as coping with stressful situations and the hassle that is sometimes involved with traveling. Happy Health offers some stress-free destination ideas for senior travelers.

Travel Guidelines Focus on Senior Travelers

Travel Guideline has chosen their  Top Five destinations for senior travelers. Senior citizens are not interested in being confined to their homes and they will be the first to tell the world that traveling also belongs to the young at heart. In fact, when it comes to leisure traveling, seniors have a certain edge over the relatively younger ones in the sense that they can have a more enriching experience because the stress and concerns of a career are behind them. has a super listing of senior travel with articles and web links galore. is another site with link suggestions for seniors seeking that stress-free vacation. Again and again for folks over 50, up comes Branson, our National Parks, the Jersey Shore, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Portland, Oregon and if you have not yet taken a railroad trip, the Rocky Mountaineer. They are all super destinations, especially for those of you who have not visited any of these places.

AARP lists ten foods to avoid prior to traveling that includes one of my favorite foods – beans. Also included is garlic, alcohol, french fries, soda, cheeseburgers, hot peppers, apples, chewing gum (I’m out on that one) and my beloved coffee. You’ll have to decide if you will forego any of these foods if you want to reduce the risk of stomach discomfort.

You may wish to check out some travel publications at Amazon by entering: best travel destinations. Google is always a major resource for searching out most anything having to do with senior travel.  Simply input ‘best senior travel destinations’ and watch what happens.  You can do your own searching online with great results.

Lastly I’ll depart today with that is another major URL that can help seniors searching for Top Destinations, especially in the good old continental USA.

Enjoy your surfing and planning for a super vacation that focuses on senior needs and interests. jeb


  1. Ruthann Rix says:

    I love to travel, but lost my traveling companion two years ago. I am looking for another one, and different places to go this year.
    I am 75 years old, but travel well. I need to find someone that likes to visit all the quaint little places, and needs a traveling companion. I have read all the places you list, and surely I could find someone to visit with me. I think you have group travels too. That would fit my bill. I tried to join some of the traveling groups, but those web sites are too hard to get in to.
    Any advice????? Do you have group travel? How do I get into this group??? Please help.

    I am interested in travel here in the United States this year. I just need the group to go with, or someone who loves to travel.

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