Seniors Enjoy Small Town Suwanee

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Suwanee is a town in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The population runs just over 15,000. Seems like many seniors and a wide host of others are always on the alert searching for what are called the “best places to live.” CNN Money picked Suwanee #10 among the top best 100 towns in the entire country.

That’s pretty high folks considering the many alluring small towns. Let’s go exploring. CNN selects only smaller towns and interviews many locals, looking for that great combination of economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a real sense of community.

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That’s Suwanee! Located a short distance northeast of Atlanta. Historically, Suwanee was put on the map when the railroad was constructed through that section of Gwinnett County in 1871.

There are various accounts regarding the naming of the town. One suggests that Suwanee is an Indian word meaning “echo” while another maintains that it is the Creek word for Shawnee. Another account credits the name to the early white settlers’ way of pronouncing the word “Shawnee.” Either way, the name Suwanee appears to be closely tied to the town’s Native American heritage.

Lake, Mountains and Trails Draw Senior Visitors

Suwanee, like so many other Georgia cities and towns, grew up with both agriculture and the railroads. Although it incorporated in 1949, Suwanee remained a predominantly small community into the 1970s. When highways made it easier for people to move in and out of cities, however, Suwanee blossomed.

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The city official website can fill you in on all the amenities of Suwanee.  One of the first things I noted on this site was the 100 reasons link. Check it out and then go exploring on the dozens of other links.  You will soon see why Suwanee rates high for senior visitors and why CNN selected this town as one of the Best. And Kiplinger’s chose Suwanee one of ten Best Places to Raise a Family.

Suwanee’s “downtown” encompasses two distinct, vibrant areas: historic Old Town with a quaint commercial area along Main Street and the emerging award-winning Town Center. Suwanee is one of those great small towns that keep getting better and better.

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It has excellent schools, some of the best parks in the state, great dining and shopping, and affordable housing. As a middle class suburb of Atlanta, it is close to many jobs and offers great opportunities for those that own their own business.

Only a few minutes from Suwanee is Lake Lanier and not far past the lake is the North Georgia Mountains   where you can hike, camp, and enjoy a plethora of wildlife.  And cycling trails. You will find them all over the place.

Senior visitors, enjoy this town for yourself. You will find it highly inviting and full of folks who will join in on any conversation you wish to start. jeb

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