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I admit upfront that Maine is one of three states that I have not yet visited. I came across this small city in a magazine recently and I so I had to check it out. North Haven is a town in Penobscot Bay. The town is both a year-round island community and a prominent summer colony attractive to senior citizens. The population was 355 at the 2010 census. Small as it is, they have their own website with lots of FAQs and links of interest. I’m still curious about the “waiting for redwing blackbirds” photo on the homepage.  Did you see that?

There are 14 unbridged island communities in Maine and North Haven is one of them. It lies in Penobscot Bay (love that word!) and about 12 miles from the coastal city of Rockland. Senior visitors can get there by ferry on one of its three daily round trips. While it houses nearly 400 folks year round, thousands come out each summer to enjoy many amenities.

Wikipedia Has “Worth Knowing” Info For Seniors

Do you know why it’s called “Wiki?”  I discovered that “Wiki Wiki” is used in Hawaii for hurry up.

Ranked #1 of the attractions in North Haven is the Wharton Brook State Park on Rte. 5. Senior travelers will find several more tourist attractions in North Haven worth considering during your visit. There are a couple of vineyards nearby that attract tourists. The local paper, called “The Island Dirt,” caught my attention.

Just imagine this.  As early as 3300 BC folks called the Red Paint People were already there.  Must have been something there to attract them besides the water.  And the Penobscot Indians, much later, spent a good deal of time there. Some called them Abenaki.

I might just become a MAINE*IAC.  Do you know what it means?  No? Well you can always look it up, but if you aren’t curious enough to do that… I’ll give you the answer: \ma-ne-ak\n (2005) slang 1: person with an ungovernable enthusiasm for America’s Pine Tree State. 2: lover of blue lakes, rocky coastline, and lobsters eaten caveman-style. Now you know.

Eliza Minot writes…”Of all the places I’ve ever been, of all the terrains and landscapes I’ve ever seen, it’s on the island of North Haven amid the dark blue summer water of the Penobscot Bay that my soul rises up to meet myself, where I am home.”

Some of the stats on North Haven are interesting like you’ll discover that the mean time to work (commute) is 6.9 minutes. That’s what a small island will do to your timing. But it is 77.1 miles to Portland and 168.7 miles to Boston. They have 4 residents who are “foreign born.”

I’ll leave you today with a handy map so that you can get out there. Note Goose Rocks out on the tip. I might have to write a blog just on that site one day. jeb



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