Seniors Are Jumping In At Moses Lake

Have you ever heard of Moses Lake? It was new to me. It’s the lifestyle that attracts senior visitors to Moses Lake and that keeps them coming back year after year…or for some, for a lifetime. The friendly people, small town charm, low cost of living, sunshine and recreational opportunities make Moses Lake a great place to visit and an even better place to call home. Oh yes, Moses Lake is out there in central Washington State.

Wine, festivals, natural freshwater lakes, parks, campgrounds…Moses Lake is an outdoor haven and the largest city in the county with just over 20,000 citizens. Moses Lake, on which the city lies, is made up of three main arms over 18 miles long and up to a mile wide. It is the largest natural body of freshwater in the county and has over 120 miles of shoreline covering 6,500 acres. That’s a lot of fishing territory, so throw in your pole seniors. Moses Lake is part of the Columbia River basin.

Moses Lake is east of Seattle and Ellensburg on Hwy 90 on your way to Spokane. All in all Grant County has over 247,000 surface acres of water.  That’s bunch and the hunting is as good as the fishing.

City History Interests Seniors

Wikipedia will give senior readers lots of great information on Moses Lake, including how it got its name. Interestingly enough the city was originally named Neppel, after a town in Germany where one of the original settlers had lived. When the town was incorporated and renamed Moses Lake in 1938, the population was estimated at 301 people.

Laketown Landing is the name given to the newly remodeled downtown shopping area of Moses Lake. In 2007, after much discussion and debate, the City of Moses Lake decided to remodel the original downtown business shopping district of the city. For nearly a year, things were in a state of construction and sometimes a little chaotic, but the city survived and now the downtown area is graced with new sidewalks and attractive street fixtures.

The Water Park, State Park and The Links at Moses Pointe draws in many visitor each year. The Moses Lake Museum and Art Center has the largest collection of American Indian artifacts in the area. With lots of sun, sand and water, Moses Lake offers up many things to do like canoeing, fishing, off road driving, bicycling, hiking, wildlife photography and bird-watching just to name a few. And for you senior birders, the official bird list for the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge includes over 200 species in the 23,200 acre area.

Moses Lake looks to me like a great place to spend a few days. jeb



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