Seniors Enjoy Bellevue

unknownSeveral years have passed for me now, but once upon a time this senior spent a fews weeks in Bellevue studying a new methodology for teaching French.

Today, in my work, I often meet people from the northwest and tell them that I spent time in the city of Bellevue. They asked when… and they tell me you should see it now, a city of nearly 135,000. It has changed considerably.

Bellevue, across Lake Washington from Seattle, is Seattle’s largest suburb. Bellevue has variously been characterized as an edge city, a boomburb, or satellite city. It is surrounded by vast wilderness areas, including the rugged Cascade mountains to its east and the Olympic mountains further to the west, which helps explain the city’s name, a derivation of a French term for “beautiful view”.

Bellevue Lake Snowy Cascade Mountains Washington State

 Seniors Awed by Natural Beauty Of Bellevue

Bellevue is home to several high-tech companies and is adjacent to Redmond, home of software giant Microsoft Corporation. First settled in the late 1860s or early 1870s, Bellevue soon became a popular location for the summer homes of residents of nearby Seattle.

The region’s towering evergreens eventually gave way to agriculture, and throughout the first half of the 20th century Bellevue was dominated by an abundance of farms best known for strawberries and blueberries.

Surrounded by magnificent natural beauty and outdoor spaces, this one-of-a-kind city offers the ultimate in shopping, dining and cultural attractions, all within easy strolling distance of good hotels. Bellevue is the gateway to the entire Puget Sound region.


Senior visitors can explore Seattle’s culture and history, visit Kirkland’s waterfront parks and galleries, or tour Woodinville’s Wine Country, home to over 100 tasting rooms and some of the world’s finest wines. Or you can trek off on a day-trip to nearby mountains for hiking, biking, or skiing. Take your pick.

Bellevue Downtown Park Draws Senior Visitors

Bellevue Downtown Park is a 20-acre park located in the heart of the city. The park was designed for passive and unstructured use, and as a “respite from the activities of busy urban life.” The idea for a park in downtown Bellevue was created from civic and private leadership. With its green grass and a circular row of trees, it is a great place to relax and for taking a stroll any time of the day.


TripAdvisor has lined up 38 things for seniors to do in Bellevue that includes a variety of bus tours. One of the most popular attractions is the Bellevue Botanical Garden that features cultivated display gardens, natural wetlands and a woodland trail.

With 300,000 visitors a year, the garden is one of the city’s most popular destinations. Let Facebook help you plan a stay in Bellevue. Seniors, travel to the great Northwest and enjoy the beauty that Bellevue has to offer. -jeb

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