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Luxury Senior Wine Tour to South America

I have done some research on the subject of wine tours and have discovered a tour that I think senior citizens will enjoy immensely.  Robertson Wine Tours, directed by Tim Robertson, offers tours to Argentina Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. I would like to look at Argentina and their wines and vineyards.

In Argentina you will discover that Malbec is playing a dominant role in winning worldwide acclaim for the country’s wines.I enjoy Malbec myself, so I’m interested in exploring that portion of the country over by the Andes Mountains and investigating Robertson’s tours a little more.

While acreage of Malbec is declining in France, in Argentina the grape is surging and has become a “national variety” of sort that is uniquely identified with Argentine wine. The NY Times calls the Mendoza Region “Argentina’s Napa Valley” and notes that Mendoza is “Napa 30 or 40 years ago.”

Extensive Contacts Benefit Senior Visitors

With a wide array of  extensive contacts in the wine business, Robertson Wine Tours has the trust and confidence of serious winemakers. Robertson Wine Tours offers escorted visits for seniors to over 250 Bodegas/Wineries…and surely you will find some to suit your palate and pocketbook.

This organization has been busy organizing tours for 25 years, so they know what they are doing. I like their idea of not only sharing great wine with clients but incorporating the local cuisine into their itineraries.  Over 400 Argentina wineries are integrated into this winery directory.

Robertson Wine Tours

Robertson Wine Tours has successfully created and directed over 100 wine tours which are all encompassing; ranging from brief overviews of Chilean Wines to in-depth two week investigative research with professors from Davis, California. Robertson Wine Tours only offers all-inclusive tours, 100% pre-paid but totally exclusive to the client’s request. Robertson does not mix groups of seniors or offer fixed dates from which tours run, everything is by design and private.  Maybe five days here and five days elsewhere.

Hey, sneak on up to Iguazu Falls on the Brazil border and maybe enjoy Rio or BA while you are that far south. I have not been to Uruguay (yet…) but I know that it, too, is a very progressive country and senior travelers would enjoy Punta del Este as well as the capital Montevideo.

Read on and look over the FAQs that spell out wine tours terms and conditions and…make contact. You will receive information back very quickly. I would love to hear back from you if you choose to take a Robertson Wine Tour (  Enjoy the experience and say hello to Tim from Jim Becker.  jeb

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