Seniors Search For “Classy Rental Villas”

Well, today senior friends, we are off to find some classy villas to rent in Italy. We really don’t care where… just so it’s in Tuscany. And we want to find some really nice ones at a good price. Of course in and around Chianti will be an added amenity as well.

Google came up with an off the wall number of villas for rent in Tuscany. A well-known one, called The Best in Italy, is a good site to start with. They favor one villa for only $14,000 a week called Casa Querceto in Chianti between Florence and Siena. The house is for sale at ONLY $1.25 million. Many just pass up on the Casa. So let’s look  for more villas in and around Chianti.

Choosing the right accommodation to suit your individual needs can be time-consuming but rewarding. Salogi Tuscany Villas offers a selection of exclusive villas and farmhouses, all with a private swimming pool.

Renttuscany by Emma Villas is an Italian Incoming Tour Operator specializing in the weekly rental of exclusive holiday Villas and Country Houses with private pools. Parker Villas, located in Toscana would like to rent you a villa as well. And Villas in the World has several that you may like.

Wow. I had no idea that there were so many villas for rent in Tuscany.  Seems like half the territory up there has a villa for rent. TripAdvisor at the helm with their listing for Tuscany Villas (9,173) that range upwards from just $66 per night to Sant’Andrea for, get this, $2,802 per night. And, ahem, additional fees may apply!

Selva di Monte has to be pretty nice too at only $2,337 per night. Sure hope you find a nice one where you will be content.  I think you will just love Tuscany VacaVilla has a villa listings for you to consider. Tuscany Now has a listing of 120 luxury Tuscany villas for you to scan through.

Seniors Enjoy Chianti’s Wines and Villas

If you like the wine you can treat your palate well here. The Chianti villa rentals immerse their guests in traditions and ways of life hundreds of years old, with converted farmhouses providing the accommodation and rolling vineyards the spectacular backdrop.

You’ll keep busy in Chianti as it is the most famous wine-producing region of Italy, a treasure box of small towns and quiet, lush tracts of land full of vineyards. That fine Chianti will help with your contentedness. Here are some tips you may find helpful before you do some serious wine tasting in Chianti.  jeb



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  1. Jacques Dubois says:

    Hi Jim and Jeannine,
    Just read about your website in the emeritus newsletter, so thought we would take a look. We are very impressed and hope to be able to benefit some time in the next year or two. Kathy will be retiring this summer and we hope to do some traveling in the US as well as Europe. Kathy has two brothers in the Tucson area and many cousins in the Phoenix area. Could even be possible we would look you up! Joyeuses Paques, Jacques and Kathy Dubois

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