Seniors Find Santa Lucia “Simply Beautiful”

Another island today senior friends, only this time down south. The island is well known for its beauty. The island has many amenities to offer senior visitors. Why Santa Lucia? Seniors find Santa Lucia “Simply Beautiful.”

The beauty of Saint Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for adventure: mountains to climb, forests to explore, an underwater world to discover. The ancients revered Saint Lucia — Ioüanalao or Hewanorra, as it was called — and fought to preserve it.

In recent decades, the famous have returned there to find solace in this enchanted place. The “Official St. Lucia Guide” provides lots of history and sites for seniors to enjoy.  It has a rich supply of “cultural treasures” with many beliefs and traditions.  The many natural attractions keep senior visitors busy for days with hikes and a variety of programs.

Some say that St. Lucia is like an island in the South Pacific plucked down in the Caribbean.  Magnificant rainforests line miles of beaches.  Steep coastlines and lovely reefs offer excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

 The rainforest preserves of St. Lucia’s mountainous interior are one of the Caribbean’s finest locales for hiking and birdwatching.  Then of course senior travelers will find great golf courses, tennis, sailing and the world’s only drive-in volcanic crater-Soufriere volcano.

Part of the Lesser Antilles and one of the Windward Islands, St Lucia has a population of around 175,000 happy island folks. And incidentally, they speak English there so no problem communicating. Wikipedia has lots of history and info to share and notes that it’s a Caribbean Island Getaway.  Castries, the capital, is full of markets and will make for a nice stroll through its streets.

Have fun in St. Lucia.  jeb

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