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Krakow, a major center of Polish culture and education, survived WWII intact as did Prague. Today, senior visitors will discover  more historic buildings and monuments in Krakow than any other city in the country.  The authentic Old Town is a UNESCO cultural site and the Main Market Square is the largest medieval square in all of Europe.  Imagine that. The city is a virtual museum as this map indicates.

Krakow travel will fill your itinerary with plenty to keep you busy.  City of Krakow invites seniors to come and see for themselves the Wawel Royal Castle, St. Mary’s Tower and the old streets. There are 79 things to See and Do in Krakow plus cultural sites, museums, landmarks and much more. For seniors considering a European Vacation, Paris, London and Venice might be on the top of your list, but do not neglect the jewel of the east: Krakow, Poland – it has art, history, and beautiful waterways all its own, and is considerably less expensive than any of the more popular locations.

The Prettiest of Poland’s Cities Invites Senior Citizens

TripAdvisor notes that you will want at least three days to take in Krakow. So seniors, study this comprehensive “Survivor’s Guide” to Poland’s second city. I’ll fix you up with some great tours with best prices and even a second site for your planning.  I’ve always found Virtual Tourist to be very helpful and this Travel Guide is no exception.

Consider Krakow’s Historic Center as well as St. Mary’s Cathedral.  Housed in the former administrative building of Oskar Schindler factory, Emalia, is a museum that tells the story of Schindler and the Jewish prisoners of Plaszow who were the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s hit movie, “Schindler’s List.” Check out TripAdvisor’s suggestions.

I’ve always felt that with little time and not knowing the city, a bus tour is the way to go.  Here is a great example by Gray Line. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a World Heritage Site. This deposit of rock salt in Wieliczka-Bochnia has been mined since the 13th century. Spread over nine levels, it has 300 km of galleries with works of art, altars, and statues sculpted in the salt, making a fascinating pilgrimage into the past of a major industrial undertaking.

I always put World Heritage Sites at the top of my list for any visit anywhere in the world.My wife and I toured Spain going from one World Heritage Site to the next. That’s the route to take.

There can be no doubt about it, Krakow is Poland’s Cultural Capital. Study the map a bit, make your plans and enjoy your visit to Poland.  jeb

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