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Birmingham, England has become a hotspot for seniors to visit. For historians with a hunger to explore a city’s history, Birmingham’s heritage is magical. The city’s name comes from the Old English Beormingahām, meaning the home or settlement of the Beormingas. Just thought I’d toss that in for your explorative minds.

London is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the bright lights of Birmingham, in the Heart of England. Take some time to explore some of the most interesting and idyllic areas that England has to offer.

Whether you’re following your senior taste-buds, your fashion sense or your passion for history, there’s a part of the Birmingham region that’s perfect for you. Outside of London, Birmingham has the largest population with just over one million residents and is a major international commercial center.

Birmingham has been undergoing a radical change and many of the post war buildings have been replaced. The majority of the city center is now pedestrianized (there’s a Brit term), and the canals cleaned up to make for attractive walkways.

Senior History Buffs Drawn to Birmingham

With a traceable history going back over 10,000 years, there’s plenty to uncover. The industrial revolution created unheard-of wealth in the city, and the resulting Georgian and Victorian architecture mixes perfectly with modern masterpieces to create a vibrant, brilliant city.

With one of the most compelling and eclectic British arts scenes, Arts and Culture abound in Birmingham. On the one hand the area spawned Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, UB40 and Duran Duran. On the other, it’s perfect for those who like to stroke their chins in academic appreciation of the arts.

Birmingham (the h is silent, and, in the local dialect, the g is hard, as in Birming-gum) was at the heart of the UK’s industrial revolution, and its wealth was built upon the multitude of trades that were spawned. This led to a massive canal network, with more miles of canals than Venice or Amsterdam (though they’re very different types of canals).

The city is full of attractions that will fill the inquisitive minds of most seniors. Locals are called “Brummies” that comes from the city’s nickname of ‘Brum.’ Don’t miss the #1 attraction, Symphony Hall, that is Birmingham’s world-famous acoustically refined 2262 capacity concert hall presenting a diverse program of jazz, world, folk, rock, pop and classical.

Senior visitors will note the rejuvinated town center, helped in no small part by the revitalized Bullring center, and the iconic Selfridges building. So get out a good map, find a good travel agent and make plans to visit Birmingham. You will find it to be an exciting and fun place.  jeb



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