Seniors Enjoy Bethel

I read recently that the drive between Bethel and Freeport, Maine is very scenic. I wanted to find out and share with senior readers what I discovered so that you can enjoy that route too. It’s only an hour and 33 minutes for that 64 mile drive so it won’t take you long to make it.  The way the crow flies it’s only 57 miles, but that’s a crow and not your Ford.

Bethel is an historic town founded in 1774 with a population of just over 2,500. The town is said to be “Maine’s most beautiful mountain village.” Located in western Maine, Bethel is a bit east of New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington and 70 miles northwest of Portland.

So what can senior citizens see and do in Bethel? It’s play or relax in all four seasons, with all the comforts and none of the crowds. The town is filled with quaint shops and tranquil streets, and is a popular tourist destination for visitors of all ages.

Bethel seems to have it all together and their frosting on the cake is the fall foliage that brings in throngs of visitors each year. Senior visitors might enjoy searching for gems. Though Maine is called the “Pine Tree State”, it is loaded with gems, like tourmaline, quartz, rose quartz, and crystal.

Seniors Discover One of Those “Rare Breeds”

Bethel is a blend of farming, forestry, wood product manufacturing, education, and tourism. In the past decade, the community has become home to many active senior retirees, who shun the world of Sun City and Florida.  They are professionals who have chosen the small town lifestyle over that of the megalopolis.

While you’re in Bethel, learn about local history at the Bethel Historical Society’s O’Neil Robinson House. It’s further suggested that you visit The Artist’s Bridge, a picturesque covered bridge in nearby Newry. If you feel up to it, soar above the leaves on a scenic chairlift ride at Sunday River then take in the Shaker Village only a short drive away in Sabbathday Lake. And you won’t want to miss the annual Harvestfest and “Chowdah” Cook-off held in September. TripAdivsor provides even more to see and do in and around Bethel.

 Bethel was one of the first communities in Maine connected to the Internet. They built the World’s Tallest Snowman and continue to host the National Wife Carrying Championships. So ladies…beware. The Official Town Site notes that Bethel is truly “just this side of Paradise.” I found a most interesting “History of Bethel, Maine” written by a Gazetteer in 1886.

Back To That Route

By golly I got detoured from ‘the route’ (from Mountains to the Sea). On that route, senior visitors will discover several of Maine’s heritage landmarks. Those landmarks may be another blog along with Freeport. I tell you, my wife is ready to cross the country to visit Bethel, Maine. jeb



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