Seniors Visit Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the largest city (population 550,000) in Lithuania. Wondering where Lithuania is located? It’s on the Baltic Coast. Check out this map and seniors will note that it is just north of Poland and south of Latvia.

Vilnius is an attractive capital with Baroque architecture, churches, medieval towers and one of Europe’s finest “Old Towns.”  The city was founded in 1323, stretched to be the largest country in Europe, and housed a number of cultures, religions and traditions as well as received the best architects and artists from all over Europe. It‘s a mix of beautiful nature, historical landmarks, good food, and “kind people.” Vilnius has interesting history and seniors will discover that the destiny of Vilnius due to its proximity was to be closely intertwined with that of Poland.

Old Town Tops List of Attractions

I know from visiting European capitals that I would head for the old historical portion of the city first.  So let’s see what attracts tourists to Vilnius’ Old Town.  Wikipedia notes that “The Old Town of Vilnius is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in central Europe.

Vilnius, situated on the banks of the rivers Neris and Vilnia, was founded in 1323 when Grand Duke Gediminas built a castle there. Today the tower of this castle is one of the landmarks and symbols of the city. Vilnius, in Your Pocket Guide, is in English and has everything you’ll want to know about the city.

Shopping? Yes, lots of great shopping for the ladies. Many first timers begin their exploration of Vilnius with a climb to Gediminas Castle, which towers over the old city as a lasting symbol of the strength of Vilnius’ founder. Wanderlust has their TOP TEN for you to check out.

You’ll find that there are several tours available and Viator has a wide selection. A popular tour is the hot air balloon ride over the city. The little red City Tour Bus looks like a fun tour. What the heck, let’s take a private tour instead and see things “up close” and with a personal guide. It’s a lively, fascinating and beautiful city and it seems like there are activities and events going on year round.

Vilnius Attracts Senior Travelers

One of the top attractions in the city is the Money Museum.  TripAdvisor is offers 80 additional sites. The KGB Museum (Genocido Auku Muziejus) ranks high with senior visitors as well. Lonely Planet can help you get to Vilnius as well as finding some recommended hotels.  The local Tourist Information Center caters to English-speaking tourists and can provide maps, suggestions and walking tours. If senior travelers enjoy festivals, concerts, performances, exhibitions and sporting events, here’s the calendar of upcoming performances.

Vilnius looks like a great place to spend maybe a week folks.  It’s on my bucket list.  Put it on yours too.  jeb

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