California Here I Come

Sunset Magazine recently sent me a 34-page insert called California: Road Trips. It was labeled “Find Yourself Here.”  This senior has been to California a few times that included Disneyland, Sacramento, Palm Springs and driving up the Valley between Bakersfield and Stockton. Oh yes, my wife and I did take in Kings Canyon and the Sequoia National Parks.  Each experience was awesome.

But where does one start with a travel blog on that state that has so much to offer tourists and senior visitors from every nation. California is an incredible state, unlike any other. The third largest state in the US, California has a lot of land area and is very diverse in ecology and climate, offering some truly incredible sights and natural wonders. In addition, California is the most populated state in the US.

Facebook Informs Senior Travelers

Facebook’s site has some neat photos and informs senior visitors where all the Welcome Centers (22) are located.  Punch in all 4 choices on photos, Get your Guide, Match-up Sweeps and Welcome Centers for full information.

I found Ray Charles doing his version of this well-known hit from years back. I enjoyed listening to this oldie.

There are so many different and exciting activities to experience in California, including surfing, exploring deserts, avalanches, and white water rafting. There are also numerous popular destinations in California such as Lake Tahoe, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

Overall, California has so much to offer senior tourists, and Visit California helps make sure tourists are satisfied with their California experience. From sunny beaches to best-in-class theme parks and unforgettable parklands, the state is one giant playground.

Seniors Love Natural Beauty

And wine country. Where does one start with a description of the hundreds and hundreds of wineries. Google I suppose. Sure, California has it sunny beaches, towering redwoods, snowy peaks, desert oases—when it comes to natural beauty, California is in a class by itself.

But there’s one thing in the Golden State that has even more star power than California’s spectacular vistas—the people who call it home. What really sets this state  apart from anywhere else in the world is that legendary, unmistakable and irresistible California attitude—a way of living that makes you want to squeeze the last drop of fun out of every single sun-drenched day.

I ran the gamut on this one and came up with a “shorty” called Misconceptions – Visit California Commercial that ran only 31 second long.   Off to the right hand side do some surfing and enjoy the experience as you dig deeper into the many aspects of this fascinating state. Want more information? Then just google online travel guides and take a journey through California. So have a blast in the Golden State. jeb



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