Seniors Dive Into EcoTours

Ecotourism is in.  Seniors are searching out great tours that focus on visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas. They are popping up more and more all over the world and for good reason.  They seem to be everywhere.

Here’s one that just crossed my desk, a series by GoAheadTours and they all look great. They have a whole new series that I think  seniors will find of interest if you are at all interested in nature and ecology.  I remember well an ecology course I took, as part of my biology major in college. It is a fascinating area.

Here’s the scoop on their offerings: “Get a closer look at vibrant communities while supporting conservation programs and local economies. Our itineraries highlight businesses and organizations that give back to local people and support wildlife—so while you explore natural landscapes and share in cultural experiences, you’ll also bring awareness and travel dollars to meaningful initiatives.”

Senior citizens will be able to get a look at vibrant communities while supporting conservation programs and local economies.  Your tour will include: round-trip airfares, hotels and eco-lodges, expert tour directors, select meals and private transportation. Seniors will be able to engage in activities that benefit surrounding communities and fund wildlife conservation efforts. How about learning handicrafts and cultural traditions from the locals?  You will travel on immersive adventures designed to make a positive impact on your adventure abroad.

EcoTours Call For Seniors

Here are your choices that will take senior citizens all over the globe.  Consider Australia and Tasmania and the Wild Forests in that area. Your eco-friendly Aussie adventure will take you to the cities of the mainland and lead you through the rich wilds of Tasmania. The tours all run from 9 to 14 days in length.

On to Africa and Botswana and Zimbabwe called the Untouched Africa. Costa Rica is high on my “bucket list” and here’s why. The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador are great areas to study nature. Guatemala is cool. I’ve been there.  I invite you to take in Belize and Guatemala and the tropical wildlife that is in abundance.

And we could not leave out Kenya and a Wildlife Safari with GoAhead. There senior travelers will search out the Big Five on game drives through the wild savannah and discover the many ways Kenyan communities are coming together to protect their heritage and wildlife.

Let’s include Peru, the Amazon Jungle and culture surrounding Lake Titicaca.  Those will highlight Peru at its best. Lastly your EcoTour will include Tanzania full of wildlife and herds of animals roam as they did before humankind. The mighty Masai endure as they have for centuries.

Are you ready for an adventure in any of these tours?  Then contact GoAhead, make your reservation and enjoy one of their amazing EcoTours.  jeb



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