Seniors Discover Gold in Juneau

Juneau, Alaska is known for its discovery of gold way back in 1880. Senior travelers will discover for yourselves all the glories of a visit upon your arrival in this amazing city.  Do you have any idea where Juneau is located? Here’s a map to show where the Inside Passage in the capital city is found. Here are three more helpful maps to pinpoint the city. This map was cool too so keep tapping the + sign and hone on in Juneau.

Senior visitors will discover a wealth of tours available on site… cruises, flights over glaciers, whale watching tours and a plethora of others. Many folks stateside think that Anchorage, the largest city, has to be the capital. But no, it’s Juneau and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Alaska.

Downtown Juneau is a maze of narrow streets running past a mix of new structures, old storefronts and quaint houses featuring early 19th century architecture left over from the town’s early gold mining days. The waterfront bustles with cruise ships, fishing boats and floatplanes zipping in and out. Descending from the Coast Range Mountains are the frozen fingers of glaciers reaching for the sea. You’ll find package deals, things to do and places to stay during your visit.

Seniors Bone Up On a Little Juneau History

Harrisburg. That was Juneau’s name before Richard Harris fell out of favor with the locals, who turned their allegiance to his co-founder, Joe Juneau. In 1880, prospectors Harris and Juneau relied on Tlingit Chief Kowee to guide them to the mouth of Gold Creek, where they discovered gold. The state’s first major gold strike was on (starting the Alaska Gold Rush), and the timeline for modern Juneau history began. And the miners came searching for gold.

Searching for the single best Alaska destination? It’s Juneau, surrounded by  scenic wondersTripAdvisor finds not only some great hotels, restaurants and a free Juneau guide, but take a look at the 83 attractions that draw seniors to the city from all over the globe.

This vacation planner will help you fill out your itinerary and invites senior citizens to check out the opportunities for taking in museums, sightseeing, wildlife, fishing, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, bears, whales, eagles, shore excursions, trekking or dog sledding on the glacier, native culture, theater, shopping, dining and seasonal winter sports. Wikipedia will help you get there and provides information of every nature including temperatures during the year.

Virtual Tourist not only focuses on the Mendenall Glacier but has a listing of 161 things to see and do. Folks, head on up to Juneau and come face to face with a glacier, marvel at a huge humpback whale leaping out of the water and top this excitement off with a scrumptious meal featuring wild Alaskan salmon grilled over an alder wood fire.

Take the online Virtual Tour.  It is beautiful. Enjoy.  jeb

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