Seniors Stop In Lihue


From my experience, a bus tour is always the best means to get to know an area prior to going out on one’s own. And this is what these senior travelers did when we went to Kaua’i for our 52nd wedding anniversary. We saw the island by bus our first day.

A major attraction on the island is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the Waimea Canyon. Wai in Hawaiian means water, mea is red, so Waimea means reddish water. One sees wai a lot all over the Hawaiian Islands.


Upon our arrival in Kaua’i, we landed in Lihue, Kaua’i’s capital city (6,500). Lihue is served by the island’s only airport, making it the most popular port of entry to Kauai and a hub of industry on this small island.

Grove Farm Attracted These Seniors

One of the highlights of Lihue was a two-hour walking tour of the Grove Farm Homestead. Founded in 1864, this 100-acre sugar plantation museum provides a fascinating look into Kauai’s plantation past. Our guide was an elderly, highly knowlegable woman who talked non-stop as we trooped around the grounds visiting  several old buildings including a mansion that were part of a one-time sugar plantation.


The Kaua’i Museum was another good stop for us, featuring amazing collections from the artisans of Kauai.

Near the Sheraton was a historic community called Koloa that provided these seniors a stroll along old buildings each marked with plaque telling the role of the structure years back. Chickens were on the boardwalk and seemed to be at home and not bothered by our presence.


No trip to Kaua’i would be complete without a visit to Wailua Falls, just north of Lihue being a step off the beaten path. Located at the south end of the Wailua River, it cascades into two streams, dropping 80-feet below. Some say the distance is more accurately described as 200 feet. As part of our bus tour we took a boat trip up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto.

 Chickens Chickens Everywhere

In a Koloa art gallery a woman told us the story of the feral chickens that roam freely everywhere on the island. It is considered a crime to harm a chicken. Nearby I saw a tee shirt that read: Frickin Chickens. She also told us about the Kilohana Plantation Estate, a restored sugar plantation estate in Lihue and home of Gaylord and Ethyl Wilcox. They say that this estate is perhaps Kauai’s most unique and gracious visitor destination.


This historic landmark has become a showplace for Kauai’s agricultural history. We took part in a Kaua’i rum tasting event and enjoyed walking around the grounds among the hundreds of exotic native trees and flowering shrubs.

TripAdvisor has a listing of 43 things to do in Lihue. The Beckers could go on and on about Kaua’i but we would like you to experience the Garden Island for yourself. It is unique indeed.  So Aloha and Mahalo to my senior friends. -jeb

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