Advice For Senior Hikers

Most serious senior hikers are experienced and are well equipped. Nevertheless, accidents can happen. You may not have the EMT experience or that of an MD, but you do need to take certain things into consideration on a long hike. One reads about “trouble on the path” whether is it serious or simply having come  into contact with a prickly pear or a nasty bug. Every year, scores of unprepared hikers, lured by initially easy downhill hiking, experience severe illness, injury, or death from hiking. Take the Boy Scout Motto seriously, Be Prepared.

In unconventional settings some training is advisable for seniors on all levels of hiking experience. Wilderness Medical Associates International has great advice to share.  It’ll be worth reading over their information for being a first-responder. WMAI is dedicated to the development of remote and practical medicine around the globe and annually trains over 8,000 medically and non-medically trained students around the world.

Outpost Magazine

If you are an experienced hiker you may already know of Outpost Magazine.  They ran an article on getting trained in wilderness first aid. Serious senior hikers may be interested in taking one of their courses in order to help others as well as yourself on the trail. You may be in pretty good shape.  That’s good, but do not rely on physical strength alone, hiking smart will take you much farther.

One can always learn from those who are more experienced.  These few links provide some excellent general advice regarding camping and backpacking. So maybe you just might be considering taking on the Appalachian Trail.  Before you do, consider reading “the Thru-Hiker’s Handbook” by Bob McCaw or the A.T. Guide by David Miller. A good check list is always in order including everything from a map, a compass or even a GPS. And be sure that your cell-phone is full charged as well.

Attention Senior Novice Hikers

Group hiking is fun. If everyone in the hiking group is a beginner, then it’s best to choose a route that matches your abilities. But how do you go about finding the best route? Well, it requires a little research, including enquiries at different tourist offices and time invested in studying tour descriptions either in books or on the Internet.

If you have any limitations owing to health problems, you must take this into account. Don’t embark on a hike without first having carried out appropriate training and make sure you plan the trip carefully. Take some good eats along that satisfy. Most would not even think about this one, but carry a photo ID and of course plenty of water. Lastly, Hiking Dude is there to help with hints and tips to make your senior hike a totally enjoyable and successful one.  Have fun on the trail folks.  jeb

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