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These Seniors Fell In Love With Bath


These seniors had the sheer pleasure of accompanying our daughter to England for a two day class she participated in outside the beautiful, historical, intriguing city of Bath.  While she was ‘in class’, her parents walked the streets of England’s only World Heritage City.

We settled ourselves into Henrietta House’s Garden Suite, a lovely, charming and totally comfortable Bed and Breakfast. Then we headed off for the afternoon at the Thermae Spa. With two large baths to choose between, one indoors and the other out, plus 4 steam rooms each with different aromas we kept ourselves moving between the steam rooms and the water.


My favorites were the Eucalyptus Steam Room and the Lemon and Ginger Steam Room It was the perfect way to balance the activity and stress of the first two days in London, jet lag and a not particularly comfortable hotel room.

These Seniors Love The English Countryside

The ride to Bath on the Express train was enjoyable. For this senior, it was the first return to England after about 45 years and coming from the Arizona desert, the green and lush of the English countryside was pure delight to our eyes.


We discovered Bath to be a walking city filled with tearooms, coffee shops, very old, historic buildings, a beautiful Abbey, church spires, restaurants and more restaurants all with the River Avon running through it.  Young people, elderly, a medieval city restored, history and more history, oozing charm and beauty and very friendly, helpful residents.

I was especially enamored with names and chimneys: Quiet Street, Gay Street, Corn Street, Stall Street, Jolly’s, Slug & Lettuce, Pig & Fiddle, Vinegar Hill.  And the rows and rows of chimneys.

Tea Time And Dinner Time

Karen and her dad

Karen and her dad

We could make ‘Tea Time’ any time of the day.  And our first “Tea” was at Jolly’s….we found it in the back of a department store.  This senior had never experienced an  English Tea. Not only the tea, but everything that went with it…oh my…little sandwiches and sweets.

For whatever reason, it didn’t interfere with our dinner that evening, well at least not completely. Our hosts at the Henrietta House suggested we go to Clayton’s Kitchen for dinner, and we were not disappointed.  jeb ordered guinea fowl and Karen and I each dined on a salad: roasted goat cheese over squash and greens and for Karen, beet, feta salad.

Of course we walked everywhere, entranced with the history, the architecture, the cobblestone streets, the chimneys, the big, old Plane trees, the old historic buildings. The tearooms, the coffee shops, and the restaurants.  The museums, the Roman Baths, the Abbey. And friendly, helpful residents.

…to be continued,







  1. Deb says:

    Well, I am gobsmacked! What a fabulous trip! I have never been to Bath but now I very much want to go. When is Karen’s next class there? I need to have a Butcher’s. (I hope I am using the English slang correctly.)

    What a lovely article, so well written, and the photographs are wonderful! Thank you.

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