Seniors Are Drawn To Prospect


I looked up ten of the favorite small towns in Kentucky and up came Prospect with a population of just over 10,000. Loaded with small town charm, senior travelers will find Prospect just up the Ohio River 13 miles from Louisville.

The area was first known as Sand Hill when it was settled by farmers in the late 18th Century. The present community grew up around the “Prospect” railroad station, and thus the name. A few years back it was known as one of the wealthiest communities in Kentucky.


Today senior visitors will find acres and acres of natural beauty. Four parks dot the area, some featuring great hiking trials. Prospect provides a host of services for its residents.

Seniors Find Studio G-Paint and Sip

Although a few luxury residences existed in the area since the late 19th century, Prospect was largely agricultural until the mid-1960s when large, high-end subdivisions were built in the area, most notably Hunting Creek, which included a golf course. Senior golfers, toss in your clubs and play a round. Prospect incorporated as a city in 1974.


TripAdvisor notes a “must see” in Prospect is called Studio G – Paint and Sip. Wondering about that name, like me when I first saw it? Senior artists will be welcomed as Studio G is a place to paint, sip and create. That makes for an interesting combination.

Located in Norton Commons, they offer a variety of arts and crafts classes that goes beyond just working on a canvas. People can gather, unwind and create all in one location. The studio can accommodate up to 24 artists. Bring along your friends, select an art project from a class calendar, add a drink or two from the local bar, and you have the recipe for the perfect night out in Prospect.

 Seniors Enjoy Fine Food In Great Restaurants


And great food and fine restaurants. How about a Greek Chicken Wrap with Pumpkin Soup. Sounds like something just made for my wife. For me, I’d prefer a Portabella mushroom Swiss burger along with tomato and blue bisque.

There are horseback riding opportunities along with a couple of great Japanese restaurants. Yelp has a listing of their choice of the ten best restaurants in town.


So set your GPS for Prospect as many do, and enjoy the many amenities this small town has to offer. It will be a memorable visit. -jeb

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