Seniors Spend Time In Columbia County

Col Co_ Convention and Vistor Bueau CaptureWe don’t generally focus on one county, but we discovered a county that senior travelers might find interesting, Columbia County, Georgia. I did discover that there are a couple of other Columbia Counties in the country: one in Wisconsin and another in Oregon.

Columbia County, as of 2013, had a population around 135,416. The legal county seat is Appling, but the location of Columbia County’s government and courts is Evans.

Columbia County is currently one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. Established in 1790, Columbia County lies along the Savannah River, its lands once home to busy cotton plantations.


Seniors Enjoy Area Settled by Quakers

Quakers settled the area, choosing to name their county for an explorer, Christopher Columbus, rather than for a military man as was often the custom. John Appling, the original pioneer of the area, gave his name to the county seat.

Columbia County, the 12th county formed in Georgia, was created by an act of the Legislature of Georgia on December 10, 1790 from Richmond County. Historically this area along the Savannah River had been inhabited for thousands of years by various cultures of indigenous peoples.


The area had been home to the historic Muscogee-speaking Creek; Yuchi, people speaking a language isolate; and Iroquoian-speaking Cherokee for years prior to European colonization.

One of the oldest archaeological sites in the nation to contain pottery can be found on Stallings Island.

Seniors Enjoy Scenic Beauty Of The County

Senior visitors find Columbia County Georgia full of scenic beauty. You’ll find so much to do in Columbia County, from adventure sports to historical explorations. Clarks Hill Lake, the Savannah River, Mistletoe State Park, Wildwood Park, the Augusta Canal head-gates and Savannah Rapids Park beckon fishermen, disc golf players, mountain bikers, paddlers and anyone else who enjoys outdoor fun.


The Laurel & Hardy Museum, Appling Courthouse, Grovetown Museum and other historic places will introduce seniors to Columbia County’s history.

Start your explorations at the Savannah Rapids Regional Visitor Information Centre. View a re-creation of what the Lockkeeper’s bedroom would have been like when he lived and worked here.

Senior visitors will see a pictorial history of Columbia County and learn the significance of the Augusta Canal to the City of Augusta and the surrounding areas. Paddle or explore the canal by guided boat tour, or hike/bike the towpath.

Martinez, GA - Savannah Rapids

Clarks Hill Lake/Lake Thurmond is a premier spot for fishing tournaments or just casting a line, so bring along your best fishing rod and your bike and then brave the mountain bike trails at Wildwood Park and Mistletoe State Park.

It’s all in Columbia County, Georgia just awaiting your arrival.  Seniors, enjoy your stay. -jeb

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