Seniors Stop At “The Rendezvous City”

riverton_sign Riverton “The Rendezvous City” is a community of around 11,000, where, senior travelers will find that four rivers join together.  The town was built on land ceded from the Wind River Reservation in 1906.

Riverton was established in 1906 and was originally served by the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, and thus became its supplier of railroad ties in 1914.

Senior visitors can enjoy the Pioneer Association Museum of the American West and the Fremont County Pioneer Museum in Riverton. The Riverton Museum and Wind River Heritage Center provide insights into the area’s history. Riverton hosts the Wild West Winter Carnival every February.


Seniors Enjoy A Ghost Town

RIverton, Wyoming is highly scenic and senior visitors will find Sinks Canyon State Park and South Pass City State Historic Site worth a visit. South Pass City is a historic stop about ten miles north of the Oregon Trail and once was a bustling gold mining camp.

Today it is one of the best known ghost towns in Wyoming. It is also one of the most authentic old settlements in the American Old West. Situated in a small valley along the banks of Willow Creek on the southeastern end of the Wind River Mountains, South Pass City got its start in the summer of 1867 when gold was discovered in the Wind River Mountains by a group of Mormon prospectors.


Toss in your hiking boots and tackle Rails to Trails used for biking, walking and jogging. The trail cuts through town along the old railroad right-of-way. Down the trail you will note multiple monuments and historical markers as well as plenty of wildlife and a variety of hearty plants and beautiful native flowers.

Seniors Find The 1838 Rendezvous Site

I’d want to be sure and shoot some photos of The 1838 Rendezvous Site. It served as a gathering and trading place for legendary mountain men such as Jim Bridger, William Sublette, Kit Carson and Jedediah Smith. It is still used today and is the only rendezvous site that remains at the original location. Central Wyoming College is located in Riverton and the campus is worth a visit.


The Riverton Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Buffalo Barbecue. The folks in Riverton know how to put on a great parade.  And then there is the Balloon Day in Riverton. Are up for a balloon ride? Coward Jim is still considering…

Seniors can enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and rock climbing in the Riverton area. Check out these fun times plus many more including hot air balloon rides.

Remember the “Marlboro Man?” That was Darrell Winfield who called Riverton home. Astronaut John Bennett Herrington, Lance Deal, a four-time Olympic hammer thrower and Brett Newlin an Olympic rower were also from Riverton. Enjoy Riverton folks. -jeb

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