Seniors Walk The Streets Of Streetsboro

imagesStreetsboro is among the 50 safest cities in Ohio. Senior visitors like to hear that. Founded by Titus Street from Connecticut, Street purchased the land in 1798 from what is called the Connecticut Western Reserve.

Long before settlers moved into the Connecticut Western Reserve, Seneca Indians traversed the area now called Streetsboro. They used Old Portage Trail, which crosses the southwest corner of the city, to go from Lake Erie to the Ohio River basin.

 There is something seniors can see and do all year long in Streetsboro. With over 60 attractions nearby, you can enjoy strolling at the Woodside Lake Park or plan a day trip to the Frame Bog – J. Arthur Herrick Nature Preserve.

 Seniors Meet At DayBreak Farm


TripAdvisor wants first-timers to know about Boulder Creek Golf Club, Zip City, Daybreak Lavender Farm and the 140 acre Herrick Fen Nature Preserve. I’d be most interested in the Lavender Farm on Frost Road.

At DayBreak Farm, the owners  follow the Native American 7th generation philosophy…Farming and gardening so that in seven generations the land will be better than it is today. That means using only ecologically responsible, organic and sustainable agricultural principles and products. And how about that smell of lavender essential oil, my favorite.


Herrick Fen provides habitat for over two dozen state-listed species. Senior visitors will discover unique geologic, hydrologic, biologic and physical features that resulted from the retreat of glaciers during the last ice age, some 12,000-14,000 years ago.

Seniors Appreciate Streetsboro’s Location

If you are looking for one of the best places to go on vacation, then Streetsboro  in northeast Ohio is a good choice. It is in close proximity to historical sites and museums, and one of the top most visited National Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  And Streetsboro is located in the heart of it all.

Flea Markets are always fun, and Streetsboro Flea market is no exception, a 50,000 square foot indoor flea market. A plethora of hidden treasures may be found in the aisles of antiques, furniture, collectibles, tools, parts and a wide variety of other goods.

Streetsboro offers restaurants that can tantalize and delight and opportunities for golfers and fishermen. Seniors, plan to enjoy the many amenities that Streetsboro has to offer. -jeb

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