“Big Things Happen In Small Towns”

dscn0326This senior is always in search of small towns with an interesting name…like Lemmon, South Dakota. Lemmon is a city in Perkins County, South Dakota with a  population of 1,300 inhabitants.

Lemmon gets its name from G. E. Lemmon, a cattleman. Lemmon, for its size, has a very interesting homepage and their motto is: “Big Things Happen in Small Towns.”

Many Lemmonites are employed at Wheeler Manufacturing, which produces jewelry products. Gregorian, Inc., and Dakota Woodcrafts also employ manufacturing workers. Other major employers are the school system B &C Plumbing and Heating and ranches. Lemmon, South Dakota has folks moving back to town as it has much to offer locals as well as visitors.

 Seniors Find Largest Petrified Wood Park In The World


 Senior travelers are only a few hours drive from both the Black Hills and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Just 12 miles south of Lemmon is the beautiful Shadehill Reservoir. With almost 100 miles of coastline, great views, fishing, and primitive camping spots, RV hookups and cabin rentals. Shadehill makes for a great weekend getaway.

The Lemmon Petrified Wood Park on North Main is the largest petrified wood park in the world. The park itself is filled with petrified wood formations, and other geological specimens of interest. Filling an entire block of the downtown area, this park is built entirely of petrified wood, fossils and stone.


Construction began in 1930 and continued until 1932 under the supervision of Ole S. Quammen. It was in private ownership until 1954 when it was donated to the city by Quammen’s heirs. The park features a wishing well, a waterfall, and a castle. Dinosaur claws, bird tracks and fossilized snakes can be seen in the petrified wood.

 Seniors Run Into ‘The Boom On The Edge’

Farm and ranch families have lived off the western prairie soils for generations. But Lemmon’s solid foundation is shifting. This North Dakota border town is on the edge of a change, fueled by oil nearly two miles deep. It is called the “Boom on the Edge.”


The Grand River Museum, home to a wealth of paleontology displays of actual fossils, has a viewing window to a preparation room where fossils from local dig sites are cleaned, prepared and documented. The museum also has great displays on Native American history, the Old West and the cowboys, immigrants and others who made Lemmon what it is today.

For its size Lemmon, South Dakota has lots going for it, plus it is loaded with scenery that attracts senior visitors. Toss in your clubs and play at the Lemmon Country Club. The Boss Cowman Rodeo and Celebration, the second weekend in July,  is one of the largest rodeos in the state.

North Lemmon is located  just across the South Dakota border from Lemmon, South Dakota. North Lemmon is actually an extension of Lemmon, and includes all of the community that lies in North Dakota.Seniors, enjoy all that this small community has to offer. -jeb

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