Seniors Visit “The Jewel of the Meadowlands”

imagesSecaucus, “The Jewel of the Meadowlands, seniors learn, is located within the New Jersey Meadowlands, and is the most suburban of the county’s municipalities.

Secaucus is a derivation of the Algonquian words for “black” (seke or sukit) and “snake” (achgook), or “Place Of Snakes”, or sekakes, referring to snakes.


In the early parts of the 20th century, Secaucus became home to a number of pig farms, slaughterhouses, rendering plants, and junk yards. This gave it the reputation of being one of the most odorous towns in the New York metropolitan area. However, in 2008, the New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Secaucus among the 15 best places to live in New Jersey.

 Seniors Find Secaucus Close To Manhattan

Is any town in New Jersey more conveniently located? Secaucus is the first true suburban community outside Manhattan, just five miles from Times Square. It’s convenient, yet it’s small town. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?


 Senior visitors staying at the community’s many fine hotels and motels, can be in Manhattan in as little as 20 minutes via express bus. Or they quickly can be on their way to other points via the New Jersey Turnpike or State Route 3, both of which pass through the town.

And just across the Hackensack River, a mile away, is the area’s sports and entertainment center, The Meadowlands, home of the Giants, the Jets, concerts, circuses, ice shows, weekly flea market; and the Meadowlands Race Track. Dino Park is just for you folks who enjoy viewing animated dinosaurs right out of Jurassic Park.


 Seniors Ask, “What Are The Meadowlands?”

The New York Times notes that…“Hemmed in by the Hackensack River to the west, Mill Creek and Penhorn Creek to the east, Secaucus is a peninsula and part of the Hackensack Meadowlands, a 30-square-mile environmentally sensitive expanse of marshes, waterways and meadows that stretches across parts of 14 municipalities in Bergen and Hudson Counties and includes habitats or breeding grounds for 900 animal and plant species.


Among them are seven endangered bird species, including the peregrine falcon and the sedge wren, and seven endangered plants.”  You animal lovers and birders will love it here, so bring along our field glasses.

Senior travelers, the Secaucus Yards and the Secaucus Station are some of the important locations in town that are worth a visit. Secaucus is also near many of New York’s attractions like the George Washington Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, and the New York Botanical Gardens.

TripAdvisor has their own preferences starting with the Meadowlands Exposition Center and Mill Creek Marsh. Seniors, when you are in the New York City area, consider a stop in Secaucus, a community that has much to offer.  -jeb

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