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a149Rockland, Maine is said to be “The Gateway to Penobscot Bay.”  This town is one the premier locations that senior travelers will find along the Maine coastline. It is a small town of around 8,000 local residents, however, people from around the country make Rockland their home for a short period in the summer.

Senior visitors can best experience Rockland and the Rockland Harbor on foot, so bring some good walking shoes. The revamped downtown area is within an easy walk of the beautiful harbor. Some choose to walk the granite breakwater to the old lighthouse to get a pristine view of the Rockland Harbor and Penobscot Bay. That’s what I would choose to do with my wife.


Rockland was once inhabited by the Abenaki Indians. It was originally known as Catawamteak, which means “great landing place.” John Lermond built a camp in this area in 1767 to produce pine lumber and oak staves.

At that time it was known as Lermond’s Cove. It was renamed Shore village in 1777 and became the town of East Thomaston on July 28, 1848. The name was changed to Rockland in 1850 and it was incorporated as a city in 1854.

 Seniors Enjoy Busy Rockland Harbor


Back in the 1800s, Rockland was a leading port that sent lime and granite rock throughout the United States.

Rockland’s industries have in the past included commercial fishing, lobster, shipbuilding, granite quarrying, and lime processing.


Rockland Harbor is full of working lobster boats as well as schooners and yachts. Rockland is home to the Maine Lighthouse Museum. This lighthouse museum houses the largest collection of Fresnel lighthouse lenses, United States Coast Guard memorabilia, and other marine memorabilia.

Seniors, don’t miss the Owls Head Lighthouse, a white, 30-foot brick lighthouse that sits atop a 70-foot high cliff at the entrance of Rockland Harbor.


 Seniors Intrigued with Midcoast Maine

Rockland is one of the best known cities right at the heart of Midcoast Maine. Its mountainous and rocky shore, rivers, lakes and bays make it a primary destination on the coast of Maine.  Recreational activities abound. Senior visitors can explore historic homes, museums, art galleries or shop on historic Maine Street.

Highly popular in Rockland is the Farnsworth Art Museum, Owls Head Transportation Museum, Shore Village Museum, Birch Point State Park, Warren Island State Park and Camden Hills State Park.


The Lobster Festival held in Rockland’s Harbor Park is an annual fun time for visitors of all ages. The Crate Race is always a big hit at the Festival as runners must cross water supported only by a string of floating crates. Great balance is required…and some luck as well.

In addition to all that fun, TripAdvisor has nearly three dozen things to do and see in Rockland. The scenery in and around Rockland is awesome. Enjoy your visit and enjoy munching on some delicious local lobster dishes. -jeb

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