Seniors Enjoy Franklinville

welcome-ny-franklinville-2013-4-wblogSenior travelers will find Franklinville, New York about 50 miles south of Buffalo in the foothills of the Allagheny Mountains. I met a fellow recently from Franklinville.

I had never heard of this town, so I told him that I was going to research his town and perhaps write a travel blog. He said that it was quite small, 3000 population, (I love small towns), and that there was not much happening. I discovered otherwise.  It is a neat community.

The town was first settled around 1806 by Joseph McClure and known then as McClure Settlement. The Town of Franklinville was later established in 1824. The central core of the village is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Park Square Historic District. Significant buildings range in date from 1828 to 1924.


Also listed on the National Register of Historic Places is the Simeon B. Robbins House. The House, or The Miner’s Cabin, is a three story, Queen Anne style wood frame dwelling built in 1895. The House features three towers and is currently used as a museum and meeting space by the Ischua Valley Historical Society.

Seniors Enjoy A Maple Festival

The original St. Philomena’s Roman Catholic Church was constructed in 1875. Later St. Philomena’s congregation built a new church in 1964 on Plymouth Avenue and today the parish hall is still in use on Mill St. where the parish holds many events, functions, and parties.


The Ted Broeck Academy and Franklinville Central School are also an important part of Franklinville.

Seniors can enjoy a Maple Festival, held annually during the last weekend of April each year. The Western New York Maple Festival has occurred every year since its inception by the Franklinville JayCees in 1962. The festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the village, showcasing local area maple producers and their delicious maple syrup and maple products.

 Seniors Also Enjoy Creekside Roundup


Creekside Roundup is another fun time that senior visitors can enjoy. This horse friendly community takes part in several events that includes horse pulling, a sport with a team of super strong equine athletes. They are bred for their strength and ability to pull heavy loads short distances.

A weekend of equestrian activities includes an all-equestrian parade, horse breed demonstrations, training demonstrations, trail rides, beef BBQ, tack sale, horse artwork sale, and a “Horse Ball” country/western dance. Sound like fun? It is. Plan to swing by the end of September or early October.

 Seniors, set your GPS for Franklinville, New York and enjoy not only the town but the surrounding scenic views in the beautiful Ischua Valley. -jeb


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