Seniors Check Out Tunbridge

tunbridge-vermont-coffee-mug2Today, senior travelers, stop by Tunbridge, a small town up in the mountains of Orange County, Vermont with a population of just over 1,300. Tunbridge consists of three village centers, all situated on Vermont Route 110 in the valley of the first branch of the White River.

The town of Tunbridge was created on September 3, 1761 by way of a royal charter from King George III of England issued to Governor Benning Wentworth.

The name Tunbridge was chosen by Wentworth and most likely in honor of (or to gain favor with), the English noble William Henry Nassau de Zuylestein (1717-1781) and is derived from the old “royal borough” of Tunbridge Wells (sometimes Royal Tunbridge Wells) in England. So now you know some history of that fascinating handle.

Senior visitors will want to stop at Tunbridge Village. The entire center of Tunbridge Village, including the fairgrounds was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.  I really like those sites that on the National Register and me, I would try to make it a point to start there on my visit.

Seniors Interested in Tunbridge’s World’s Fair


And bridges…five of them, and all on the National Register. South Tunbridge Methodist Episcopal Church is another stop for some great photos. A big time draw in town is the annual Tunbridge World’s Fair that has been around for 140 years.

The Tunbridge World’s Fair, once of such sleazy reputation that parents ordered their children to stay away and once so wild and wooly that “sober” individuals were turned out as “nuisances”. The fair has cleaned up its act of late, and over the past several years has become one of THE annual events to attend in Vermont.

 Senior travelers, as you are enjoying upstate Vermont, set your GPS for Tunbridge and spend some time checking out the many historical sites and attractions that this small community has to offer.

Seniors Enjoy The Hummingbirds


Senior visitors will want to take in the Tunbridge Morgan Horse Heritage Days and the Tunbridge Annual Show, now in its 55th year, pay a visit to the Flint Bridge that is one of the more well-known bridges.

You will see some gorgeous sunsets in the mountains all around Tunbridge as well the beautiful White River. For you birders, I think you might enjoy the Birds of Vermont Museum, the Tunbridge Heritage Days and the Humming Birds Feeding… always a big attraction.

Enjoy your stay in Tunbridge. -jeb

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