Seniors Check Out Historic Chelmsford

documentSenior travelers find Chelmsford, Massachusetts to have a vibrant and contemporary arts, culture & dining scene. And this city of 33,000 is only 22 miles northwest of Boston.

Originally Chelmsford also included parts of Carlisle and Tyngsboro, the neighboring town of Westford as well as a large part of what is present-day Lowell. The town of Chelmsford celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2005. Chelmsford has a nice variety of historic buildings as well as scenic parks and older homes.


The town was named after Chelmsford, England and was incorporated in May 1655 by an act of the Massachusetts General Court. When Chelmsford was incorporated, its local economy was fueled by lumber mills, limestone quarries and kilns.

Seniors Find City With American Revolution History

The Chelmsford militia played a role in the American Revolution at the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill. Chelmsford was the birthplace of the Chelmsford Spring Co. in 1901, which later became the Chelmsford Ginger Ale Company, acquired by Canada Dry in 1928.

 Senior visitors will find eight historic places to check out: the Old Chelmsford Garrison House, a beautiful old brown clapboard home. The house was one of 19 British garrisons in Chelmsford in 1691.  The house has been designated as a National Historical Place and is a practically unspoiled museum piece awaiting your visit.


North Town Hall is another historic must see building. Then there is a variety of older homes that are well kept. The Garrison House barn is filled with an extensive display that this “farmer at heart” would enjoy seeing.

Interested seniors can enjoy their collection of wooden pitchforks, shovels, long-handled pitchforks, flails, plows, winnowing baskets, scythes, a corn sheller, cider press, and ice cutting tools which were used to “harvest” ice from frozen ponds.

Seniors Like The Historic Millstream


Senior visitors drop by The Historic Millstream to relax next to flowing water and shoot a few photos of the War Memorial. Then there is the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail where seniors can enjoy a good hike and Mrs. Nelson’s Candy House, a great stop after that hike.

 At the Barrett-Byam Homestead, home of the Chelmsford Historical Society, seniors can learn about Chelmsford’s rich history and culture. Their mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret documents and artifacts reflecting the life of Chelmsford and its people from the 17th century to the present.

 Seniors, put Chelmsford on your travel list when you are in the Boston area and enjoy all that this historic town has to offer. Hope to you see you there.-jeb

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