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Seniors Spend Time In Colorful Cibolo


Senior travelers will find Cibolo on the north side of Cibolo Creek, 21 miles northeast from San Antonio. A post office called Cibolo opened in 1883. By 1890 the community had a church, a cotton gin, a general store, and 100 residents.

For several decades cotton was the major cash crop in Cibolo. The fertile land and the flowing Cibolo Creek in the Cibolo Valley provided ideal conditions for a boom in agriculture. Corn, wheat, oats and milo maize were all major crops of the farming city.

The name Cibolo means “buffalo” in a Native American tongue.


Seniors Will Find Historic Tree

The primary economic factors for the city today are the nearby Randolph Air Force Base and the growth of the city of San Antonio. One of the primary landmarks senior visitors will see in Cibolo is an enormous historic oak tree which is included in the Historic Trees of Texas list.

In 2015, The City of Cibolo earned a Platinum Leadership Circle Award for the fourth consecutive year for their commitment to go above and beyond in financial transparency. Quite impressive I’d say.

The Cibolo Nature Center and Farm is a community that passionately believes that our brightest future is one lived in harmony with nature. Their aim is to ensure our natural treasures are not only protected, but thriving. The Center provides nature-focused education, research, entertainment and outdoor activities for more than 100,000 visitors a year.


There were many settlers in the Cibolo area long before 1876. The Comanche’s and other tribes roamed this area before the first German settlers arrived. The community was first established when the Southern Pacific Railroad cut through the area en route to major cities like Houston and San Antonio. Over time, Cibolo, Texas developed into the colorful suburb that it is today.

 Seniors Enjoy Cibolo Creek Ranch

Be sure to take in the rejuvenated Historic Downtown Cibolo. Old Main Ice House was placed inside a 1920’s completely renovated building. Two large garage doors placed on both sides of the original building make Old Main a spacious and historic, open-air bar.


Senior visitors can take in a visit to nearby Rio Cibolo Ranch, a Longhorn cattle ranch. During their excursions the Spaniard Conquistadors introduced cattle and horses to the area.

Nestled peacefully in the Chinati Mountains, is a true West Texas experience: Cíbolo Creek Ranch. Established in 1857, this Big Bend property is equal parts resort lodging and remote getaway.


It is a luxury compound built around three 19th-century forts. It  has played host to many movie stars and European royalty who were lured by the beauty of the Texas desert. The Ranch is where Supreme Court Judge Anthony Scalia died.

Senior travelers, you will enjoy a stop in Cibolo.  -jeb


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