Seniors Find Solace in Maple Shade


With my interest in plants as a Master Gardener, I just had to check Maple Shade. It is a township of around 20,000 inhabitants located in Burlington County, New Jersey, the Garden State. This senior has always been impressed with the state of New Jersey.

What is now Maple Shade was originally formed as Chester Township on November 6, 1688. First settled by the Roberts family in 1682, Maple Shade developed in the early years, before the independence of the colonies, as primarily agricultural.


The municipality’s name was changed to Maple Shade Township as of November 6, 1945, based on the results of a referendum passed that same day. If you are a senior history buff, this site is just for you.

Seniors Visit The Little Red Schoolhouse

Senior visitors will find plenty to do with lots of attractions in and around Maple Shade. TripAdvisor notes that Main Street Art is always a big hit with visitors and ranks #1 for things to do in Maple Shade.

Maple Shade’s history spans more than three centuries. The settlement became more permanent in 1794 when Main Street was constructed. In 1811, property was set aside for the Chesterford School, also known as the “Little Red Schoolhouse.” In 1867, the township gained an identity with a train station and a rail stop.

The Little Red Schoolhouse on Main Street is always popular with senior visitors. Students from all over the former Chester Township walked to this school from the years 1812 to 1909.  Remember walking to school? I sure do. It was a mile to school and a mile home in my hometown of 250.


The school was replaced with a larger, two room version in later years. This “Shade” schoolhouse as it is called, now serves as headquarters for the Maple Shade Historical Society and enjoyed a recent $125,000 renovation.  It is well worth a visit to view a small piece of history. Put it on your bucket list on your visit here. The Maple Shade Custard Stand is just across the street, so it’s two birds with one stone.

 Rumor Says The House Is Haunted


Many small towns owe their history to a railroad crossing paths with the vicinity, I know my hometown did. Along with the railroad came various industries and businesses, several shops, a post office, and an active brick-making business.

Maple Shade gradually changed from a rural community to a suburban town. Today many of these early settlers are still known through street names: Robert Stiles, Samuel Coles, Alexander Mecray, and the Rudderows were all early settlers of Maple Shade.

Rumor has it that the Collins House in Maple Shade is haunted. If you are “into that kind of thing”, you just might find it of interest. Spend some time enjoying Maple Shade and all the amenities it has to offer. -jeb

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