Seniors Discover Cloquet


 This senior admits to knowing little about Cloquet except that Frank Lloyd Wright designed the R. W. Lindholm Service Station in this city. It was constructed in 1958, a year before his death, and is still in use. It happens to be the only filling station designed by Wright. While it is no Fallingwater…it’s design features include garage skylights and a tiny observation deck overlooking the St. Louis River.


Cloquet is one of those northern Minnesota towns that celebrates all four seasons. “A city of contrasts and exciting discoveries, Cloquet is a place where the old encompasses the new and the commonplace meets with the unexpected.”

Seniors are invited to join the locals and celebrate a variety of festivals and events held throughout the year. For a city of its size it has many attractions like hockey, skiing and snowmobiling.

A portion of the city lies within the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation. It is only a hop skip and a long jump north to the Canadian border. Cloquet began as a group of small settlements around three sawmills. These later became known as Knife Falls after a local waterfall over sharp slate rocks, and later as Cloquet.

 220px-Dala_horse-Grand_Rapids,_Minnesota-20070706Seniors See the Dala Horse

On October 12, 1918, the community was largely destroyed by a fire that is considered one of the state’s greatest natural disasters.  More than 450 people died in the Cloquet area as part of this fire.

The word “Cloquet” first appeared on a map of the area by Joseph N. Nicollet in 1843 which named the Cloquet River, a tributary of the Saint Louis River, and the Cloquet Rapids to the north.

The locals in Cloquet say that “once you have visited the city, you will not want to leave.” Evidently, many have not, as there is a population today that runs right at 12,000. Senior visitors are sure to note the huge Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse (Swedish: Dalahäst), a traditional carved, painted wooden…. Dala horse.


Seniors Stop At the Lindholm Service Station

Drive around Cloquet a bit and senior visitors will notice Knife Falls Dam and the old Saint Louis River Bridge Ruins that once crossed the north channel of the Saint Louis River. Drive further and you will see Big Voyageur Statue  and Pinehurst Park.

TripAdvisor suggests some whitewater rafting, a visit to the Lindholm Service Station and where to pick up some souvenir agates. The Black Bear Casino Resort overlooks the 18-hole championship Black Bear Golf Course, so toss in your clubs. The Cobalt Nightclub and Cabaret features the hottest bands and the funniest comedians.


I would head for Fauley Park, to view an old Duluth & Northeastern Railroad Steam Locomotive Number 16.  It remains a reminder of the heroic train evacuations performed by Cloquet Union Depot Agent Lawrence Fauley who ordered trains from nearby train centers into town for the evacuation of  residents during that fire.

Enjoy Cloquet. -jeb

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