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Seniors Visit The Roman Baths


I’m one of those who would love to travel back in time for a day…or two. These seniors visited the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

Listening to the guided information plus using our imagination was perhaps a bit like walking back in time, back 2,000 years when the Romans built and used one of the finest spas of the ancient world. To reach the level of the Roman Baths, required descending 4 meters below the current street level.

With the use of audioguides, we followed the path through the extensive Roman ruins, listening to the story and marveling at the site. It was amazing to learn that the hot thermal waters continue to flow just as they did 2000 years ago.

 Seniors Walk To The Royal Crescent


Another walk back in time for these seniors would be to meet Beau Nash, the man called Bath’s ‘Master of Ceremonies’ in the 1700′s.

As we were told on our walk to The Royal Crescent this man single handedly determined who could stop and stay in Bath and who had to move on, thereby creating an aristocratic destination for the wealthy of England.

The next walk back in time would be to Number 1 Royal Crescent, during the 19 years that Henry Sanford occupied it. The Royal Crescent was built, we were told, by Bath businessmen to rent to the wealthy English who came for a season to gamble, to play and to display their wealth.  “Bath became the Las Vegas of England in the mid 1700′s” we were told.


Number 1 Royal Crescent was recently restored to it’s former beauty and grandeur and we found ourselves glued to the story told by the guides in each room of the house.

Jane Austin, 17th Century Condos And Bath Stone

The Circus is a circle of Georgian buildings, beautifully designed.  We were awed by the continuity of the stone in Bath…it’s all the same soft yellowish color.

In the center of the Circus are 5 or 6 very old, very big trees.  And on top of the circle of buildings is chimney after chimney after chimney. Then down Gay Street sits The Royal Crescent…a row of 18th century condos, all uniquely connected, forming a crescent shape.

One very interesting fact: the front of these amazing buildings is uniform and beautifully designed by the architect.  However, the back of the buildings was finished by someone else…anyone else…and any which way!

Royal Crescent Hotel Garden and jeb

Royal Crescent Hotel Garden and jeb

The Royal Crescent Hotel allowed us to walk through to the gardens behind.  This grand hotel occupies a part of the Royal Crescent and is truly elegant.

I was expecting to see where Jane Austin lived when we stopped at that museum. Her family home was actually across town.  A stop in a local pub for tea for me and a beer for jeb concluded our day.

to be continued…




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