Seniors Visit “The Circle City”

seal_of_corona_californiaA Corona is indeed a circle, seniors discover and thus it is that this city in California got its name:  from the curious layout of its streets, with a standard grid enclosed by the circular Grand Boulevard, 2.75 miles (4.43 kilometers) in circumference. The City of Corona is in western Riverside County with a population of 159,503 in 2013.

Corona is located approximately an hour southeast of Los Angeles and a half an hour northeast of Long Beach. It is near the Cleveland National Forest and in a region that is known as the “Inland Empire”. Corona weather is characterized by hot summers and warm winters.

Corona, originally named South Riverside, was founded at the height of the Southern California citrus boom in 1886, and is advantageously situated at the upper end of the Santa Ana River Canyon, a significant pass through the Santa Ana Mountains.


Seniors Find Former Lemon Capital

Corona Heritage Park & Museum is a 10,000 sq. ft. museum that celebrates the town’s history as the “Lemon Capital of the World” during the 1930-40′s. A small gift shop features “everything lemon.” Built at the center of the former 2,000 acre Corona Lemon Company established in 1911, it’s believed to have been the largest single lemon ranch in California.

Many locals refer to Corona as A Grand City, because of its wide array of amenities: great shopping, attractive parks, great hospitality and a plethora of fine dining choices along with some great schools.


TripAdvisor suggests senior visitors not miss The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, a Day spa featuring 15 mineral baths, and Club Mud – California’s only red clay mud bath. It attracts many visitors as does the Fender Guitar Visitor Center.

Monster Beverage, Saleen (speciality sports cars) and Lucas Oil Products have their national headquarters in Corona.

 Seniors Enjoy Ethnic Diversity In Corona

The Pole Position Raceway offers several go-karting options. The most-popular  permits customers to drop by and race in standard races. These kart races last for about 10 minutes. In addition to the adult karts (56″ minimum height required) they also have kid’s karts for your grandkids. Who knows…maybe I’ll “run into you” at Pole Position.


Senior car buffs would enjoy Uncle Bud’s Automotive Museum where you can take a journey through automotive history, detailing the innovative changes and breakthroughs over the past years.

A city whose heritage spans more than a century, Corona has emerged as an ethnically diverse community, where a significant percentage of the population is made up of young, well educated families.


I must toss this in for a little humor: Corona has been referred to as the ‘record holder in the fumbled time capsule category’ with 17 time capsules buried – and lost. They gotta be around here somewhere…

Seniors, check out Corona’s Facebook page and plan a stop when you are in the area. The city offers lots for senior visitors to enjoy.  -jeb




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