Seniors Drawn to the Medieval City of Carcassonne

This blog takes this senior citizen back a long, long ways.  I remember in 1961 riding a motor scooter across southern France, driving by Carcassonne and noticing it perched up on a high hill. I had no idea what it was nor of its historical significance. All I could see from the main highway was a fortified walled city standing majestically as it overlooked  the lush countryside of The Languedoc and the distant Pyrenees to the south.

Several years later I went back to personally visit the town with a group of my French students.  We spent a day tramping through this medieval wonder.  It took a full day to discover the many facts and facets of this walled city.  It’s the largest city in Europe with its city walls still intact.

Take the time here, senior friends for a walking tour with Philippe Miro as you inspect some of the little-known parts of this magnificant and intriguing place.

 The Best of Languedoc

This southern area of France is called Languedoc (Language of OC) which meant “YES” in old French.  A friend of mine in France wrote this site to guide you through the Languedoc area. It’s just “one awesome site” and experience. My travel hero Rick Steves loved Carcassonne as I did and you can look him up as well.  Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back 2,500 years,  Carcassonne has been painstakingly restored.

All That History for Senior History Lovers

The city is an excellent example of a medieval fortified town whose massive defenses were constructed on walls dating from late antiquity. It is of exceptional significance by virtue of the restoration work carried out in the second half of the 19th century by Viollet-le-Duc,which had a profound influence on subsequent developments in conservation principles and practice. Easy to locate,  it is right on the main Toulouse–Montpellier train link, an easy destination. For anyone traveling through this region it is a must – one of the most dramatic, if also most-visited, towns in the whole of Languedoc. I think that you will agree with me that it is one of the major highlights in all of France.  jeb



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