Seniors Head To Beaumont

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Beaumont, in Jefferson County Texas, within the Beaumont–Port Arthur Metropolitan has a population of 120,000 plus. The town was named Beaumont, after Jefferson Beaumont. The Port of Beaumont is a deep water international public seaport located on the Neches River 40 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

Naturally inviting, Beaumont is the gateway to the Big Thicket National Preserve where senior visitors can glide through the waters of Village Creek, hike the trails through the Piney Woods, or enjoy the sights and sounds of countless bird species.

They say that Beaumont is “Texas with a little something extra.” This senior likes the sound of that and wanted to see what was so “extra” about Beaumont. Lamar University is one reason, with its 15,000 student body.

Crockett Street is home to five historic buildings that have been restored to host Beaumont’s best nightclubs, restaurants and a formal banquet facility.

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Known for its festivals, Crockett Street regularly offers outdoor concerts and street parties. Senior travelers will discover a thriving downtown cultural district with beautifully renovated buildings, brick-paved sidewalks, restaurants, museums and exciting riverfront developments. About 5 minutes East of Beaumont in Vidor is Boomtown Lake, a fun spot to cool off.

 Seniors Kick Up Their Heels In The Dance Hall

The interior of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Anthony is well worth a visit. More than just a boot scootin’ good time, Dixie Dance Hall is a Beaumont favorite and a legendary South East Texas dance hall.

And senior foodies… The colorful combination of Texas and Cajun influences found throughout local Beaumont cuisine keep folks just like us coming back for more. Dive into savory Texas barbecue, spicy crawfish dishes, gumbo, and maybe try the barbecued crabs.

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The city is so close to Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico that senior visitors will never taste fresher seafood. And if you like savory spices, you must try Beaumont’s own local favorite, TexJoy Steak Seasoning.

 If you search on TripAdvisor, up comes a photo of Crockett Street and you will not want to bypass this fascinating section of town. In addition check out these 22 major attractions that include the McFaddin-Ward House Museum, the Fire House Museum of Texas and the Spindletop Museum. Yes, there are eight great museums in Beaumont.

My wife and I would head off to the Beaumont Botanical Gardens. This 23.5 acre garden of ever-changing beauty is located near the entrance to Tyrrell Park.

With the discovery of oil at Spindletop, Beaumont’s population grew rapidly from 9,000 in January 1901 to 30,000 in March 1901. Oil is, and has always been, a major export of the city, and a major contributor to the national GDP.

Beaumont has much to offer senior visitors.  You’ll be glad you stopped. jeb

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