Seniors Check Out Put-in-Bay


Put-in-Bay, a small village of 140 people, is located on South Bass Island off the coast of Ohio in Lake Erie. The village of Put-in-Bay is a popular senior tourist stop during the summer.

The name “Put-in-Bay” originally only referred to the bay, itself. In the latter-1700s, the schooners sailing on Lake Erie, would “put in” to this bay, to wait out bad weather on the Lake. Many sailors used the slang phonetic term, ‘puddin’ bay.

 Small as it is, the village is a popular summer resort and recreational destination for many senior tourists. Ferry and airline services connect the community generally from Port Clinton or Sandusky.


South Bass is only about 4 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. South Bass Island Light, lit up for the first time in 1897, is on the southern end, and a popular site. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1990, it is believed to be the only lighthouse in the United States that is owned by a university, one of my Alma Maters… the Ohio State University.

Increasing tourist traffic to the island in the late 1800s prompted the Lighthouse Board to approve construction of a light in 1893. The light was to help to mark the southern passage from Sandusky to Toledo, along with several other lights in the vicinity.

 Senior Visitors Enjoy The State Park


South Bass Island State Park is perched atop the white cliffs of South Bass Island. This unique 33-acre park is a scenic landmark when viewed from the water, and in turn affords senior visitors great views and access to Lake Erie. The wooded campground and serene lakeside picnic area offer a quiet retreat from Put-In-Bay.

South Bass Island’s Oak Point, offers facilities for boaters and picnickers close to the heart of town. Pinterest has a listing of the major landmarks on Put-in-Bay that includes Crystal Cave.

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial on the island commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie that took place near South Bass Island, in which Commodore Perry led a fleet to victory in one of the most significant naval battles to occur in the War of 1812. The very tall circular memorial celebrates the lasting peace between Britain, Canada, and the United States that followed the war.


Fishing opportunities can’t be beat, especially if you’re fishing for Walleye and Perch. The Butterfly House brings in lots of tourists as does The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum. If you know very little about Lake Erie, like yours truly, it’s at the Aquatic Visitors Center where you can learn its rich history.

So hook up your wagon, circle Ohio on your map, put a nice check mark over Put-in Bay and see for yourself all that South Bass Island has to offer. jeb


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