Shēnzhèn Awaits Senior Visitors

More and more senior travelers are choosing China as their next vacation destination.  Shenzhen is the third largest city in China, no small feat for a city only 30 years-old. Originally a fishing village of 30,000, Shenzhen has grown into a major and modern metropolis of 12 million people. China’s doors have opened to the rest of the world and dozens of tour agencies are courting seniors to come to China and to see for themselves a country in full development. Cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are two favorite spots to visit, however Shenzhen is drawing its share of tourist traffic as well.

Shenzhen is in the south of Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. The area became China’s first—and one of the most successful—Special Economic Zones (SEZs). It currently also holds sub-provincial administrative status, with powers slightly less than a province. Let’s start off with Frommer’s Complete Guide to Shenzhen to spark your interest.  Fodors kicks in with their “two cents worth” on the city as well.

Why Should Seniors Choose To Visit Shenzhen?

Chances are, the iPod in your pocket was made in Shenzhen. But this industrial powerhouse of a city on the Pearl River Delta in the southern region of the country, is more than just a factory town of sweatshops and bad smog — and it has the high-class hotels and high rollers to prove it. Shenzhen is one of China’s wealthiest cities, right up there with Shanghai and Beijing. A 2010 study conducted by Forbes magazine ranks Shenzhen’s population density as the 5th highest in the world.  A walk around Shenzhen’s leafy western suburbs will quickly allay any doubts as to the wealth in the city.

Things To See and Do In Shenzhen

The city has an abundant supply of adventure and fun with amusement parks, museums, theme parks, golf clubs, botanical gardens, a sea world, exhibition halls, culture villages, beaches, a university and a water park called Xiaomeisha Wonder World. Window of the World is a theme park that is full of replicas of sites all over the world. All the continents are well represented in the 118 acre park that features stunning replicas of the world’s greatest wonders.

Shenzhen Travel Guide

This looks to me to be a one-stop everything guide, filled with information on most every aspect of what senior travelers will need and want to know about Shenzhen. As per usual, I’d highly recommend a guided tour of the city to get to know it before choosing particular spots to visit later. More than thirty years ago, this was just another small Chinese fishing village, called Baoan County. In 1979, it was renamed Shenzhen City.

This map will serve you well and you may want to print off a copy to take with you.  Enjoy the city and plan on visiting my Best Chinese Websites to learn a little Chinese prior to your visit.  It will pay off well.  jeb


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