Seniors Find Edinburgh Fascinating

Burrowed beside long-dormant volcanoes and reigning over green moorlands, Edinburgh (or Ed-n-bruh in Scots speech) is known for more than its staggering landscape. If you have not yet traveled to Scotland, seniors, you are in for a treat.

Fine dining, great shopping, castles galore and museums attract seniors from all nations. One of the world’s stateliest cities and proudest capitals, it’s built—like Rome—on seven hills, making it a striking backdrop for the ancient pageant of history.

Edinburgh Castle is the top visitor attraction in Scotland and the most recognizable tourist attraction in the world. Houses in Edinburgh were historically built on the area in front of the Castle, called the Lawnmarket, which can still be visited today.

The old town continued down the High Street and Cannongate towards the Palace of Holyrood House. These streets are collectively called the Royal Mile. This route will also now take you from the Castle to the new Scottish Parliament. Situated on an extinct volcano it is part of Edinburgh’s World Heritage site. The Royal Mile is the name given to a succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of the Old Town of the city.

 A Festival City Attracts Senior Visitors

Edinburgh is renowned the world over for its year-round festivals where the city’s streets throng with visitors from around the world. With a dozen different festivals to choose from and as many as 2,500 different events on offer, some simple planning will help you make your itinerary exciting.

Be prepared to discover stunning scenery, striking architecture, fine food, and beautiful coast and countryside in the nearby Lothians that forms a traditional region of the Scottish Lowlands.

From the world’s festival capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to world-class visitor attractions and exhilarating outdoor pursuits, Edinburgh and The Lothians is a must-visit on any senior’s list.

With over 4,500 listed buildings, Edinburgh is world-renowned for its rich architectural heritage. Of particular interest in this historic city is the Old Town, which includes the medieval Castle fortress.

Get this stat: 442 B&Bs and just 136 hotels. My wife and I would really enjoy selecting a couple for our stay. Arthur’s Seat is the #2 visited site. It is one of four hill forts, dating from around 2,000 years ago. The park offers walks, solace, wildlife, volcanic geology and unparalleled vistas of the city from its many vantage points

With a rich calendar of arts and cultural events, Edinburgh hosts large scale professional touring companies, awe-inspiring national companies who perform at world-class theaters and concert halls and, of course, international and Scottish artists showcasing their works at museums and galleries – there is plenty for senior travelers to see and do in Edinburgh, all year round. Enjoy the scene. jeb

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