Seniors Ask Who and Where Are Niles

I have been to several cities named Niles and being the curious senior citizen that I am, I wanted to know where they are and just how many Niles there are in the USA.  Thus this blog.

Hezekiah Niles was a peacemaker who tried to avert the Civil War. There is a lot of history wrapped around his name. He edited and published the Weekly Register until 1836, making it into one of the most widely-circulated magazines in the United States and himself into one of the most influential journalists of his day. Devoted primarily to politics, Niles’ Weekly Register is considered an important source for the history of the period.

Let Me Introduce Senior Travelers To a Few Cities Named Niles

First senior travelers visit Niles, Michigan a city of just over 11,000. There’s a lot of history in the old Niles RR station. If you’re into specs, here’s the city website. You can pick up more in the local paper called Follow the Leader.

On to Niles, California, where there is always some event going on. This Niles was established in the 1850′s and was a junction point of the Southern Pacific Railroad lines from Oakland to San Jose and southern coastal points. The hamlet of Niles was a pre-Hollywood boomtown. In 1912, the movies’ first western star, “Broncho Billy” Anderson, saw potential in the town’s hills, canyons and its western-style false-fronted stores. Niles remains a small town anchored by a tight-knit community.

Seniors Like Niles, Illinois

One that I am acquainted with is Niles, Illinois. If senior citizens have heard of Skokie, it’s the neighbor right next door. Most believe the town was named because Niles Construction agency helped build much of the town. You may not, however know that Niles, Illinois is the sister or twin city of Pisa. The Niles leaning tower was completed in 1934 by industrialist Robert Ilg as part of a recreation park. It is situated at 6300 W. Touhy Avenue and is a 1/2 size copy of the original leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Niles, Ohio is not too far from the Illinois city. Seems like most cities called Niles run around 20,000 folks. This one is found in the nation’s former industrial best. Niles, Ohio was founded in 1806 by James Heaton, who owned one of the first iron-ore processing plants in Ohio. The town originally went by the name of Heaton’s Furnace but was later renamed Nilestown, after Hezekiah Niles mentioned above. Niles is known for its ethnic diversity, and the community hosts a large Italian-American community and Old School Days.

I’ll just bet that some senior citizens who follow this blog have heard of a Niles. So browse around the country a bit and look for a city called Niles.  Stop in and enjoy the flavor.  jeb

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